Izteraab – Episode 06!

Phew! It was such a slow & boring episode plus a lot louder & negative than required. I know they have tried to tell how the break up between parents can affect the whole family but I guess the loudness could’ve been lowered a couple of notches down to make it tolerable.

I am having serious issues in understanding Jazib’s character & what exactly he wants. He tells Dua to be like a mother to Sofia & Tabrez but the very next moment he sets his record on a loop telling Dua that Zara is the actual mother of those kids, so when he knows it & clearly he seems least bothered about them, why can’t he once & for all tell Zara to take & keep them with her?

Very conveniently Jazib took an off from the whole fiasco & went to Dubai to make Dua suffer & without a doubt Jazib himself knows that kids are giving her a tough time so why not take her along? I feel for Zara a lot especially how she has been left alone but I found her a bit unnecessarily loud & unreasonable in this particular episode. It’s like at first she doesn’t trust Jazib & Dua both with her kids but now when Jazib’s gone & Dua is on her own, Zara still agreed that the kids must stay at Jazib’s place that too when she knew Tabrez thought an intruder broke into his room? I feel it’s a huge flaw in the execution of the story. Zara scurries back to the kids & longs to keep them with her but now when she had a good opportunity of doing so, she actually wasted it. She clearly dislikes Dua & thinks she can’t do anything right related to kids, so was it that necessary that kids actually spend the night at Jazib’s home because for the rest of the day they were with their mother? They could’ve easily stayed with her, at her place like they usually do on the weekends!

This episode focused more on how Sofia is getting affected by her parent’s separation & how bitter she is becoming but I feel both Jazib & Zara are being too lenient & ignoring the root cause. It’s like they never sat together again & told the kids how they need to cope up to the change. Jazib is clearly disinterested in what his kids are feeling but Zara takes care of the tiniest details, so I guess she needs to be vocal about the issue & encourage them that she’s there for them, rather than just performing her duties of a driver all day long.  The teacher was spot on when he said that both the parents need to come out of their own misery to deal with the kids properly.

When the episode began & Sofia spoke ill of Dua, I thought Zara tackled it brilliantly by stopping her straight away but she isn’t understanding that no matter how much she tells the kids to be nice, she herself has to be nice to Dua so that the kids can pick that thing up & treat them as something. Zara herself treats her miserably & then expects that the kids would come to terms with the fact that Dua has filled the spot next to Jazib which was empty.

I really like Sofia’s acting but I feel the poor kid was yelling irritatingly. I just couldn’t handle the shrieks & the shrills at the lower volume too. I hope they can do better because for now it looks like they lack the substance in the story so they’re trying to drag the drama on the basis of the kids, their attitude & their sufferings which is now becoming repetitive.

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