Jugnoo – Episode 17!

Oh well, I so wish this drama ends next week because they have literally run out of story completely. I really think this drama was appropriate for 14 episodes but they have stretched it too far. Even though HUM’s dramas don’t usually end at 18 episodes but for Jugnoo, this number seems a lot because both; the story & the direction have derailed from the track.

This episode didn’t offer us anything that we haven’t seen before. It was all about those repetitive dialogues that I have already discussed in my previous review. Yes, the new thing we got to see was Jugnoo giving up on Zulfi but sadly, even she doesn’t realize that he is not worth it. She is only worried about her face saving & how she would be embarrassed in front of Khala Jahangir & Khala Kissho. Even though I really like Jugnoo’s character for the fact that she is ready to go to any lengths to save her marriage & also for the fact that she is an independent, self-sufficient girl but sadly, I am disappointed in her for not realizing that Zulfi is good for nothing & he is just a burden that she would have to carry on her shoulders for the rest of her life if this marriage works out. I expected better from Jugnoo, because she is the one who beat her husband up when she picked up on his lies but the Jugnoo we see now is someone who is just chasing her husband without even having a thought about the things he should be doing for her.

To be honest, Zulfi makes my blood boil. Like seriously, how mentally deranged can he be? To be honest, I never thought that I’d get to see such a healthy yet mentally handicapped character who would have no direction, no thought process & no ‘brain’ of his own! I really want to know was Zulfi still dreaming when he saw Jugnoo coming back from the dead! I am amazed that Zulfi couldn’t understand what a liar his brother is for telling him that Jugnoo has died whereas she survived a murder attempt that Tanveer planned for her, yet again Zulfi chose to believe another lie that Tanveer fabricated about Jugnoo signing the divorce papers after making a deal with him? I really cannot imagine that Zulfi was shown as a university student because going by the IQ level he embraces; he graces the level of a Kindergartener better. Zulfi is so dumb to figure out that Tanveer has been lying to him throughout but where he didn’t have the brains to put two & two together he had the audacity to complain about Jugnoo’s deal in front of Ghazala, like seriously, what have you done for Jugnoo that she shouldn’t sign any such deal with anyone to be freed from being bound to such a dud like you? I think Jugnoo should’ve gone ahead with the offer that Tanveer gave to her because she would’ve been better off that way.

I am amazed that even after Ayesha told Zulfi how he should go ahead & lead a happy life with Jugnoo, he chose to stay back to listen to more such gibberish that Tanveer fabricated out of thin air. I really don’t think it was a good idea to put the main leads & their brains in the back seat & give the front seat to the side characters because it’s been a while, I am only getting to see Tanveer, Ghazala, Ayesha, Saadi, Baba Sahab & the Baby Mother (who once again blurted that her daughter is innocent) in the picture & they have started to tick me off. It’s like they are ruling the course of both Jugnoo & Zulfi’s life & those who should be concerned the most about their personal matters are least bothered where Zulfi has bit his tongue, has lost his sense of speaking & Jugnoo is making the most of her trip to Murree by dedicating her time to the sightseeing because she obviously thinks she would never get to visit Murree again.

To be honest, this drama stopped making sense long time ago but I kept on giving it a chance after a chance thinking there must be something in store for us but I was sadly mistaken. Introduction of Dr. Saadi’s character made things interesting but looks like he had very limited dialogues to work with therefore he kept on tweaking his dialogues to stay in the scenario without looking like someone who had nothing to talk about. Actually the ending of such sort of love stories that go through so many phases is the most interesting bit where everyone waits & anticipates about what’s going to happen in the end but after this episode, I really don’t think I’d be bothered at all to find out if our Jugnoo unfortunately has met her happy ending which is going to be anything by happy! Share your thoughts about this episode of Jugnoo please.

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