Kabhi Kabhi # 27 – Zeher Kar Diya Mera Nashta!

What a bad start of my day when I had to tune into this pathetic drama for the sake of reviewing it. During & after watching this episode I was like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so this is what this drama was all about. They infused the adaption of Halala very colorfully, so that people by the end of it don’t feel bad & only have sympathy towards a girl who has gone crazy & who’s halat ki maari, bechari. 

I feel this drama should’ve been labeled as ‘Kabhi Kabhi Acchi Saas Miliiiiiiii’. Wallah, now Arez’s mother thought she was responsible for Eeshal’s condition therefore she had to rectify her mistakes. Very cleverly they are trying to wrap up the story at a point where it begun. Ohkay, if Arez’s mother wants to do good by Eeshal she should’ve chopped off Soni’s venomous tongue the first thing to protect her ex & potential Bahu from getting affected. But sadly she didn’t think of it.

The beginning of the episode right till the middle had nothing, absolutely nothing to offer. Scenes were long & boring, dialogues were pathetic, Sunny was there – enough said. Now he & his chic naukrani can live happily ever after in a house which he gifted to Eeshal, lol. I mean how many times Eeshal had to say that she wanted the medicines? At first in Sunny’s home then at Rehbar’s place & now at Arez’s? As if we really don’t know & more so as if we care?

The writer herself reassured that Eva & Rehbar have a very strong role to play in the story & I am still waiting for their part. Chop chop people because the drama’s endingggggg, boo hooo!!! Oh & yes while looking at Rehbar & Eva’s lifestyle, I mean Rehbar could afford a luxurious living & provide everything to Eva so why was he seen hovering & lingering & sulking in his FIL’s home in the beginning? What was all that about? I thought Rehbar would avenge his bankruptcy by torturing Eva’s Dad but none of it ever happened, so why all those mean & evil looks & why was Rehbar made to look like a spook with ulterior motives?

I am still amazed actually I am piting the mindset of the writer to serve us with a story of Halala. A girl who was intelligent, loved making choices of her own – gets divorced over a petty kabab-fight, later finds peace by being with a creep whose sight is enough to give you creepy shivers down your spine, marries him, becomes a drug addict & later gets divorced & settles with her first husband. To jab ye sab inka apas ka mamla tha to hum is sab k beech mai kya kar rahay thay? I mean hamara kya kaam tha???

Everyone knows that she is an addict & Dad used to speak about Paris & London & New York but deep down he was so low on brains to be thinking she was under a magic spell. My point is that I am actually amazed because Eeshal’s whole family is shown as a bunch of sophisticated elite loons so why none of them has suggested her admission to a re-hab? Oh did I say loon – enough said once again I guess!!!

Somewhere in the comments I read this was the second last episode & I hope it is because IF that happens I will distribute virtual laddus to every single person!!!

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Zahra Mirza

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