Jackson Heights – Episode 17!

Ohkay, so I must say this drama is now getting interesting. I feel that the drama has had a proper start since last week because the pace of both these episode was good & finally they are giving us a lot to discuss now.

So, Salma thinks ‘mayoosi gunnah hai’ but just when I thought she was being stupid, Bhatti did the honours for us & told her straight away that ‘mayoosi aur bewaqoofi mai farq hota hai’. I loved their conversation & finally, Salma has opened up just because she has no other option left than to confide in Bhatti this time. I am sure if he hadn’t broken the ice about Sikandar, Salma would’ve kept her personal life hidden from Bhatti but luckily she now knows that she has a friend she can openly discuss things with but for Bhatti, Salma is more than just a friend.

To be honest, if Cathy had invested her time & love in this marriage, I would’ve felt for her but now it’s too late. She never got along Bhatti & treated him like a doormat, so now when he has befriended Salma, why is she reacting so badly? Yes, she is still his wife so naturally she must be having some sort of feelings of affection for her husband but then why was she never seen doing anything for him? Bhatti loves Salma, he has even confessed what he actually thinks of her but he has never once said that he wants to leave Cathy. It’s her own insecurity & to an extent her own self-realized truth which makes her firmly believe that he is going to leave her, but then she should question herself for what she has done to save this marriage? What her contribution has been all these years?

Oh just in case it’s not clear, let me just say it; Jamshed is EVIL. It’s so obvious that Rizwan’s mention makes Jamshed uncomfortable. I am sure he dreads that Michelle might leave him that’s why he decided to hit the nail in coffin by proposing marriage to her. I thought may be Michelle’s plea of not betraying her would change Jamshed but he is so blinded by his motive that he effortlessly brushed it under the carpet & is still working on his Mission America. He knows he has a responsibility of Naani which is why he’s in a hurry to make such moves that will make him stay in USA. I must say Adeel Hussain has done his job really well. I love the way he worked on the transition of Jamshed’s character. Initially, he was just a struggler & it was written all over his face but ever since he got promoted, the boost of confidence is quite evident in his body language & personality. Jamshed now knows that nothing will go wrong & he has finally achieved what he wanted to. What he did to his cousin was obviously wrong but then that’s Jamshed for you. He’s someone who never forgives & forgets that’s why now when he saw that he was in a position to avenge the humiliation his cousin put him up with; he didn’t miss the golden opportunity.

I am not sure how long Jamshed’s time of glory would last but he certainly has attracted some attention on him. Adnan thinks he’s very lucky, Jamshed thinks he has everything under control & why shouldn’t he believe that? Obviously, the way Michelle has naively trusted him & has almost handed over her restaurant to him; it’s not a conundrum as to why Jamshed feels that way. Not sure if Rizwan has some more role to play but I have a feeling he might expose Jamshed & rescue Michelle from his evil plans because Rizwan was MIA & all of a sudden he has reappeared.

What happened to Salma was disturbing. I must say Amina Sheikh acted so well that she actually left me speechless. I just can’t believe how Salma allows this to happen to her time & again. That whole scene of abuse was intense & done really really well. All the actors made it look real but for Salma’s sake, I am glad Imaan intervened & saved her. I know what Salma went through was shocking but then how many more reality checks does she need? What is Salma waiting for? I think with this, Salma must understand that Sikandar can never give her an ounce of respect she expects from him. He never changed & he never will. I liked the confrontation between Salma & Tai Jee too. Yes, it’s a high time that Salma shuts them up & shows them their right place because if they can’t respect her & appreciate her for what she has done for them all these years, then there’s no point in tolerating them & their rubbish.

It was a great episode & I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I hope apart from being concerned for Salma – Bhatti actually takes charge of her situation & helps her getting through this mess. The preview of next episode seemed promising too, phew! Share your thoughts please.

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