Sadqay Tumhare – Episode 7

This episode showed the repercussions of Shano’s open confession of her feelings for Khalil and it laid the foundations for what is coming ahead. I must say that Mahira Khan manages to steal the show every time just by her presence and the way she translates Shano’s character on screen. The character of the maulvi sahab is going to be a significant one since he thinks that these girls are not only his students but also his responsibility. He is against Rasheeda’s strategy of resorting to hitting her daughter in order to punish her but at the same time he asks Humaira to make Shano understand that she should not defy her parents like this. Humaira’s reply to maulvi sahab actually made me laugh because these girls’ guts surprise me sometimes! You would think that girls who are raised in such an environment would be docile and reserved but here we have not one but two girls who are vocal and bold. “Kamini” isn’t actually the kind of word you use in front of a maulvi! Humaira literally pushed her way into Shano’s house the second time around. Rasheeda is a very strong willed woman herself but when it comes to these girls she is actually helpless! This shows that there isn’t much that parents can do once your kids grow up and want their own way!

Khalil wasn’t the least bit surprised to hear about the kind of response his parents got, he waited for Shano’s letter and the second he got it, he knew exactly what he was going to do. Although Shano and Khalil have met only once but both of them can tell more about each other than two people who have spent years with each other. Shano’s letter to Khalil was beautifully written especially the part about gharur but my favorite were these lines “jahan mere dil mei hazaron weham rehte hei wahan mera khalil bhi rehta hai…aur vo sare veham un ke ghussay se dartay hein!”


We found out today that Inayat married Abdul Rehman five days before Abdul Rehman and Rasheeda’s marriage was due. Rasheeda holds her sister responsible for stealing her fiancé from her and she wants to take revenge. Rasheeda knows only too well that Shano will not back out of this engagement at any cost and she is also scared of Khalil.

This episode was on the slow side, it did not have the kind of effect which the past few episodes had. My favorite scene from tonight’s episode had to be the one in which Rasheeda’s insecurities get the best of her and she can’t stand the sound of the crow! I really want Shano and Khalil to meet now. We have seen them talking about each other enough so I guess it is about time that we see them together too. The preview of the next episode gave me a really good reason to look forward to it. Looks like things are going to get worse before they get better or before they get even more ugly! I hope that the story does not get too depressing from now on because I would really like to see some happy days.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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