Izteraab – Episode 07!

Ohkay, I must say this episode reminded me so much of what the principal said to Jazib & Zara in the previous episode & that is the need of their issues being sorted by themselves. It looks like in their battle, Dua is getting dragged, beaten & is suffering unnecessarily.

I must say I couldn’t help feeling sorry for Dua because of the position she gets to, as from one side she gets blamed by Zara & on the other Jazib burdens her with more responsibilities. Jazib straight away told Dua that she is lacking in taking care of the kids which was totally unreasonable because it’s like now he even expects her to check if the screws of the window grills are intact every night before she sleeps. Jazib loves telling her how irresponsible she is but I want someone to pose the same question to him asking how much has he done for the kids himself? He loves tossing away his responsibilities & then sleeping but what he can’t do is take care of ‘his’ own kids who stay in ‘his’ home. He certainly found a quick substitute for Zara seeing how she was ignoring his needs, so why can’t he replace Dua with a bit more younger, a bit more domesticated third wife, who’d take care of his kids on his behalf?

The whole thief issue could’ve been avoided IF Jazib had sent the kids to Zara or if Zara herself had taken the kids with her knowing that Jazib was going out on a business trip. The way she reminded Dua that she was falling short on her responsibility was irrational too. It wasn’t that Dua gave an invitation to the theif because her responsibility stops at the door step & it doesn’t mean that she had to do a night patrolling just because she is taking care of someone else’s kids. Zara blamed everything on Dua that she is spoiling her kids & what not, so when she herself knows that Dua is a simpleton who teaches nothing but bad stuff to her kids, then why rely so much on her in the very first place?

Jazib met Zara & the way he threw a tantrum on Dua was once again uncalled for. He missed a lunch (which, by the way, is a big deal) just because the kids refused to come with him & chose to stay with Zara. Jazib was unhappy with Dua because he thought she was the culprit but why didn’t he ask himself if he was being a good father or not? Even after eating home-made Jalebis, Jazib is now having second thoughts that he should’ve waited till Nano’s death so that Zara could’ve left the job & they had stayed together because the main reason of bone of contention between Jazib & Zara was Zara’s job, but now when she has left it, Jazib was looking at her in an awe of how perfect she is. I think of all the characters in this drama, the award for the worst character goes to Jazib, yes, no surprises there.

Zara certainly has ego issues, I never knew that I’d say that about her but the way she is being negative is definitely giving me the reason to. She never left job because she didn’t want to give this satisfaction of winning to Jazib & she never wanted to be bossed around by him, but now when she has left it based on her own decision, she still dragged Jazib’s name in between. Leaving a job was her own choice, she decided to compromise on her marriage but never let go of her job in the first place but now when she has done it, she should accept it solely & gracefully that too without any regrets because she is doing it for her kids who are her priority & no one else.

Seeing how Jazib & Zara both rely on Dua & then belittle her is annoying. Dua was being annoying initially but that’s how she is, they have molded her character like that but just because is domesticated, Zara thinks she is incapable of doing anything & just because unforeseeable things happen, Jazib ends up blaming her too, which I feel is a lot demeaning & they are actually bashing the girls who believe in being good housewives. I think they both need to sit down & decide what they want to do, keeping Dua aside. Zara in the end obviously had to ask Dua for a favor so I am thinking how did she depend on her, how did she think that Dua was capable enough that she’d be able to pick the right kids from the right school? As per Zara, she has no brains right?

Anyways, Jazib’s little story reading gave away the future of this play. In a few lines he read the script but I must say that the way they have tackled the script so far, no one could’ve guessed what was about to happen. I feel that people tried to unveil the story by publishing articles & commenting about it way too early which spoiled the charm of the story because I feel if that wouldn’t have happened, we might as well have felt for the characters a lot more because now it has just become a normal detail that we all are waiting for to happen. Share your thoughts on this episode.

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