Jackson Heights – Episode 24 (Tauba)!

Oh, they promised us something else but went out of the way to ignore it because they thought they were giving us some out of the world sort of a drama that they didn’t want to end too soon, LOL! Aur kitna khoon choosna hai bhai hamara?

So, supposedly Jackson Heights had 24 episodes but they decided to drag it because they wanted to show us a tundi selfie of a tundi family after 23 weeks as if our life wasn’t complete without it & we were missing out on something huge!?!?! Like seriously, after 23 episodes where they should’ve been ending this drama they thought we’d rejoice by seeing that Michelle mommy is taking good care of her son-like husband-to-be Jamshed by cooking his favourite dishes like Pulao jiss ka swaad us ne kharab kar diya ye bol ke ke mummy mummy mujhe aur bhi cheezain khani hain. Yes, I will admit that I have no complaints whatsoever when it comes to their performances but the execution of the play & story has been so bland, boring & mediocre because of which we haven’t been able to enjoy this drama as we thought we would.

Once again the whole tu illegal Pakistani mai Amreekan citizen Indian debate was forced into this episode whereas when the drama began we saw all the Indian & Pakistani cabbies co-existing so well with each other & they all shared a great bond which I thought was a good way of telling that Pakistanis residing outside Pakistan get to share a good wavelength with people of different ethnicity, so to give that touch of Indian/Pakistani animosity to this drama is such a childish approach. So, our supposed Indian Rizwan says ‘sir pe talwaar latak rahi hai’ & last thing I know no Indian from Bombay is so profound in Urdu & I say that after a personal experience because I know their linguistics, their tone & their accent exactly.

The episode had so many repetitive scenes where Imran was crying because of his mother’s condition, Jamshed was trying to trick Michelle, Rizwan was trying to put Jamshed down & what not. Just when I thought Salma will finally take a plunge out of this hell-hole, she was seen there, embodying a pain on her face (which I can’t stand) with a side braid (which I can’t stand either) telling Aliya how hard Sikandar was making it for her to leave? Like seriously? This lady ain’t going to come out of her deep slumber so we shouldn’t expect anything better or good to happen to her because she doesn’t want it herself.

Michelle (read Marina Khan) seemed so opri (Punjabi word for odd) when she was yelling & telling Rizwan as to how much he has hurt her because he was supposedly her friend & that’s when I wanted to say to Michelle that Mummy jaan, jaag jayein, sehri ka time ho gaya hai, pulao to bana liya abb parathay bhi bana lain.¬†She has also gone on a dream trip & she ain’t waking up. Jamshed was lucky like always because things got favourable for him & he finally managed to part Rizwan from Michelle. Ohkay so, your kal ka aya hua boyfriend files a case against your bachpan ka yaar & you stand there like a statue thinking things aren’t under your control anymore. Michelle has put all the newborns to shame when it comes to IQ & that’s a shame.

Chalo jee, Imaan ke khulle baal aur 2 3 ansoo were enough for Salma to unpack her bags & tear her ticket to Pakistan. She just couldn’t see Imaan all teary & sad so hmmm how about Salma should’ve grabbed Imaan’s hand & had tagged her along because anyways, her Daadi is despicable & her father is useless, so instead of staying there to bear their expenses, she should’ve convinced Imaan to come with her because seems like Imaan can’t stay without her mother so yeah, why not? Anyways, share your thoughts about this blunder oh I mean blockbuster please.

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