Mumkin – Episode 16!

Ohkay so, this episode of Mumkin was quite interesting & amusing at the same time. Interesting because the cat’s almost out of the bag now & amusing because of some directional glitches.

Well, I think no one taught Mr. Kamran the courtesy one has to abide by while visiting the house of a single lady who is your prospective wife, because if someone would’ve taught him the basics, he wouldn’t have just barged into Mehreen’s home so casually even if the door was open, as if he was visiting a hotel. The bickering between Kamran & Aziz was the most amusing thing about this episode because to see two suited, booted gentlemen in their late 40’s or early 50’s fighting over a woman was kind of awkward. Aziz has let Mehreen know that he is not going to bother about anyone & nothing can stop him anymore. He wants to be with Mehreen & more than that, he wants to be a father to Maira, the bond she has never been familiar with. I really thought Kamran would leave, but the way he chose to stay & chose to get insulted was also amusing. He goes like ‘appki beti aur damaad mujhe *pasand* kar ke gaye hain aur app meri hone wali biwi hain’, it really showed that he was in a hurry to get married too but sadly ‘dil ke armaan, anso’on mai beh gaye’.

I am glad that Raafia came at the right time too because if she wouldn’t have come, the drama would’ve dragged a bit more & it was about time that at least one of Mehreen’s peers found out about her relation with Aziz. Raafia’s only purpose of life for now is to see her best friend getting settled & now when she got to know about Aziz, she looked relieved because most of her work was done & all there was left for her to do was convince Mehreen of letting Maira know about Aziz too.

Natasha, is being unreasonable. She hasn’t given Waleed a chance to form a normal & a healthy relationship with her, so why does she expect him to go out of the way for her whereas her only priority has only been her mother & her father? Waleed nowhere is Natasha’s priority & just because he is working with a female colleague means he is interested in her? I really think Natasha’s character has been spoiled because now there’s nothing much her character can offer anyways, so, just to give her some screen time, she is made to do all this because it doesn’t really make much sense at all.

Another amusing scene of this episode was that it was Aziz himself, who was preaching Waleed about loyalty & honesty & attaining Natasha’s trust because she feels a little insecure & later he had to get busted by Waleed who caught him red-handed, dating Mehreen out in the open, ha-ha! Even though I am glad that the secret has pretty much unraveled, but the way Mehreen adorned herself & all those close ups & Raafia’s suggestion of wearing a ‘red’ dress for her date were the things that were kind of awkward to be honest. Yes, I do agree that they have kept it all very subtle & realistic & there is still something nice about it but I can’t curb the awkwardness as well. Overall, I have a mixed up feeling about the romance that is going on between Mehreen/Aziz but yes, I am glad that they are still shown as a husband & wife so that makes it decent for sure.

I really like how Maira always has a scene or two with her mother-in-law because there’s something very special about their conversations. I am so glad to see a MIL & a DIL sharing a healthy relationship because that’s a rarity these days in our dramas. Overall, it was a very decent episode with a few giggles-provoking scenes, please share your thoughts about this episode of Mumkin. :)

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