Jugnoo – Episode 08!

Ohkay so, this episode of Jugnoo was happening, enjoyable & filled with a lot of drama as usual. Jugnoo has figured a way to deal with the situation but that is a temporary fix & she yet has to find a long-term solution that will promise her & Zulfi the peace they both are looking for.

According to Jugnoo, the best thing for both her & Zulfi is to lie to Baba Sahab for now. Jugnoo thinks she’d be able to fool Baba Sahab because Zulfi has once again paid Bakshi Jee to be on their side, but little does she know that Bakshi Jee is a lot more far sighted & clever than her. Jugnoo tells Zulfi that he has to stay by her side & do whatever she tells him because she has pretty much seen how spineless Zulfi becomes when he has Baba Sahab in his sights. I like Jugnoo’s character for a fact that she always is ready to face any kind of situation no matter how complex or intricate it might be. She always knows exactly what she should do, which is why she often find her little moments of victories even if they’re meant to be short-lived. What matters the most for Jugnoo is coming out of any whirlpool she may find herself getting drowned in.

The thing I enjoy the most in this whole drama is the way Jugnoo keeps on switching places between her mother’s & her husband’s home. It’s like she always keeps both these households happening & lit up with the drama she creates. It is so obvious that Khala Jahangir & Khala Kissho can’t see her happy & they fit the bill of typical relatives to the T. They are a sad but a true picture of how relatives often get restless when they assume someone’s life is sailing smoothly & how they find satisfaction in someone else’s tribulations. Khala Jahangir is a very unique character that has been written intelligently. She knows exactly how to boss around people & how to benefit from them, that’s why she is often seen ignoring Jugnoo’s harsh taunts because she knows that the mother-daughter duo is of great help to her in this present day & time. Shahjahan takes care of Jahangir’s home & Jugnoo is now a cash cow for her, therefore, Jahangir is ready to tolerate both of them.

It was amusing to see Zulfi following Jugnoo’s lead, it obviously shows that Jugnoo is the man in this relationship because Zulfi is too fragile & pampered to deal with such situations, that is why for now he is ready to do whatever his wife is telling him because for him, this is nothing short of an adventure. He knows he has gotten married to Jugnoo because he found her unique & she actually is very special that is why he doesn’t want to lose her at any cost, even if it means he has to fool his own father because of Jugnoo.

For a change, it was interesting to see a new character; Rafique, husband of Khala Kissho & I found his character & their bickering amusing too but it actually didn’t let me forget the fact that they have normalized domestic violence through Khala Kissho’s predicament. They have given it a comical shape but actually, it is something that isn’t very amusing. Every single time, someone does normally mention about how she gets beaten by her husband & to be honest, I don’t see any point of it nor do I find it amusing or necessary. They could’ve just showed that she doesn’t have much interest in her home & family & loves to spend time with her sisters – at least this way the whole issue of domestic violence wouldn’t have been highlighted in this drama. Yes, I do understand that they have tried to show different ordeals people go through in a light-hearted manner & the reactions that follow, but there is always a better substitute for even the darkest issue. I do like the fact that through Jugnoo, they have always tried to give out a positive message of self-sufficiency & present mindedness by showing a lot of problems in her life, but when it comes to Khala Kissho’s track, I don’t see any lesson that they’re trying to put forth by bringing domestic violence in the picture.

Overall, it was an interesting episode & for a change it is good to see a girl running things on her own. I love how Jugnoo gracefully edits the content she wants to expose to Khala Jahangir & always tweaks with the reality because this gives her an edge to rule over her & prove her wrong. I find this quality of her very admirable. For a girl who has never seen happiness in her life, if this is something that gives her sheer satisfaction & happiness, then she is entitled to go for it. Oh, I must add, I think HUM’s previews are now only meant to show the upcoming scenes of ‘all’ the remaining episodes. What they show in the preview of next episode doesn’t mean that this is what that episode will actually comprise of, so for that & from now on, I won’t be discussing the previews because they have been very misleading lately. Please share your thoughts about tonight’s episode. :)

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