Kabhi Kabhi # 25 – Paglon Ka Khandaan!

Tauba! After watching this drama tonight all I could think of was ‘ye manhoos drama kab khatam hoga’. What is happening in this drama & why is it happening? Are they actually having fun by putting us through such a torture on weekly basis? I swear I dread tuning into this drama & it really shows how great a drama is when you watch 40 minutes episode in approx 10 minutes.

There were literally 2 – 3 situations in the drama which were dragged to make an episode out of it. I am not sure what’s happening but I actually am concerned for the director’s mental capability too, I wish he is doing alright because it seems like he was on a high dosage of sleeping pills too when he was directing this play. Tauba tauba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have travelled all my life & I didn’t know that passports can also be used as telephone diaries. Rehbar happened to get Arez’s friends number through his passport? Hahahahahah!!!!!! What an idea! I am writing all the phone numbers on the empty pages of my passport too, so just in case if I lose my phone somewhere, I’d have a backup at least, nai?

I don’t understand why didn’t they kill Soni when they moved the story forward for 5 years. Instead of showing her as a divorcee, they should’ve shown that she passed away or her husband beat her to death. At least we’d be spared from seeing her face & she’d be spared from all the swearing she gets by being in this play as a character. What’s her fixation with bringing her brother Arez down? That good for nothing mooch.

Arez was having so much fun with his batameez bacha & yes just like Shahrez told his mother that why wouldn’t Arez tell them he was with Ali all this while? I am wondering about that too that what was all this sneaking little act meant for? What a full proof plan Arez had of being with his child when he himself forgot the passport at his place. I am sure Arez borrowed some sleeping pills from Eeshal too & he’s high on them, definitely.

I think Sunny told Arez that he & Eeshal were home-schooling Ali & after looking at Ali’s drawing Eeshal was all surprised asking him who drew it? Being a mother, doesn’t she even know what her only son was capable of? I think Dad was right she shouldn’t have had this baby if she had to put him through this hell. It was Eeshal’s determination to give birth to this baby & now what is she actually doing to him? She has found peace in her pills, so what was the fuss all about that she wanted to save this baby & she even stopped speaking to her father for Ali’s sake & look what she is doing to him. Wallah!

After seeing Dad I was like chalo inhain inke falah-e-behbood k kaam se fursat mil gai k yahan a gaye hain hamara sir khanay & once again he is showing his concern for Eeshal out of the blue. The ending scene was again ridiculous where Eeshal was all druggy & Sunny (who doesn’t need to resort to the drugs because he naturally happens to have that face) were having SUCH A MEANINGFUL conversation without even some suitable dialogues to begin with that I just wanted to throw up.
Tauba kab khatam hoga ye azaaabbbbbbb!!!

Keep PRAYING for this punishment to end,
Zahra Mirza.


Zahra Mirza

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