Jugnoo – The End!

Ohkay so, the episode last night marked the ending of Jugnoo. Even though they gave a very detailed & a complete ending, I still was finding it hard to sit through the episode because of its pace. I really believe this drama was suitable for 14-15 episodes because they sacrificed the pace through the second half of drama for the sake of filling the number of episodes they had decided.

Jugnoo finally found her happy ending because her persistence took Baba Sahab back to the days when he first fell in love & got married to the love of his life. It was good to see Ayesha & Ghazala sharing a nice sisterly bond where Ayesha tackled the whole situation properly like an elder sibling who only wanted what was best for her younger sister. For me, both Ayesha & Ghazala would be the characters that I liked because they were reasonable, logical & rational. At least they both had the tendency to analyze the situation & take proper measures when needed. At first I really thought Ghazala was a direction less girl who had no thought process of her own but I am glad that in the following episodes she proved to be the otherwise. Both Ghazala & Ayesha said the things we all had in our minds about Zulfi, they understood that Zulfi was a spineless person who had no guts to stand up for himself & his lady love. In the couple of last episodes, I liked Ghazala/Ayesha/Saadi’s track more than the main Jugnoo/Zulfi/Tanveer/Baba Sahab’s tracks because the former were logical & their conversations made a lot more sense.

I don’t intend to throw any pun on Zulfi but was he suffering from a sore throat because I really wanted to hear him say something in the last episode? I mean he was the one right, for whom Jugnoo was going through so much pain & hardships & in the end he was seen rolling his eyes as if he was incapable of speaking? It was kind of ironic that everyone around Zulfi was taking decisions for him but the guy himself was least bothered. Ghazala & Ayesha found a way out which turned into his favor, Jugnoo fought harder which again benefitted him & then in the end Baba Sahab & Tanveer brought themselves to forgive & accept Jugnoo without even hearing what Zulfi had to say, so may I ask what Zulfi’s contribution in this drama was? Yes, the answer is obvious – ZERO!

To be very honest, the monotony of this drama wasn’t as bothersome as Zulfi was, because to see a brain-dead male main lead in a drama was quite irritating. I still can’t believe why the writer turned him into a mentally handicapped person because his brain worked just fine when the drama began. May be Murree’s chilled weather froze his brains & left him incapacitated, but yes, for me, Zulfi’s character was an epic fail. Coming onto Jugnoo, she was different & nice, to be honest, the thing I liked about her character the most was her independence & self-sufficiency because she proved everyone wrong & achieved what she wanted to. Jugnoo told us that if you are sincere & determined to have something (no matter if that thing is as useless as Zulfi) you will get it.

Even now when the drama has ended, I still am unable to figure out the importance & the requirement of Khala Kissho’s character. She was just a gossip buddy to Khala Jahangir, it would’ve looked good if they had kept it that way but the coverage that she got really seems unnecessary because they didn’t offer us anything interesting & we still can’t make out what her real issues were?

Overall, this drama had a rocking start but it derailed from the right track especially after Zulfi’s family shifted to Murree. They literally had nothing to offer but they just stretched it for the sake of it. Dr. Saadi’s character was good too because that man stood up for the right too & oh, how can I forget Ghazala’s mother, who also had no mental capability of analyzing a situation. I really think that the writer put in a lot more effort on Jugnoo’s & Kissho’s characters that she forgot to etch out the rest of the characters properly. Everyone else started to look like filler without having a personality of their own. In the beginning it looked like Tanveer was more interested in the business but later he turned out to be Baba Sahab’s personal goon whom he had kept to shoo his enemies away, which again was a boundary pushed wrongly.

Anyhow, Yumna Zaidi really outdid herself in terms of acting, I think this was her best performance & best character so far. She made Jugnoo look so convincing that I survived this drama right from the beginning till the end otherwise I have always found her choice of scripts quite questionable. I really hope that Jugnoo’s character has given Yumna a new perspective to explore more such genres & more such different characters. She indeed was a star of the show & she acted really really well, I am sure no other actress could’ve pulled it off the way Yumna Zaidi did. Please share your thoughts about this drama with us.

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  • wonderful drama as all pak dramas are showing a super spirited girl from humble background win, however the character of Zulfi was most dissapointing a spineless selfish man who could not stand up for the love he cherished. He never spoke up for his girl and one wonders if such a man deserved her – but she was in love and forgave him all – a great personality portrayal of a super spirited person who deserved what she finally got – though if i was her i would have left Zulfi the robot long before!!

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