Izteraab – Episode 16!

Hmmm, actually nothing much happened in this episode but they still managed to move the story forward. I am not sure why but the slow approach in every episode is kind of putting me off. I know the scenario that they’re dealing with can’t be shown in a happening way but even the needless pauses & slow coach conversations force me to forward some of the scenes & I can’t help it.

Jazib has found out that Zara’s disease has taken a bad turn & she hasn’t got much time left. He speak to Dua about it while making sure he made her feel needed & important too. That was the only good thing Jazib must’ve done for Dua. Even though Dua is young & a newly wedded but still she is dealing with everything with perfection. She takes care of Zara & her tantrums, she has connected well with Sofia. It’s like now Zara can’t speak to Sofia about what she feels but Dua can be very open with her.

Through Sofia, Zara has pretty much understood that she has got a few days left but just when I thought she’d throw a hissy fit on Dua especially for sharing unnecessary details with her daughter, she surprised me by completely ignoring it because she knows whatever Dua said was not intended to make Sofia or Zara hurt but she was just trying to prepare Sofia to face the reality. Zara has clearly gone weak but she thought she could manage a day-out with her daughter. It was sad to see that a person who was so independent is now actually dependent on the people around her & she can’t even do things on her own.

Dua’s plan of surprising Zara to make her happy was another heartfelt gesture. Zara is getting all the love she couldn’t even imagine of because not only Jazib but even Dua is concerned for her. It was good to see that Zara has actually pretty much understood that now her whole family is dependent on Dua & she is actually doing her part really well because Zara can clearly see the bonding her kids share with Dua & how Jazib is relaxed because he knows he has someone responsible to lean on in regards to his family.

I thought next episode would mark the ending of this drama but going by the preview, I don’t think so. I am dreading seeing a couple of more episodes of this drama because practically they’re left with nothing in the story to show us except Zara’s death & how her family copes up with it & leads a life without her. I hope this drama ends soon without a further a due. Share your thoughts on this.

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