Izteraab – Episode 10!

Last thing I wanted to see in this drama was the quivering lips of some uncle we don’t even know nor even have sympathy with. Do they really think that by throwing in some more characters they’ll be able to pull off a well-packaged drama? I say they’re mistaken because what would be better is them concentrating more on the main characters of the drama & etching them out appropriately that by the end of the episode or even the drama we feel a thing or two for them.

Dua has finally taken responsibility of the kids & she is doing her part really well. Khala Masooma had a say in this episode too where she goes like ‘hum damaad pe bojh to nahi ban saktay’, whereas Dua only asked about what her future plans was seeing the physical condition of her father. Khala Masooma knows how to toss things in her favour because she gave clear hints to Dua in a hope that very open-heartedly she’ll invite her mother to stay with her. I feel this is why Khala Masooma spoke about her son-in-law or else why would she do that? I kind of feel that Khala Masooma is a bipolar patient because one thing she says pretty much doesn’t match the other.

Sofia has started to open up a bit & she is seeing Dua past the facade of she being a step-mom. Dua has played her part really well in making the kids love her because she understands their mind frame as she herself has experienced what the kids go through when their father get married to someone else. Luckily for Dua, this lesson helped her in cracking the code of how she can connect with Sofia & Tabrez. Tabrez being too young was already smitten by her but it was Sofia who needed to be worked upon. This little getaway to Sialkot has does a trick & Sofia is now relying on Dua & also has a shift of tone too.

Zara finally had a procedure & I am not sure if a patient feels really so well to chuck on a red lipstick & some shimmery eye shadows just the very next day. Zara has opened up to Dua because she has understood the reality & is now facing the facts. She knows that time’s slipping away & she has no other option except of relying on Dua because Dua has time & again reassured her of how much she loves Jazib’s kids. I think the ending scene of the phone conversation between the two ladies was done really well & Dua’s confession helped in easing the pain of Zara which she might feel in a concern of her kids. Jazib Jee was definitely missing while so much was happening but I think now the secret’s out & he will go into a shell where he’ll detest himself for not taking care of Zara, or that might never even happen because that’s Jazib Jee we’re talking about.

The characters of both the ladies in this drama are definitely good, they aren’t like the typical ones we’re coming across these days. Very easily they could’ve turned Dua’s character into that of a young snot who is taking advantage of her husband’s love but I am glad they showed Dua as someone who understands the complexity of the circumstances around her, acts accordingly & responsibly without demanding anything in return. No doubt at first, her character seemed annoying but I think her wisdom is appreciable. Share what you felt about tonight’s episode.

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