Karb – Episode 7 – 9

This drama is moving forward in a very engaging way and now I actually look forward to see what’s going to happen in the upcoming episodes.

In these previous three episodes, Hania has gone from the bubbly, love struck girl to a very negative, quarrelsome and unsure wife, and she is not to be blamed for all this alone. Hamza tried from the start of marriage to stay dominant and authoritative and was not able to convince her effectively to adopt his family values. Rather, he tried to keep a firm hand and insisted on seeing his wife as a similar version of his wife and elder sister which was met with utmost resistance from the egoistical Hania. Most of her guidance is coming from Ammo jan, who at the moment is least bothered about her daughter’s future or happiness, except to score points by proving how right she was by opposing Hania’s and Hamza’s match.

Hamza’s mother is also not of much good use. Though her heart is in the right place, she is not able to have a firm dialogue with her son that would effect his psyche and attitude with Hania. In this last episode, Fahad (Behroz Sabzwari) is shown to try and talk with Hamza and that might be fruitful because he seems to have a deeper insight into the problem than the women of any family.

In 8th episode, we saw Hamza hitting Hania when she accused Alia. That left me in really bad taste about Hamza. For all of Hania’s shortcomings, she surely did not deserve to be slapped like that. If he was so concerned that she is embarrassing Alia, there were many other ways of confrontation rather than hitting your wife and then going out to party.

A major development that soon followed was the news of Hania’s pregnancy. It was received very well by Hamza’s family and even he himself came to apologise, though it still doesn’t justify his behaviour. But now it’s Hania who is totally on the wrong footing. On her Ammo’s advice, she is hell bent on aborting her baby and so receiving Hamza’s wrath, though deservingly this time. How could she not think of her baby as more than a liability, an unwanted responsibility and a way to insult Hamza on his resources, and her mother seems even more cruel, provoking her daughter to have an abortion without any solid reason. But Hamza’s way of dealing with all this is still wrong. He should sit down and talk some sense into her, no matter how hard it gets for him. He should know better than locking and restricting her going out. Predictably, all this is increasing her determination to get rid of the baby in order to re gain some control and freedom in her life.

It is very hard to decide who is worse or more wrong between these two husband and wife and this is why it’s a very lifelike situation. This is exactly how relations are broken in reality too, by feeding your own negativities and egos, rather than stating and sorting the problems clearly and patiently. Very excited to know how Hamza deals with this new lie of Hania that he has divorced her and how Hania bears the burden of this sin of hers.




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