Jugnoo – Episode 13 & 14!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Jugnoo were more like a rollercoaster ride. As much as I am happy for how the events have unraveled into Jugnoo’s favor, I really am not happy with Zulfi’s take on this whole situation & to be honest, seeing how hard Jugnoo is working on this relation, I really don’t think Zulfi’s worth it. To be honest, even though these two episodes were great & promised us something new, the preview at the end of tonight’s episode didn’t seem promising at all because looks like they will be dragging the story now only for the sake of filling the number of episodes the channel has asked them to air.

I really liked Ghazala’s character & her thought process during this fiasco because of all the people she knew how to take a stand for herself. Yes, she likes Dr. Saadi but too bad, she has been so preoccupied with all the planning plotting done by her mother & sister that she really didn’t get much time to sort her feelings out, however I am really happy that at least she had the guts to say the truth out loud to Zulfi, for how he has been so spineless & for how he has failed Jugnoo; the girl who loves him so much.

Jugnoo showed up just in the nick of time to save her marriage because this is exactly what Dr. Saadi & Ghazala wished for as well. Dr. Saadi really likes Ghazala & he is looking for a chance to be with her because he really intends to marry her. Ghazala on the other hand has also fallen for Dr. Saadi but she is absolutely scattered brained due to all the shocking revelations which is why she hasn’t been able to say that out loud as to how much she likes Dr. Saadi. I really didn’t understand why Ayesha & her mother are bent on getting Ghazala married to Zulfi. Even though, they now are well aware of the fact that the things Tanveer & Baba Sahab have been telling them about Jugnoo & Zulfi were just white lies, but Ghazala’s mother also thinks Zulfi’s worth it & he is the only guy who can make her daughter happy, whereas he has never given anyone a chance to have such a high opinion of him, so her mother’s stand on this whole situation seems to be coming from someone who is quite immature. Also, to hear her say that Zulfi’s social status is the reason why people are trying to create havoc in his life was another thought that made me laugh, she really lives in a bubble, doesn’t she, where she thinks being so unreasonably unrealistic is absolutely fine?

I felt that Dr. Saadi redeemed himself because he was feeling guilty for fooling Jugnoo. I am sure he wouldn’t have changed his mind if he had not met Ghazala & that is the moment when he felt he was not only wronging Jugnoo but he was being a part of the plot where another girl’s life was being ruined & especially when he met Ghazala he really wanted to save her as well. I think he made a right decision by backing out of the whole plan. Tanveer is just so despicable because just when Dr. Saadi sided with him, Tanveer never questioned his intentions but the moment he decided to walk out of the plan, Tanveer started having doubts about his ‘best friend’ too.

Khala Kissho’s plight & track isn’t interesting anymore, by saying that I mean that she isn’t offering us something new & her story is pretty one dimensional. I really thought that Rafique was wrong & yes, he is wrong 80% but Khala Kissho is responsible for the remaining 20% too. She really isn’t interested in maintaining a healthy relation with her husband & the reason behind her discomfort is her own probing nature where she can’t live without inquiring about Jugnoo, even if it mean s she has to ignore her marital duties & responsibilities. Rafique obviously feels neglected & Khala Kissho’s take on this situation is quite immature as well. I really hope that what they have suggested happens to be true & the baby changes her life & makes it better & happier.

Jugnoo’s return was fantastic like always but then it was nothing short of a déjà vu to be honest. We’ve been there, seen that where she came to rescue her prince in distress & eloped with him temporarily. Zulfi really disappoints me because to see him not even making an effort to find out the truth behind the news of Jugnoo’s death really made him seem illogical & unreasonable. I think Zulfi himself is Jugnoo’s enemy in disguise because without realizing, Jugnoo has put so much at stake for him & without realizing Zulfi really has exposed Jugnoo to so many dangers that even if I want to see them together, I don’t see them working well as a couple.

The preview of the next episode again suggested that the story is going to go on a loop where Zulfi will go back to his Baba Sahab once again, putting Jugnoo through another round of difficulty. I really don’t understand what does Zulfi want & what his plans are. He really is immature, directionless & a purposeless soul. He has lost his path & he has also made Jugnoo’s life miserable too. I respect Jugnoo for not giving up on such a spineless person like Zulfi but to be honest, he isn’t worth it.

I really believe that they should now start wrapping the story up & Jugnoo should have 3 more episodes, 4 at tops because they aren’t left with anything else to show. The acting, the dialogues, those fluent conversations, the locations & last but not the least, Jugnoo’s character; all these aspects have been the highlight of this drama but realistically speaking, they should now end it at a sweet note. :) Please share your thoughts about these two episodes.

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