Judai – The Weeping Brotherhood! – Episode 16

So the overflow of emotions continues. Mehr brings Zaina and Zaryan to her home and unknowingly offers Zaina up as the sacrificial lamb for Alia and Haider to zero in on. Sooo sooo relieved Zaina was not left saying ‘meri baat tau sunain’ and I held my breath until she completed her sentence when she says she knew Hamza in Lahore – but she had no idea he was Hassan’s son. Her statement seems to fall on deaf ears – well except Mehr’s who believes Zaina. I have to say Mehr does have a lot of faith in these two strangers for yes, we as viewers know the truth but for Mehr – and even Haider and Alia,  Zaina could be guilty as Alia suspects. Hamza however is another story. He sure seemed to be a lot more persuasive when he was bent on wooing Zaina in Lahore and is now reduced to a head bobbing speechless puppet!

Mehr’s slap was a bit drastic and I had actually expected Zaryan might lash out at Haider then when Haider questions Zaryan and Zaina’s motives. Suitcase promptly packed in minutes, Haider and Alia move in to Alia’s parents’ house. Why is it that the bahus in our dramas are either pure evil or pure doormats? Why is there generally never a woman who faces her share of situations that life throws her way yet she is not a bechari nor a scheming shrew?!

Haider’s crumpling face when Mehr slaps him and then later when Alia literally rubs salt in his wounds made me shake my head in amusement. And then Hamza’s quivering voice that has been threatening to bring on the tears finally gave in and it was so not amusing to watch a grown Hamza cry like that! I am all for sensitive, ‘human’ men with feelings and of course even grown men may shed a tear or two in grief but this spineless, kaan ka kacha Hamza has no sympathy from me. He was the one who pursued Zaina and went all out to try to get her to spend time with him etc. For all his ‘itna toot kar chaha tha’ you would think he would have a bit more faith especially when his mother and best friend Minahil seem to trust Zaina a whole lot more then what excuse does he, the man who supposedly loves her a lot have?

Zaryan’s reaction to finding Zaina had hid the truth from him was justified. I like how he says that he did not have an issue that Zaina was friends with Hamza but the fact that she hid it from him and then he had to be told the truth in front of Haider and Co hurt him. Waisay, why is it that Minahil has to talk sense into these guys? Why can Minahil see what Hamza can not? True he is in shock but then so is Zaina. Yes, you guessed right – not a fan of Hamza’s personality at all!


Hamza is angry with Mehr now too and she feels she has lost her sons to the ‘new bachay’ as Haider calls them. I get Zaryan’s guilt over having caused so much havoc in Mehr’s life but I also understand how they really have no place to go. Junaid’s advice to him to stay and take what is his does ring true. If Hassan had made provisions for Zaina and Zaryan to live comfortably then given how utterly alone and dependent they are, I would see how Zaryan may want to swallow his pride for now till the storm blows over and they are in a position to leave Mehr’s house.

I wonder what it was that Hamza wanted to say to Zaina. I expected a bit more of a reaction from Mehr when she learns of the relationship between Zaina and Hamza and uff I do mean their romance and not supposedly the behn bhai wala rishta that Alia seems bent on pushing forward!! Even though Hassan had the foresight and the sense to make adjustments in his will so that Zaina and Zaryan get their share too I wonder if Haider will still manage to find a way round the whole thing to suit himself. Will Hamza get over his ‘hum aap kay hain kaun – bhai ya lurrrve’ soon enough or is that to carry on a while? Will there be more confrontations and tears leading nowhere? Excluding Alia-Haider’s conversations, this episode did hold my interest and I am curious to see where all this leads to. I just hope it does not become one of those dramas where Haider-Alia-Hamza will continue teaming up against Zaina-Zaryan-Mehr until the last twenty minutes of the last episode where everyone will suddenly become one big happy family!  I will never trust a drama again if that happens, LOL!

What did you all make of this episode? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Kunwal Javid

Kunwal Javid

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