Jugnoo – Episode 10!

Ohkay so, it was another one of those usual episodes of Jugnoo that was filled with some amusing conversations but it showcased a very little progress in the story. I think they have used a couple of episodes as fillers & now it’s a high time to move the story forward because the to & fro of Jugnoo from Zulfi’s place to Khala Jahangir’s place is getting quite repetitive.

I am glad they have introduced another good character of the Lawyer Aunty who helps Jugnoo every single time. I must say Jugnoo has found a perfect person to reach for because she lands herself in trouble quite frequently & that is when her contacts with the lawyer come in handy. I really like how that lady always tries to empower Jugnoo because she knows she is a lost soul who needs a lot of guidance, she knows that for Jugnoo, the dawn of every single day brings another set of challenges that is why she deems it as her duty to help Jugnoo out & advise her rightly, which I find it as something very refreshing & sweet.

I have a feeling that the thing Jugnoo said to Khala Kissho about her Father in law being a flirt might be something that will run the course of Khala Kissho’s life in the future. May be Jugnoo will try to hitch Baba Sahab with Khala Kissho just so that she can have Zulfi too. I know the chances are slim but that conversation really didn’t seem to be coming out of nowhere, I am sure there would be some strings attached & it will unravel in the episodes to come. I am sure if Khala Kissho will find a suitor of Baba Sahab’s calibre, she will throw Rafique out of her life because for starters, she ain’t happy with him & also, she is an opportunist, so I really think if such an opportunity will arise, Khala Kissho wouldn’t let it slip off her hands.

I thoroughly enjoyed the moment when Shahjahan didn’t leave a chance to direct some clear cut taunts at both Khala Jahangir & Khala Kissho. Shahjahan has had enough but just because she knows anything can be expected from Jugnoo, she chooses to remain silent but now when she got an assurance from her daughter that everything was perfectly alright, she took it as an opportunity to let her sisters know very politely how they should mind their own business & shouldn’t get ahead with the assumptions. I must say that conversation was really well written & I couldn’t stop laughing at the curses Shahjahan directed at Bakshi Jee like ‘bomb samait le is kambakhat ko’, lol!

Zulfi disappointed before & Zulfi disappointed this time around too. Just because he knows Jugnoo will find a way to reach him doesn’t mean that he can just sit back & wait for that to happen while playing games on his smartphone. I find his silence very annoying & irritating. I really don’t know if his character is meant to be this way or it hasn’t been written properly because we’re through almost half the drama & his character is beyond my understanding. I find it hard to deduce whether Zulfi is a spoiled brat who has seen so many luxuries in life that he has gotten immune to stay unaffected by everything because he never really had to fight for anything as he always got pampered or he actually is spineless like that who doesn’t know how to take a stand for anything in life.

I am sure things are going to get ugly because first it was only Baba Sahab who was battling with Jugnoo but now Tanveer has joined hands too. Without even bothering to inquire about the status of this relation from Zulfi, Tanveer has just decided to believe in Baba Sahab’s version of the story & he has turned against Jugnoo as well. I am sure Tanveer is capable of a lot more nastiness than Baba Sahab, that is why he suggested something so disgusting like getting Jugnoo killed.

I am sure Jugnoo is one of those who wouldn’t let anything stop her & no matter what comes her way, she actually will get Zulfi back but then as much as I want to see her happy with her man, I really don’t think Zulfi’s worth it, unless he gives us something appreciable about him. So, this was it from my side for the day. Overall, it was a decent episode but I am so looking forward to some progress in the story. I really hope after Jugnoo’s arrival in Murree, things start to shape up & we actually get to see the story moving forward because things have been pretty stagnant from quite a few episodes now. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Jugnoo.

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