Pakistan Idol Week 09 – Wild Card Round!

Luckily, we had another amazing round of performances. I think this time around all the contestants gave their 100% & even were very very wise in the song selection. For this sole reason we got to see so many classical performances because the contestants wanted to show their versatility & their devotion towards singing.

I must say I was impressed by most of the performances & also amazed at the choice made by the judges too. I think Umar Aftab also deserved a chance to perform again but they gave chances to whom they deemed fit. No doubt almost all the contestants showed amazing improvement in their singing & the best part of this episode was saved for the last.

The commentary on the eliminated contestants who performed to battle for the last spot is as follows:

Waqar Ehsin (WE) of Islamabad performed ‘Laggan Lagi’, the song from an Indian movie ‘Tere Naam’. He started off weak but was great on high notes. I thought that he fell flat on the low notes & this is exactly what the judges pointed out as well. Hadiqa Kiyani was honest once again & without sugar coating it she said she was unsatisfied, Ali Azmat passed the comments on his notes too, I think he couldn’t redeem himself even after being pushed to an edge.

Ghazal Ali (GA) of Karachi sang Noor Jahan’s ‘Mein Tosay Naahi Boloon’. I think this was another one of her average performances, even though that the judges like it, she sounded bored & definitely inaudible at the lower notes. Judges surprisingly liked it & praised her because she chose a very difficult song of the legendary Noor Jahan, no doubt she tried to attempt it & succeeded to a certain extent but I couldn’t find the WOW factor, definitely not something that will push her in the next round.

Ali Rizwan (AR) of Faisalabad sang Amanat Ali Khan’s ‘Mora Jiya Na Lagay’. It was a pretty difficult song which he sang with ease but I don’t know I didn’t find him extra-ordinary. He sounded just right but wasn’t overly impressive just like his last performance in the Piano round. Judges appreciated his effort but I didn’t see them going gaga over his performance as well, so yeah, he was good but that’s it, maybe there’s some sort of a charm missing in his performances or what but yes, something is missing.

Mohammad Zeeshan (MZ) of Rawalpindi attempted Amanat Ali Khan’s ‘Teriyan We Teriyan’. I think of all those who had performed till this point, Zeeshan Ali was definitely better & impressive in comparison to them all. He has shown heaps of improvement & sounded like he took this particular performance seriously & gave his best shot. Luckily judges were impressed too & were happy at his song selection.

Fizza Javed (FJ) of Karachi sang ‘Sajna Ve Sajna’ sung by Sunidhi Chauhan for the Indian movie ‘Chameli’. I found her totally unimpressive & looks like she ruined my favorite song, no doubt it suited her vocal tone but she just couldn’t sing it like it should’ve been, plus she clearly ran out of breath & for that particular reason she couldn’t complete the last words of all the lines at all. Bushra Ansari surprisingly liked her performance but as usual Hadiqa Kiyani & Ali Azmat disagreed & were spot on, they pointed out the obvious mistakes & felt that she was flat, sounded tired & the performance had nothing much to offer.

Midhat Hidayat (MH) of Karachi sang ‘Ni Mai Samajh Gai’ from the Indian movie ‘Taal’. The song was more or less similar to her previous selection ‘Mahiya Mahiya’ but no doubt she performed really well, considering her age, she definitely is versatile & her voice quality is amazing too. It clearly looked like she pushed herself hard & showed a lot of improvement. Judges appreciated her effort & were clearly impressed.

Seemab Arshad (SR) of Gujrat sang Salamat Ali Khan’s ‘Sanwal Moar Mohaala’. It was undoubtedly the most difficult song attempted in this round & he was flawless, just perfect. From start to the finish he maintained the pace & had full control of what he was singing, not only high notes but he was equally flawless on the lower notes too. Judges were really impressed & no doubt, he called for all the appreciations himself. Bushra Ansari also told that he was suffering from a sore throat but considering the fact, I think he showed that he was in for serious business.

Kashif Ali (KA) of Karachi sang Kailash Kher’s ‘Saiyyan’. Last but definitely not the least. I was left speechless & overwhelmed after this particular performance. He sang it beautifully, soulfully, effortlessly, perfectly & what-not-ly :). I think he definitely deserves a spot in the Gala round after such a brilliant performance. No doubt the judges gave him a standing ovation & Hadiqa Kiyani got overwhelmed because definitely we could hear the feel with which he performed. I am still not sure why such a talented guy has to fight for the spot till the end where he is clearly an amazing singer & why Mehwish got selected from that lot. But no doubt, he fought for it with full force & he proved the point. So, yes he is clearly my favorite & I am rooting for him!!!

So, those who performed brilliantly in this round were Midhat Hidayat, Mohammad Zeeshan, Seemab Arshad & Kashif Ali. I think it’s going to be a tough call between Seemab Arshad & Kashif Ali but I hope that Kashif Ali qualifies, but by looking at both of them perform this time around, I think the judges & the producers should change the format of the show & give chance to both of them as they were equally good. Later they can have two eliminations in one week but I think both of them deserve to be in the Gala Round clearly. Share your thoughts about the performances of this lot.

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