Jackson Heights – Episode 07!

Chalain jee, shuker hai, this episode took me back to the initial couple of episodes where we all were excited & couldn’t wait to explore more. The pace of this episode in particular was really good & the scenes were short which made me enjoy this episode for sure.

I think Jamshed has pretty much understood that he isn’t in Pakistan anymore. Even though he was ready to embrace the change but he obviously didn’t expect that the world won’t revolve around him & no one would pay attention to him like the people back-home used to. I kind of found his transition interesting where he felt he could speak to his Mamu on those lines about his work issues & the things he has faced in America. The one night which he had to spend on his own really gave him the insight that was essential to change his perspective about things, that’s why he could really relate to what Imran Bhatti was going through & which also made him conscious that he couldn’t afford to become a burden on him anymore. Jamshed really was just ready to earn the money but I think this was much needed for him to understand what really happens in America before he had started earning the dollars because then he would’ve never gotten the reality check that he needed to stay on the ground. I think he will evolve a lot more because he knows things won’t be the same & nor would be the phone calls back-home because everything comes with a baggage & may be people have started to expect a lot more from him than he realizes.

I kind of like that Bhatti & Salma at least connect with each other & share this wavelength where they can share what’s going on in their lives. This episode in particular made me kind of look forward to their story because I think they both deserve some sort of happiness & a timeout from the struggle that they both are indulged in. If this means that they can be together, I think it would be justified because for all that they’ve faced, they really deserve a fresh start. Salma deals with a lot in her life & so does Imran Bhatti, so now after going through it all, when they both will come together, they will definitely have a healthy relationship with each other (if that’s meant to be).

I am sorry to say but Michelle & Rizwan’s track didn’t appeal to me at all. Michelle just wanted Rizwan to break the ice & even when he did; it just didn’t make any sense. She got back to being her old self where she just wants him wrapped around her finger without worrying about giving anything back in return & this trait about her character really bothers me. As much as they’ve tried to show that they both connect & are friends but I have a hard time relating to their characters. I think now with him gone, Michelle will definitely get some time off & unwillingly she will keep on stumbling upon Jamshed & that will result in an interesting development but I am more eager to see what Jamshed does instead of Michelle to be honest.

Ohkay, this was really a surprising revelation that Imaan is not a bio-daughter of Salma because the way Salma has been protective of her & the way she has been taking a stand for her really showed that she actually holds Imaan dearer to her like her own daughter but the way her Tai questioned & taunted Salma that too in the presence of Imaan showed that she also knows that Salma is not her real mother. This really makes me look forward to her background & story.

The preview of next episode also seemed interesting & I think like Mehreen Jabbar told us in the previous review that these couple of episodes will really take things forward & I actually see that happening, so I am glad that this drama has finally kick-started. I hope the pace stays the same because we really need that. Next episode will mark the entry of Ali Kazmi & going by the intimidated look on Salma’s face after seeing him really makes me wonder what their story is & oh yes, who was the other guy that showed up right at the end of this episode? I think it’s about time that the new characters are involved & more secrets are revealed. So, I’d definitely say I enjoyed watching this episode because it was quite happening, share your thoughts about this episode of Jackson Heights please.

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