Pyarai Afzal – Back to Hyderabad

I believe that if director of PA wants to leave a mark of this show in everyone’s heart even after its ending, it is time to end this show.To much dragging isa adding nothing but giving us viewers  pain and we can’t keep ourselves away from comparing previous all well-paced episodes with these unwanted extended ones.

Without any doubt, everyone looked just  stunning on Afzal and Farah’s engagement. Farah, Yasmeen and Lubna’s costumes were so really good and seemed like they were competing with each other in a contest called “who is looking more beautiful” . Anyhow, both Afzal and Farah were feeling low at their own places but the voice of their hearts was unheard because neither of them had courage to go and confront the other one and for that they were bearing the consequences in the form of this engagement. Afzal has ego issues because he was rejected by Farah and Farah..actually, she has ego issue too because for her, she was not the one who was made to love or made for love right from the day one and now that she has fallen in love, she just can’t express her feelings.

Maulvi Saheb gave ring to Ibrahim uncle because it was Farah’s wish to have that ring on her engagement. And then , Sabtain’s father asked Maulvi Saheb to do the honors in the ring exchange ceremony. All incidents were just showing that its Afzal with whom she is going to get engage with and not Sabtain. But poor Maulvi Saheb was unable to bear the fact that Farah is getting engaged to a person other than his son and faced severe cardiac arrest.

Despite of the fact that they are dragging it too much, I find the element of emotions still there. The way Rukayya was talking while her husband was not conscious was really touchy – every word of her counted. Even the people in her surroundings seemed a bit confused that why is she acting like this but with no tear and a wicked smile on her face she announced that it was her for whom Maulvi Saheb always call a doctor but he himself is in trouble now.

Afzal came to know about his father situation and immediately headed towards Hyderabad. But on his way to Hyderabad, I found something fishy. Why Police was keeping track of Afzal ? Are they actually going to kill him ? or is it just a distraction for viewers to think of the ending this way.  Whatever it is, I am so not ready to buy that sad ending – not atleast after too many episodes.

Maulvi Saheb still misses Afzal but feels ashamed as and when he thinks of his activities. It was one touchy moment when Afzal came and encountered with Arfa. But I dont know, after a couple of secs, the scene lost its feel maybe it was because of background score. Same happened with Afzal and Rukayya’s reunion scene. But the best part was that Maulvi Saheb knew that his wife will never leave his hand but for Afzal and the moment she leaved him with Arfa, he guessed it rightly that Afzal came back.

I can smell that the show will be wrapped up in a couple of episodes or maybe 3. But all I want is a happy ending and its my wish to see few scenes of Afzal and Farah together before this show ends. None of us will mind if they add an episode for this..haina.. :P ?

Share your thoughts on this recent installment of Pyarai Afzal.

Rabia Basharat.


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