Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 13.

Finally & I don’t know after how many episodes this weeks’ episode seemed fine to me. I didn’t have tough time watching it like I had in a previous few episodes, may be because this week there was a lot of emphasis on different situations together & no such petty situation was dragged so this one worked for me.

I once again state that the only factor why I am watching this show is the pairing of Mehwish Hayat & Ahsan Khan. Eeshal is having a tough time & has started to understand her in-laws in & out. Even though Arez’s mother is now resisting Soni’s brain-feeding, it still ain’t helping Eeshal in over-coming the issues because one way or the other, she is the target of every single person.

Arez should’ve by now understood how irrational his family has been & how supportive Eeshal is but still during the bouts of his depression he ends up bickering with Eeshal. Arez has now been asking too much from Eeshal When the drama started it showed pretty clearly how independent Eeshal was & how strong she had been plus she never put up with any of the pressures her father wanted to expose her to but I don’t understand why has she completely flipped? What’s stopping her from pursuing her career in interior designing? She is a smart intelligent girl who can work along with her husband but it’s kind of saddening to see a girl like her staying at home & doing things she knows she ain’t interested in. Ohkay, Eeshal loves Arez & wants to do every thing to please him but that doesn’t really mean she has to tolerate all the unreasonbility of her in-laws. No matter what she does, she is far behind so I think it would be better for Eeshal to just go out of the house & start working in order to reduce the daily dose of stress she gets while staying with her in-laws.

At start they did show a very nice picture of a rich girl who is so flexible to do everything she was capable of just in order to please her husband but they also showed how strong-headed Eeshal was, so to just subside those traits of her character & make her tolerate all this is just really odd.

I am glad Sunny wasn’t in this episode but it made me thinking what was the point of his character in the first place? & what was the flick of Soni & Sunny shown for? His character has just vanished without causing any turbulence which he was introduced for so I like I said some unnecessary things have had a lot of screen space in this drama which has brought it to a point of being just an ordinary drama.

Finally, they didn’t delay much & Arez quite clearly & early found out about the game plan of his father in law. His friend has backstabbed him & it was good that Arez got to know of it too. It was bad that Eeshal had to put up with his frustration because obviously her own father is the cause of this distress but I hope things work for this couple.

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