Jackson Heights – Episode 06!

A tad bit interesting episode with depiction of daily struggles of the characters once again. I must say the conversations between the characters have been written nicely & they make you relate a bit to their stories at times but other than that, I really wish we come to a point where the story kick-starts & gives us something very interesting to look forward to.

Rizwan decided to propose to Michelle but just like that she walked away without sharing any thoughts with him. No one really can tell what’s going through Michelle’s mind & for that the element of mystery in her character that I once referred to has turned into blandness. Obviously, the walk off was a conveyance of strong rejection but other than that, what made her do that still remains a secret. Even though Michelle has shared her feelings with Tanya that she takes Rizwan as her friend but I think some actual justification would’ve sufficed. Why is it that she’s at her best around him but still treats him as a friend? Why is it that so many years have passed & she hasn’t thought of him as someone more than a friend?

Jamshed’s struggling on his own because he has freshly arrived in America. From sleeping in a store room on the floor to doing the laundry by himself, he’s tasting the life of America & sadly for him, he cannot share his feelings with his people back home because they know too well how much he was eager to come to America. I really like the character of Asma & I think the actress has done her bit really well. She’s sad & she wants some sort of assurance from Jamshed because she has pressures on her as well. Let’s see what decision Jamshed will take in regards to Asma because right now he’s frustrated & a bit too pre-occupied in adapting to the massive change in his life.

Finally, we got to know a bit about Salma. She lives with her Tai, who happens to be her MIL as well. Obviously, her MIL is very dominating & likes to see things happening her ways. She’s pretty rooted that’s why she wants Salma to train her daughter Imaan like a typical Pakistani too. Salma definitely knows what her daughter wants & for that she is ready to take a stand to show support to her daughter. Once again, the short conversation between her & Imran Bhatti was done well & it was good to see Imran Bhatti taking care of Salma’s daughter. That whole scene was really sweet.

I am not sure why but I am getting ticked off with the forced I-don’t-care-attitude of Imran Bhatti’s wife Cathy. She’s a dictator & we know it, so can we move ahead & see what else’s in store for us especially when it comes to Bhatti-Cathy life? I think pretty much everything’s been revealed about the characters till now so I’m ready to see what brought them to this point in their lives, some background, some past & future stories & some progress in the plot, please? Seems like some developments might be shown in the next episode so, with this hope & based on the previews, I keep on watching this play thinking we’ll have something or the other that will actually draw my attention but so far, it hasn’t really happened. So, let’s see what happens next & yes, I’d definitely say that I fail to understand why would a restaurant owner go to a local laundry booth to do her laundry? As we saw in the initial episodes, she lives in a pretty decent apartment, so why’s it that she was seen doing her laundry there? Share your thoughts please.

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