Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 18!

Glad that after weeks of focusing on the miseries, there was something new happening in this episode. I must say that the only star of this episode was Mehwish Hayat & her acting. Only she single-handedly held the whole episode together & made me want to see more of her & her life as Eeshal because otherwise the director hasn’t been doing his job wonderfully.

Eeshal has clearly moved on but I think there should’ve been a say from her to her Dad about what she found out in the previous episode. She clearly knows her husband & in-laws were insulted on the night of Baraat so why didn’t she confront her father now because she has done it quite sternly in the past on different occasions. Eeshal’s only way of moving on was to involve herself in her father’s business because after Eva’s gone, she didn’t have much to do anyways.

It was another surprising factor that Eeshal herself didn’t know where Eva went after they got married. It wasn’t obviously like Rehbar shifted to their place immediately after he got married to Eva. He clearly went bankrupt & then moved to Eva’s place so how come Eeshal on her own didn’t know where was Rehbar’s home? At times it was good to see Sunny being supportive of her & helping her understand the real face of her father but then him being extra chummy wherever the baby was concerned was something unusually awful too.

Mehwish Hayat’s acting in that particular scene where she told her in-laws off was spot on, they certainly needed to face the mirror of their realities because that is right, Eeshal never gave them any reason to be against her but it looks like they didn’t deserve such a nice girl like her. Mehwish Hayat done a good job throughout as an actor but I wish the writer wouldn’t have brought down her character a bit, looks like she’s on a loop of confusion where she herself doesn’t know what she wants to do even after finding out the reality of her father – which is totally unlike that Eeshal because her being politely independent & insightful was actually what we all liked about her in the beginning of the drama. I wish she had stayed headstrong till now too.

Soni is nothing but annoying & more than that she is creepy. The way she tries to woo Sunny is worth a puke. Plus I am amazed at how easily she convinced her family that Sunny is ready to get married to her whereas he never said all that. Arez was a typical man when he dealt with Eeshal so how come he wasn’t that typical of a ‘khud’dar bhai’ who could stop Soni from committing all these mistakes & being so outrageous.

Looks like in the due course of helping Eeshal Sunny has fallen for her because in the next episode I think he has already proposed to her. Thankfully there is some progress in the story & I hope the ending is just as similarly paced as this episode because we all are well aware of what & how all that has happened & we are more interested in finding out what will happen.

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