Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 20!

Unreasonable, unrealistic, unjustifiable & undue are some words to describe this story in a nutshell. Wow! You get divorced & then go as a guest to your ex-husband’s house. This is definitely something that I have never seen or heard of before & this is definitely something that I didn’t miss seeing as well.

I thought Arez was worst but now he looks like a prince in comparison to Sunny. Not only he is scary but he is shallow inside out. I wonder what did the producers see in this script to materialize it as a drama? Sunny is not only insecure but is crazy because I think he is in an awe of how he got such a heavenly girl like Eeshal (as per his supposition). If he wants to save his marriage, he needs to work on it in a positive way rather than torturing his wife.

I thought Ali was a day old when Eeshal got married to Sunny & later he was a couple of days old when Sunny put her on a house-arrest, he was approx 3 days old when Eeshal wanted to go out to buy his pampers & Sunny assured her that he will fetch them on his way back from the office, so suddenly in the next episode when Sunny walked in with a pack of pamper, Ali has come to a stage where he is sitting & even at some point crawling. How come an infant approx a week old grow to the age of 6-7 months in just a change of an episode? Ohkay, even if they have moved the story forward, why Sunny still had an invitation for the dinner from Arez? Why isn’t Eva showing as she must be in her 2nd trimester by now? & just like Arez told, he was in Pakistan for a few days as he has a job to resume in DXB, so what was he doing there for months? I think attention to detail is lacking & that is a major major flaw.

Looking at the production value been put in this drama, I just can not imagine the level this story has stooped down to. You get married to your cousin & on his demand you show up at your in-law’s dinner invite? Awkward is the word for all of this. Soni got what she deserved & Sunny had an excuse for putting her up through all this because he took revenge on behalf of Eeshal. Eva is Eva, dumb to the core & when the baby-like in fact premature baby-like Eva with an IQ of -100 had no idea of what HALALA was, then how come she knew of the term itself & very appropriately she used at that particular moment? I hope someone hits hard on her head so the birds fly away who are residing in her empty head, giving her an opportunity to regain her mental health.

I guess the writer didn’t resort to the Islamic books that clarify the concepts of divorce in the light of Islam which is as simple that a girl DOES NOT get divorced when she is expecting, so how come she got married again & now the term Halala was being used. I thought Eeshal would sooner or later find out that she never got divorced in the first place & then she would reconcile with Arez but seeing all that has happened I wish I had known what sort of a filthy script this was, I wouldn’t have wasted my time on it.

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