Jackson Heights – Episode 10!

Hmmm!!! This episode started off at a good note but as usual, it got lost somewhere in between. Like I’ve said the pace is my only issue but yes, I’d say that after watching the preview of next episode, I am definitely looking forward to it, which is a good thing. This episode was good in bits & pieces & finally I caught a glimpse of some insight into the characters, which is what I wanted to see the most.

One thing’s for sure, Salma is just a cash cow for her in laws & sadly they are not even ashamed of it. I think the beginning scene of this episode gave an insight into Salma’s character that she is someone who knows how to take a stand for the right. I thought she has started to understand that allowing her in laws to run over her isn’t justified but that thing subsided pretty quickly & we later saw her falling weak for no good reason. Where at one hand Salma politely made her MIL understand that she can’t go around asking for loans, for which she herself got blamed for not helping Sikandar financially, on the other hand she was there; yet again, justifying Sikandar’s behaviour in front of Aliya. I am not sure what she’s thinking but is she afraid of confronting her innermost feelings? Because it looked like that. It’s pretty evident that Salma is in denial & she’s living in a fool’s paradise to think that Sikandar has changed but then once again, the question remains, why is she so comfortable in this uncomfortable situation? Why is she so calmly living such an awkward life? She is independent, she is the one who is supporting her husband, his family & even his kid, so why is Salma so indifferent to all these unusual circumstances? What has happened in the past that has made her so numb & what’s holding her back to take a step out of this mess?

Jamshed has pretty much started to make an impression on Michelle & everybody around him. Is it just me or the phone conversation with his mami was more like a déjà vu? I kind of enjoyed his part of the conversation with Michelle because she didn’t have anything to contribute to it but yes, seems like now Jamshed will help her understand how she should live a life which I think is unfair for Rizwan. He has spent years & years with her but couldn’t convince her to wear a ‘pink’ whereas Jamshed’s single statement was enough to convince her. To be honest, after watching her smiling all by herself gave me a feeling that even before Jamshed does, Michelle will end up falling for him because he’s like a fresh addition to her boring routine & may be she was looking for a change but was too afraid to experience it but now seems like Jamshed will unwillingly help her to start afresh, which is good. As much as I am keen to see how the track of her present & future will unfold, I also want a scoop out of her past as well to understand her better, but yes, I do think that the whole issue of ‘ye color bohat loud hai’ was forced & pushed to make a scene or two out of it & even the dialogues were same, which once again screams the lack of content the team had, to work with.

I was sooo looking forward to Bhatti & Salma’s meeting that too on his birthday but too bad it wasn’t mean to be. I really wanted to see how he’ll celebrate & what conversation they would have but it just didn’t happen. Even though it was very sweet of Imaan to remember his birthday but when she met him, she seemed kind of disinterested in what conversation he & her mother were having. Imaan didn’t even speak to him properly so of all the people, for her to remember his birthday was kind of random & yes, Cathy didn’t even remember his birthday & later very conveniently pushed it on him that he doesn’t have a time to spare for his family, whereas she never made any efforts in the first place, so may I ask once again, what’s wrong with her? Why’s she so miserable in this relation & treats him so badly?

To be honest, I was put off by Aliya’s comment in regards to the Islamic school & hostel. According to Aliya, Sikandar was being a ‘jahil’ when he expressed his wish that Imaan should attend an Islamic school & yes, once again, everyone seemed so reluctant at the idea of Imaan going to an Islamic school. I really think they pushed it the wrong way here & there’s no excuse that can justify that. I really agree to Aliya in this matter that Salma was giving a baseless argument in defence of Sikandar that all she has to do is put up with a couple of taunts & this will make him change? Like I said, what makes Salma so positive & hopeful about her felon of a husband, that too after he treats her like a nobody? & yes, like we all sussed, Sikandar resorted to domestic violence, the scene was intense & well-directed but even as much as I want to feel for Salma, more than that, I want to know what her thoughts, after this, will be? Will she still remain indifferent as if nothing happened? Is she still going to defend him? Is she still going to put up with all this or will she take a decision with finality? Aliya kind of joked about Bhatti & Salma’s wedding, which I hope happens but before that I want to see Salma giving her in laws a piece of her mind.

This episode was a lot better than the previous ones & I think next one will be more interesting. However, I still felt that there was some sort of chemistry missing between all the characters in this episode too. Nilofar Abbasi may be a good actress but she seems bland while delivering her dialogues & that is why in all of her scenes, there’s always some sort of a hindrance more like a timing error in between the dialogues of all the actors. Share your thoughts please!

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