Jugnoo – Episode 07!

Ohkay so (can’t get enough of this expression, haha) this episode was totally interesting & made me laugh a lot too. I love Jugnoo’s attitude where she always knows how to bounce back from a certain situation. The way she has played with all the people around her goes to show that there is so much in her mind & she has so many ideas that she knows how to pull herself back from any difficulty that she might come across & this is something that I love about her character the most. They might’ve shown it all with a light humour but at least for a change it is good to see a strong girl who fights her own battles & doesn’t care an ounce about the consequences & what others might have to say.

Zulfi obviously felt bad for leaving Jugnoo in the lurch but he couldn’t say much as he knew, nothing that he will say will make Baba Sahab change his mind. He was obviously having a hard time with the European Ghazala because his mind & heart belongs to Jugnoo now. Jugnoo knew she had to go & find Zulfi because she wanted a few questions to be answered. Even though her main motive was to get her husband back but it was also to remind him about how he fell short on his responsibility. She succeeded in finding Zulfi & that trip was full of adventures too. I love how Jugnoo makes ways for herself & has a bigger ego than her problems that she faces.

I thoroughly enjoyed Jugnoo & Zulfi’s meeting & their reactions. It is so obvious that Zulfi has figured out what Jugnoo is like & he likes to depend on her as well because he knows she will find a way out of everything. That is why Zulfi just followed her lead & even followed her orders of stealing the bangles. This is something that Zulfi has never done before but now that he has Jugnoo, he wants her to run his course of life because he enjoys it like anything & he knows he might not have much of a courage that Jugnoo has, so he thinks it’s better not to stop her.

Jugnoo had a full proof plan which is why she knew exactly what she was doing & was going to do. She knew how she had to fool everyone & rescue her husband from Baba Sahab’s arrest. Till date, Jugnoo has been able to make a very bad impression on Baba Sahab & what’s more interesting is that Baba Sahab knows he can’t underestimate this young girl because she has been challenging him since the day they have met. Baba Sahab has pretty much understood that Jugnoo won’t make it easy for him to get Zulfi back & get him married to Ghazala, this is why it seems he is going to take his gloves off.

During all this, what I really loved the most was that before leaving for Murree, Jugnoo gave some money to Khala Jahangir for her mother. It goes to show that even though she might not say, she loves her mother a lot & feels for her because of what Khala Jahangir puts her through. Amidst all the issues that Jugnoo was going through, she made sure to secure her mother’s position in that place, which I thought was very sweet. Jugnoo knows that this is the only thing that will keep her mother tension free in that house because money is something that will make Khala Jahangir respect Shahjahan & before leaving she made sure to do something of that sort which will stop Khala Jahangir from giving her mother a hard time by taunting her incessantly.

This episode was really interesting & I found myself laughing at a few bits, first one was Zulfi uttering he doesn’t have universe but Europe around him & then the way he changed his voice to speak to Baba Sahab on the phone. Zahid Ahmed has been amazing as Zulfi too & Yumna fits this character so well. I like Rehan Sheikh as Baba Sahab as well; he has done a brilliant job to portray the irritated & non-serious businessman. I think along with Baba Sahab, Jugnoo now also has Bakshi Jee who hates her & he will also do everything to make her life miserable. The preview of the next episode seemed a bit more dramatic & I think next episode will change the course of the drama with a lot more challenges & obstacles coming Jugnoo’s way. Please share your say about this episode & let me know what you think.

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