Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 16!

Oh boy! 40 minutes of torture & sadly when I started watching, I knew what I was getting into. I think the writer by mistake kept the name of the drama as Kabhi Kabhi rather it should’ve been Chalte Chalte because it is a clear cut adaptation of SRK’s bollywood movie.

This episode had nothing but the needless yelling, continuous yelling, just for the sake of it yelling & only yelling. I wish the way soundtrack of this drama sounds larger than life, the story complimented the theme (only theme) of the OST because the OST itself sounds haunting. But yeah, it is larger than life in fabrication of lies & unnecessary twisting of simple things.

Sadly, the Arez-Eeshal couple is not ghalat fehmi ka shikaar, they’re a couple of egoistic people who put their egos ahead of everything. I think I am done with the fact that the writers are trying to malign the purest of the pure relation a girl can ever experience in her life & that is a relationship she shares with her Father. For god’s sake no father in this world is such a inhumane enemy of his own daughter. I’d appreciate if the writers stopped ruining the close-knit relations with their thick mindedness.

I swear I thought Arez was someone different & this is exactly what I thought about Eeshal too. Forget about Ahsan Khan & Mehwish Hayat, the reason why I liked this show was because of the chemistry AREZ & EESHAL shared. Not only their chemistry but both of the characters were extremely adorable & just perfect but seems like they were made perfect to make their perfection go down the drain the very next moment. Ohkay, couples do face misunderstandings but this doesn’t mean that they change their characteristics. Eeshal that we knew of was the one who was clear-headed & could see things through, she was an extremist in a good sense but before being that she was intelligent enough to use her brains, like the fact was established of her being intelligent by making Eva a dumb-wit but what has happened to Eeshal ever since? Arez was the one who knew how Eeshal’s father was but still he let his thinking subside & his father in law’s strategies get dominant on their relation. But then again, to me they both are not some people who are misunderstanding each other, they have their ego’s rolling & that’s all there’s to it.

Shahveer & Eeshal had NOTHING to begin with but the detail had to be shown that they both parted at a good note? Why was there a need of a good note in the first place? In just a 15 minute drive around the city, they both bid their forever farewells? Oh & yeah, Arez had his interview there, an interview at a restaurant where kids are whining & glasses are shattering, I never knew that a restaurant provided such a calm environment for an interview to be conducted. Too bad that they have tried to explain such mere details but they are not making any sense right now.

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