Karb – Episode 2

Hello everyone,

Two days ago, we saw the second episode of Karb and i was not too thrilled to be honest. It was just the second one but im wishing for the relation between Hamza and Hania to start sooner and despite all my effort, i just dont understand why the characters of Fahad and Mahnoor were given to such aged people, though im a big Behroz Sabzwari fan but he just does not suit here :( and Mahnoor is even worse. i dont want to sound unkind but she just does not evoke the sympathy that a younger woman would have scored in such trials that she is facing after marriage and trying to keep respect and dignity between her parents and husband.

Finally we see Saman Ansari as Aliya and she seems exactly Hamza’s type, mature, sensible, kind and responsible. What will provoke Hamza to marry Hania instead of her has to be a major factor or maybe it will just be the Cupid :) She even looked better than Hania to me who didn’t seem all that beautiful with untidy hair and a forgotten rubber band on the end to one side, smooshing the cake batter with her hands and rubbing dirty hands on her face. She looked totally upto no good. And her antic in giving the cake to begger who returns with it and buying from bakery to replace didn’t seem all that funny. More like silly I would say.

The financial trouble in Hamza’s sister’s household is increasing that she had to take up tuitions but as they say; trouble comes in battalions. Fahad is getting into quarrels with everyone and lands in the jail. I’m complaining about the same thing again but Behroz Sabzwari is just too old for this angry young man’s character who has been wronged so becomes angry at everyone. The way he barges in his partner’s office and grabs his collar is more like UNCLE PAGAL HO GYAY HAIN than the heartbroken businessman he was meant to be playing. I can understand Adnan Siddiqui being cast as the hero, maybe the producer thought he would better suit a mature man than any of the younger actors but why the whole cast or some of them atleast is beyond me.

Hamza’s other sister is getting married and everyone is worried about the financial aspects of wedding. I really liked Aina’s dialogue that if Hamza has to spend the next year repaying loans, she would never be happy. Love her for this :) If more girls that age think like this, our society might change the mindset of valuing a bride on what she brings with her.

Then there was this typical aulad wala problem in Hania’s house between his mother and bhabi. Sadly Saba Faisal is not as great a mother in law as I thought.

Let’s see how Hania wins over Hamza in the next episode.

Do share your views about this episode. Cheers :-)



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