Izteraab – Episode 17!

What I ain’t getting about the story of this drama is the unnecessary delay in Zara’s death & the final episode? I think they’ve sorted out every single detail so far, so why aren’t we seeing the ending of this play? I find it absolutely pointless that now when they’ve got nothing left, they’re revisiting all the emotions of hatred, jealousy & all that jazz Zara felt for Dua in the beginning.

I mean I find it pointless that now when they’re left with nothing they are making the kids a focal point of the worry for Zara too. I know it’s realistic,  any mother would be worried about her kids but then we have already seen Zara entrusting the responsibility of her kids to Dua, so what’s with the unnecessary procrastination?

It’s absolutely getting ridiculous to see Zara worrying about her kids thinking they aren’t being taken care of but t I think she has already seen Dua taking care of them & she is doing a better job as a step-mom than Zara; a bio-mom, so why’s Zara worried now? She herself admitted that she sees Dua as a very strong person & she feels she can rest in peace knowing her kids are lucky that they found a mom like Dua, so bas abb ankhain band bhi kar lo? Zara got enough assurance from Jazib, from Dua, from her nameless friend & also from Khala Masooma, so I find it absurd that they are once again revolving the whole story around kids for no good reason.

I think the unnecessary drag in the story will force everyone to snap out of the sympathy they once had or felt for the character of Zara or even this whole family because to be honest, I am getting irritated by the slowness of this drama. I saw no point in the arrival of Khala Masooma because what’s good left in there for her? All those mind-boggling & annoying confessions of Khala Masooma weren’t doing anything to add more to the experience of this drama. Yes, the only thing that made sense was when she tried to make Zara understand that she herself has lead a life without her parents, so her worry seems pointless as The Creator will take care of her kids. With this I hope Zara finds some peace & stops worrying about her kids.

I was hoping that next would be the last episode of this drama but I still see no signs of it. Somebody please tell me that next episode marks the end of this play because it is actually getting tedious to tune into this play as they’ve got literally nothing left to cover that too especially after Khala Masooma’s lecture to Zara. I hope they had edited & cut-short some of the scenes because each & every scene of this drama seems never-ending, it actually puts you to sleep because everything seems just so slow as if they’re living in a slow-motion, phew! Share your thoughts on this.

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