Jackson Heights – Episode 22!

To be honest, I just want this drama to end ASAP. Even though I know that we’re left with 2 more episodes of Jackson Heights, I just want to get over with this because they have seriously tested our intelligence & our patience enough & now I feel that I ain’t left more of it to go through these ‘torturous’ last two episodes. The thing I said last week, I’ll say that again ke hadh ki bhi hadh hoti hai!

Now when they should be wrapping this drama up, they tried really hard to make us feel something for all the characters by making everything even more melodramatic, as if the lighting & the pace wasn’t enough. Even though I really like Naani’s character despite the fact that she hasn’t offered much ‘like everyone else’, I feel her sickness has come in at a wrong time because I couldn’t feel a thing about the whole situation at all. Yes, she was suffering but who’s to be blamed here? Iqbal or Imran? We know that Imran’s bhai & bhabhi are vultures but like seriously, he couldn’t cry at his mother’s condition but the hospital bills reduced him to tears? Imran has made his mother wait for a span of 15 years & still he was having second thoughts about visiting her that too after he personally had a conversation with the doctor? Yes, Imran has understood that it’s only the money that matters to his brother back-home but shedding tears & giving up on a situation which already had a solution came across as such a stupid scenario. Imran himself knows that the green card’s not worth it, to phir intezaar kiss baat ka hai bhai, ticket lo aur wapis jao! Plus it was so mean of him to ask Jamshed to go to Pakistan on his behalf. Imran should’ve known better that when he wasn’t around for 15 years, Naani spent that time with Jamshed, so now she needs her son & not her grandson, who just left a few months ago!

Oh ho, last week I asked whether Salma was a human being or an angel but I think I need to change my question & now it’s going to be ‘kya Salma insaan hain yan doormat’? Appna jawab hamain likh ke zaroor bhejiyega, hamain parh ke khushi hogi. Like seriously? Salma you’ve found a way out of this mess but seems like you don’t want to come out of it? Miraculously, the zevar she had, gave birth to more zevar & she sold them for good 19 grand but now when she was left with nothing, she was worried about how she will take care of another $25K which were to be paid to the goons? Why was she worried bhai? Sikandar aur uska karza, Sikandar aur wo janay! Like Salma has no feelings, nothing at all for Sikandar but seems like she wants to take care of everything before she leaves as if she is guilty of something, which she clearly is not! IF she would’ve been someone with brains, she would’ve left him the minute he showed up with a gun but then why are we expecting Salma to act sensibly? Remember, the writer has poured all the stupidity into the female characters of this drama. & Oh!!! Poor Imaan thinks unke daddy jaan bilkul change ho gaye hain & just this statement was enough for Salma to have second thoughts about her future plans with Bhatti? Please don’t tell me that ‘this’ is the change in Sikandar Salma used to talk about & she was waiting for because it already makes me want to throw up!

Finally, I am glad that before the drama ended we got to see the mysterious sister of mystery-gone-wrong Michelle. I was afraid that the way things have unravelled in this drama, going by that she would’ve made an appearance in the 25th episode (note: the drama ends at 24th episode). In just one appearance, Maria hit the bullseye by saying that even the ‘teenagers’ don’t act the way Michelle has been acting, but too bad Maria, hum bhi kab se yehi bol rahay hain but appki baby behan oh sorry, baby appa sunti hi nahi. :/ Seems like Rizwan got in contact with Maria but forgot to give her the details of infant of a husband that toddler Michelle has found for herself. Rizwan jab itni mehnat ki hi thi to puri mehnat hi kar dete so that Maria could’ve stopped her sister from committing such a big mistake but the way she just shared her disappointment, made it look like she had no issues with this marriage at all & she wanted to be an active participant of this shindig. Too bad Maria, just by showing up one time, you’ve enrolled yourself into the list of ‘senseless females of Jackson Heights’, but then there shouldn’t be any list because it’s a known fact – if you’re watching Jackson Heights, you’re only going to meet the most stupid women ever seen!

I just want to ask what Salma’s waiting for? Is she waiting for the drama to end, then only will she take a decision or she is just doing this all to drag the drama so that she can snatch the last drop of patience we’re left with? Now that Sikandar is out of the hospital & she has taken care of everything necessary, so, what’s holding her back? I also want to ask why is it that Michelle can’t smell the mystery that Jamshed’s been reeking of? He is forcing her to keep this marriage a secret from her sister & she is agreeing to it, but what for?

I so want to believe that what Salma said to Sikandar by the end of this episode was actually a truth but I think she just wanted to get a reaction out of him just to check whether he has changed or not, but then I am sure she will go back to being normal, she will push his wheelchair, give him his medicine, will take care of everything related to her husband darling because…she’s Salma!!! Anyways, share your thoughts about this episode of Jackson Heights please.

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