Izteraab – Saza # 20!

Oh god! Even though I don’t want to sound to rude but I really think it’s about time that the character of Zara dies peacefully. There’s no need to linger on the hope of her life because it’s unbeneficial after all. The story has become stagnant & seems like the team is in no mood to pack up. Finally & sluggishly they have managed to cross the mark of 20+ episodes, which for them might be some sort of a milestone but for us; the viewers, it nothing short of a punishment to be honest!

Jazib Jee now wishes that none of it should’ve happened between him & Zara as he has fallen in love with his first wife all over again, but I guess he is forgetting that a mean guy like him wouldn’t know how to survive alone on his own & take care of kids & for that reason he needed Dua in his life. Now that Jazib knows that he has Dua who is taking care of his kids & his home & just because she is sharing his burdens & responsibilities, he is tension free & has a free mind to focus on rekindling his love for his strong-headed, determined wife; whose determination was something that he hated the most as she was too determined to be wasting her time in making garam garam rotis for him.

Dua has started to feel alienated obviously because even though she took Jazib’s kids & his home as her responsibility, she still feels that she is falling short because Jazib is completely overlooking her efforts & her contribution in his life. To him, all what matters is Zara & that’s it & in this scenario Dua is politely absorbing it all, which she shouldn’t because she isn’t entitled to it.

Seems like the writer is so in love with Zara that she doesn’t want her to die (so why did she bring in the whole disease issue in the first place) because after wasting 7 – 8 episodes, Jazib is now going for second or third opinions for Zara’s case. I think they should’ve dealt with it ages ago when they were wasting episodes on Sofia’s rebellion & her love-flick. They should’ve dealt with it way before rather than wasting time on the forced negativity & hatred that Zara was feeling for Dua & the time she was wasting in insulting her. Now that everything’s done & dusted & Zara is ready to die, Jazib swooped in with some miraculous news of a Japanese drug that a Japanese company is preparing for those patients who have a certain type of c~~~~~ that Zara is suffering from.

At first Zara feels she has given up every single hope & now wants to depart but Jazib is hell bent on making her agree for the trial. As per the doctor, Zara & Jazib need to submit an application to the company so that they can hand over some drug to Zara as she has no other option left which means that there’s still some scope of drama left before Zara actually breathes her last breath.

As shown in the preview, Zara feels she wants to live & now will also have an issue with Dua because she feels she can’t share her boring husband with Dua anymore. How convenient right? I feel they should’ve named her as Tissue/Toilet Paper instead of Dua as everybody seems to be using her just so casually & now when they’ve used her pretty much, they’re ready to dump her out of their lives.

For the love of dramas, I wish this petty drama comes to an end because it’s just a mood spoiler & nothing else. To be honest, I don’t care if Zara lives or dies, I just want a Wednesday prime slot free of this crap so that it can be filled with at least something tad bit tolerable & watchable. Share your feelings & your wishes of how much you want to see her or Jazib dead!

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