Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 16!

Ohkay so, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode because it was intense & finally it didn’t have much rona dhona that we were experiencing since the previous few episodes. I am glad that the things are finally starting to shape up & the story is seamlessly moving into second & final phase.

Well, Ruhina is someone who can never be happy & that’s a done deal. 20 years of Behroz’s love couldn’t turn her into a contented & thankful person & that is the reason why her irrationality doesn’t shock me anymore. Yes, she did love Behroz but looks like he has also become one of those people, Ruhina has a lot of complaints with. Her husband has died & yes, she is grieving & mourning, but still, that doesn’t stop her from blaming him for ruining her & Faarah’s life? What a perfect way of remembering your husband who forsook his family for you! I have always blamed Behroz for being unreasonable & for never sharing his feelings with Ruhina, but now as I get to see her reactions, the more I believe that nothing in her would’ve changed even if Behroz had done all of that. I did hold Behroz accountable for how he was unfair to Ruhina but now it looks like Ruhina was just the same throughout her life & that is why just a few weeks of Behroz’s absence from her life made her turn against him as well. She’s a miserable soul & nothing can undo that. I am glad that Ruhina chose to share her feelings with Tajjamul about how Agha Jaan didn’t bother contacting her & Faarah after she came back, because later when he did, Tajjamul himself was present & got to witness how eager Agha Jaan was to earn Ruhina’s apology.

Due to Wali’s attempts at diverting Agha Jaan’s mind, he pretty much understood that something must’ve happened & Ruhina must’ve said something because of which Wali was trying to maintain a distance between both of them. Agha Jaan chose to inquire about the situation & Behram told him the truth, which was hard for him to grasp but he did blame himself for all the repercussions & that makes him even a bigger person because he is not turning away from the reality anymore. The meeting of Ruhina & Agha Jaan was absolutely intense, but Wali for sure stood out like a man of his word because he promised Arjumand that he wouldn’t let anyone mistreat Agha Jaan anymore & he exactly did what he said. Well, as much as I do agree that Agha Jaan shouldn’t have let his ego get the best of him, I also feel that now when he is trying so hard to make amends, Ruhina should accept his apology. Ruhina might come across as someone who’s level-headed & not your typical submissive daughter-in-law, but I believe there’s a lot of difference in being level-headed & being ill-mannered & Ruhina personifies rudeness to the T. The way she treated rather mistreated Agha Jaan once again went to show that she is someone who can never be satisfied in her life because where on one hand she was waiting to hear from him & complaining about it in front of Tajjamul, on the other hand, when that thing happened, she turned it into another opportunity of insulting Agha Jaan. Yes, she is entitled to take all the time in the world to bring herself to the point where she wants to forgive Agha Jaan, but at least in the meantime, she should put a kibosh on the accusations she hurls at Agha Jaan every single time for being the reason why Behroz is dead today.

The more I get to see Tajjamul & Co., the more I understand why every single one of them is so unreasonable because this trait runs in the family & they all are the ambassadors of irrationality. Where Tajjamul tries so hard to show how protective he is of Faarah, he chooses to say such unrealistic things right in front of her to make her petrified? Tajjamul treats her as a child, so does he really think that discussing such daunting things in front of Faarah is a good idea? As much as he was trying to make Ruhina face the reality, he was sounding like such an immature kid who had no idea what to say when & how! The way Zohra has distanced herself from Ruhina & also the way Tajjamul told his baby-sister as to how busy he was goes to show that Ruhina is not their priority anymore & they are too busy in their lives to worry about their negativity-stricken sister. I was actually shocked to see Tajjamul suggesting Ruhina to ask for financial help from Agha Jaan because as much as I know, Tajjamul makes a good living for himself & his family too, so why isn’t he willing to take care of Ruhina & Faarah on his own without anyone’s help? Tajjamul’s courtesy lasted only a few weeks after Behroz’s death? Where he wants Faarah & Wali to get divorced, he is pushing his sister to seek for some financial help from Agha Jaan using Faarah as a bait? Wow! I really mistook him to be the sane one but after-all he proved, that is he is Ruhina’s elder brother.

Even though, through Faarah & Moeez’s scenes, we are getting to know Faarah better, but I don’t really enjoy watching them together. Moeez seems too chummy & Faarah seems a bit too dumb whenever Moeez is in the picture. As much as I like Faarah’s character, I do remember that when Behroz was alive, she used to communicate according to her age but ever since he has passed away, she has turned into this unrealistic child who stammers & doesn’t even know how to speak? I really hope she regains her appropriate speaking skills & doesn’t continue to be a child anymore. As much as this episode was intense, the humor streak in me didn’t allow me to watch it seriously, that is why when Moeez burst out in anger the proverbs that clicked in my mind were ‘ye muh aur masoor ki daal’ & ‘chota sha muh aul ITNIIII bali baat’. Moeez referred to Wali as Jageerdaar Ka Beta & it was so obvious that without even knowing Wali, Moeez actually has some sort of complexes & grudges against Wali because no matter what they say, Wali is Faarah’s husband & they can do nothing about it!

It wouldn’t be an episode of Diyar-e-Dil if it doesn’t force you to shed a tear or two & this time around the shot of Suhaib & Behroz’s adjacent graves did the honors. That whole scene was so emotional & seeing Agha Jaan all brokenhearted & defeated was absolutely heart-wrenching. I loved the promises he made with both Behroz & Suhaib & even though he will fulfill his promises, I am sure that the journey wouldn’t be so easy to watch because I hate seeing Agha Jaan sad. :/

The preview of next episode seemed really interesting. Looks like Ruhina is following the commands of Tajjamul but little does she know that this is the first step that she has taken that will defy her ego & big words & also this is going to be the first step where Faarah will get to know Wali personally & will then judge him according to her own formed opinions. I can’t wait for the next episode & oh, I liked OKB’s acting in this episode. I am liking both Wali & Faarah’s character & I can’t wait to see them together & last but definitely not the least, I must say the *STAR* of this episode for me was Agha Jaan (read Abid Ali). Sir! You’re AWESOME. *hats off* :)

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