Jackson Heights – Episode 11!

Oh ohkay, so finally after a long long time I had a good time watching Jackson Heights because this episode had a lot such things that I wanted to see in this drama. I’m pleasantly surprised & I hope we; the viewers keep on getting such nice surprises till the drama lasts.

Even though the scene between Salma & Sikandar was done well, I still knew he was putting up an act because it had Fake written all over Sikandar, haha. We all know he’s a con-man & he’s helpless when it comes to being himself, which is being a conniving person who only thinks of himself. Sikandar obviously made the wrong move at a wrong time because he wanted to ask for a favor from Salma afterwards but he knew that now he has hurt her, the best way was to touch her feet & make her an omelette because Salma is gullible. As much as I give full points to Sikandar for being a clever person, I am still having a hard time feeling anything for Salma because she has allowed all this to happen to her; herself. I think the span of 12 years is a good time to understand a person in & out but to hear her say time & again that she is ready to give her husband a chance to change is nothing but a portrayal of her weakness. I completely agree with Aliya on this that all those argumentative logics Salma tries to present in order to defend her husband & her situation are irrational.

So, the Gabru Birthday ‘BOY’ Bhatti Sahab, who carried 2 phussofied worn out balloons & had a hard time sitting at the wooden bench for 6 hours was throwing a tantrum at Salma for not showing up, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Bhatti obviously was in a bad mood not because he was hurt, but because he didn’t like the fact that Salma backed out on the plan, which seriously tells that he has started to feel for her a lot more than he realizes for now & the same goes for Salma who only thought of earning Bhatti’s apology even if it meant standing in the middle of a footpath. I actually really like these two characters when they are together & finally we had some good moments that they both shared. I definitely think they both have a soft corner & a lot of respect & liking for each other which they’ll be able to explore once they both are out from the misery they deal within their lives.

For the first time I enjoyed the conversations of Jamshed & Michelle as well, because they spoke on the emotional lines. Who would’ve thought that as much as Jamshed seems immature, he isn’t. No one would’ve thought that losing his parents at such a young age actually taught him some serious lessons in life. May be his indifferent & least-bothered attitude was more like a cover & a facade that he carried. May be it was more like a defence mechanism in order to protect himself from his Uncle & his wife. For the first time I actually felt for Jamshed a lot & yes, it was good to see Michelle being easy on herself & the people around her too. The credit for this obviously goes to Jamshed but I still want to know how can a person in such a short span of time have such an impact on a rigid person like Michelle, whereas Rizwan has been trying his luck since ages? May be Rizwan only saw her from the surface but Jamshed has been able to decode her personality & this is what has impressed Michelle the most? Chalo, for a change it’s good to see that Michelle is allowing someone to steer the wheel for her whereas she has taken a back seat & is allowing the change to happen as she herself is enjoying it.

It was a good episode & the preview gave me a good reason to look forward to the next episode. Let’s see what they have in store for us. & is it just me or Jamshed actually referred to him as ’20 saal ka larka’. I really didn’t know he was so young obviously because he doesn’t look like that. Share your say please!

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