Pakistan Idol Week 16 – Gala Round 07!

Another beautiful episode of Pakistan Idol backed by a strong theme & some beautiful performances. Loved all the songs that the contestants sang & glad that they had a lot of messages to share too. :)

Abdul Sattar Ehdi’s part in the episode was a highlight definitely. We need such inspirational people to speak more about Pakistan to us & I am glad Pakistan Idol’s team approached him for this episode especially. This episode was a treat right from the start till the end. What a beautiful way to pay tribute to our country; Pakistan.

The list of the performances is as follows:

Mohammad Shoaib (MS) of Peshawar sang Noor Jahan’s ‘Aye Watan Ke Sajeelay Jawanon’. It was a beautiful performance but I felt he had a weak start & even he missed the right ending too but other than that he sang it beautifully & filled his performance with emotions. Hadiqa felt that he sang it devotedly & his expression was perfect but apart from all that she felt his beginning & ending wasn’t perfect. Ali felt that apart from a few mistakes his performance was great. Bushra also said that he was good overall.

Kashif Ali (KA) of Lahore sang Amanat Ali Khan’s ‘Chand Meri Zameen’. He was good but I missed the wow factor. Ali felt that his pronounciation was wrong but overall his performance had a feeling to remind him of his childhood. Hadiqa felt he had some breathing issues & also pointed out the pronounctiation mistakes. Bushra felt that he improved a lot & made a breathing space in between, that she pointed out last week & according to her, his performance was great.

Rosemary (RM) of Karachi sang Nayyara Noor’s ‘Watan Ki Mitti’. What a brilliant performance I must say, I loved it. Bushra found her performance extremely nice & praised her a lot, she felt Rose sang it almost similar to Nayyara Noor. Ali once again mentioned her age & said she sings a lot better than her age would permit her. Hadiqa felt that her notes were perfect throughout the song & she loved her performance too.

Abdul Rafay Khan (RK) of Karachi sang Amanat Ali Khan’s ‘Aye Watan Pyaray Watan’. It was a slow song & Abdul Rafay is good at singing slow numbers, therefore his performance was good but I felt he fell flat a bit in the middle of his song. Bushra said he was brilliant. Hadiqa loved his improvisation & said apart from 2 – 3 mistakes his performance was amazing. Ali was all praises for Abdul Rafay as well.

Ali Asad Zaidi (AZ) of Karachi sang Ali Azmat’s ‘Junoon Se Aur Ishq Se’. What a power packed & brilliant performance, I loved it completely & I am amazed at the change he has showed in his singing skills this time. Ali said he hasn’t sung this song for a few years now & feels that he couldn’t have performed it like Ali Asad & for that he gave him a well-deserved hug. Hadiqa loved it & said he was excellent. Bushra said he was flawless, which definitely he was.

Zamad Baig (ZB) of Mandi Bahauddin sang Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s ‘Pakistan Pakistan’. When I heard that he was attempting NFAK’s song, I was like yeah right, once again making a safe choice. He was good but I felt he changed the pace of the song & it lacked the depth. Bushra said he didn’t give any reason to point out any mistakes. Hadiqa said he chose a song that matches his tonal quality & he was wise at doing so. Ali named him as Ustad Zamad Baig Khan & praised him a lot.

Waqas Ali Vicky (WV) of Mian Channu sang Mehdi Hassan’s ‘Ye Watan Tumhara Hai’. Such a sweet voice he has & such a sweet performance it was. Ali said he sang it very well. Hadiqa felt she was on a journey & found his performance sweetest because he himself was relaxed while singing it. Bushra said that the sweet dish comes in the end & this is exactly how his performance was.

So, this was it from tonight’s episode. My favorite performances of this episode were by Rosemary, Ali Asad Zaidi & Waqas Ali Vicky. It’s going to be heart-breaking to see anyone of them leave the competition because they all were great & have improved a lot. Speak about your favorite & least favorite performances with me.

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