Kashf Episode 10 Story Review – The Investment

Ohkay so, this episode of Kashf showed how easy it is to sell religion & play with the feelings of the vulnerable & those who have lost direction due to weak faith & beliefs. A comparison was also drawn between the intentions of people & the writer has skillfully portrayed how easy it is for anyone to find a way, look for a path & walk on it based on their own beliefs. This entire picture is now about Imtiyaz & Kashf – they both are dealing with the same set of people but their intentions are completely different.

The Investment

Wajdan came to the forefront in this episode & showed that he was more than just a love-stricken fiance of Kashf. Wajdan has offended Matiullah & more than that, he not only acknowledged it but went to show that he has not forgotten the way his aunt Ashi was treated by Matiullah. So far, Matiullah was free to assume that the men of Ashi’s family did not really get themselves involved in the crucial matters concerning the ladies of the house. Imtiyaz obviously has not set a great example of being a guardian & the protector of the ladies, therefore Matiullah didn’t really know that a young guy like Wajdan out of nowhere will come, to not only threaten him but oust him from their lives. Imtiyaz had given a lot of power to Matiullah & because he never really put much thought into the intricacies, it was very easy for Matiullah to manipulate & control him, but not anymore. When Wajdan was having a conversation with Matiullah, I actually hoped that he would also speak about Ashi & when he did, I was relieved because although Ashi doesn’t know yet, it’s good that there is someone who has not forgotten the abuse & trauma she dealt with, while being married to a man like Matiullah.

In this entire episode, more than anyone else, I really enjoyed watching Wajdan. All of a sudden he was now trying to control things & not allowing Imtiyaz or even Matiullah to commit the mistakes they were used to committing. When it comes to Kashf, Wajdan knows he can not do much but at least, this is his way of showing it to her that she is not alone & that she has his back. The way Wajdan continued to do what he deemed right in the background was interesting to see because it was something different to the entire scenario that has been elaborated in the previous couple of episodes.

Imtiyaz decided to push Matiullah out of the equation & earn the money directly. The way Rashida put her trust in Kashf was enough for him to figure everything out. Although Imtiyaz is mean & completely selfish, it is still very interesting to see how he never gives up on hope & continues to push his luck. This is a perfect depiction of how the reality of some people usually is, with them being completely capable of shaping their lives but they choose not to because they believe in the shortcuts – Imtiyaz is one such person. He is analytical & he has that farsightedness too but unfortunately, his perspective & intention is where the problem lies.

It didn’t take long for Imtiyaz to open a religious center at his home, the way he was invested in it showed that he was pretty happy with the way he figured everything out on his own. Kashf is just playing along but there’s a huge difference between her & her father. Kashf is not playing with the weak & gullible people. She is not giving them false hopes, rather she is utilizing this opportunity to teach them a thing or two, to help them with the clarity in their concepts on how they should directly ask from their Creator. At least, it’s a relief that the writer has shown it from a different perspective where Kashf acknowledges that she has no power, no control over anything & has nothing in her hands to help the people who come with their problems at her doorstep. The way she constantly reminds herself of it goes to show that her intent is pure & she has basically taken it as a job to guide people but she also is well aware of the fact that her family members, especially her father need guidance as well.

In this episode, few of the dreams of Kashf were materialized – the one where her father makes her wear the black shawl & the second one where she is sitting in her house & handing over a lot of money to her family members. The way Imtiyaz opened the religious center in his house was basically a depiction of how Kashf will be minting money that too by staying within the confinement of four walls.

Anyhow, Shumaila is going to get married but it seems Kashf herself will make Wajdan get married to Zoya because it seems their marriage is going to be linked & both the siblings will get married the same day. I guess with the passing of Fayyaz, Rashida will deem it right to get both her children married together. I was actually interested to see what Kashf was going to say to Zoya but she was gone to the university, let’s see how she will let her younger sister know that she is backing out so that she can get married to Wajdan; not that Zoya will be grateful but I really want to see what Kashf has to say.

Top Notch Direction

This episode of Kashf was definitely interesting. The interactions of all the characters, especially Imtiyaz, Matiullah & Wajdan were done really well. The way the actors have effortlessly performed in this drama has really added to its appeal. They have truthfully portrayed the essence of the story & the treatment given to these characters have made them very easy to relate to, although there is an element of mysticism to this drama but the overall vibe & feel of it is very real. Their struggles, their hope for some relief, their pain & the strength they find by sticking to each other in difficult times makes it all very realistic. Waseem Abbas definitely deserves an award for this particular performance because it is not easy to bring out that meanness in a character in such a way that despite wanting to resent him, you actually understand why he is like that. Kashf’s character is turning out to be more likeable with each passing episode & so is Wajdan’s. Hira Mani & Junaid Khan have done a wonderful job in this drama. The direction continues to stay top notch & the story is getting better. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Kashf.

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  • Have been refreshing the page since after watching it . Wonderful review as always..

    I am in soo love with this drama.. you have pointed right that it gives real feel to it. The looks are not so overly done. Subtle makeup or some have ni makeup at all.. I really liked the overall appearance of Dilshad( kashf mother) very natural for her character. No red lower eye lid liner to make them look roti soorat. And what an editing .. bhei wah.. I am impressed , when her sister gave her cheddar to wear and they co related with the dream, back ground score.. everything is amazing..

    10/10 for all the characters and directors. Writer ne bhi dil khush kerdiya.. Allah pak ki barai bayan ker k aur insan ka Rab k agey majboor hona k sab kuch usi zaat k hath me he. it’s actually so refreshing to see a drama like this which shows that how humans can go astray and look for short cuts to full fil their wishes from a person.

    Thank you for reviewing it zahra

    Stay blessed

  • Very beautiful review Zahra! You have pointed out all the details very well. You go so deeply into each character and describe them so well. Hats off to you!

    How did you know that their father Fayyaz will die? Through the preview? It seemed like another dream where both Shumaila and Zoya were crying next to someone dead. For a moment I thought it’s Wajdaan, but it can’t be.

  • Zahra great review are you still watching Muqaddar? It is becoming boring slowly what do you think of it

  • This episode was beyond amazing. Shout out to Danish Nawaz because he has done a marvelous job. Attention to detail is awesome and answers to every question are there. Somebody please give an award to Waseem Abbas. I still remember his performance in Landa Bazar as Mehar Chiraag. He is a living legend and a walking institution. Kashaf Taai gave her the money and it shows how sharp imtiaz is because he immediately figured it all out on the way and made a better plan immediately. I only thought dream was important but it showed the place of the dream is also relevant to the story. They showed kashaf giving her family the money in her own house and now she will do it in her home. I think it’s great for kashaf do because now she will preach what she wants to. Btw imtiaz reminds me off my one and only Mamoo. Not that my Mamoo is as bad as Imtiaz but he too doesn’t believe in hard work. People in his village call him Doctor because he has solution to almost every problem and solutions sometimes sound bizzare but they work. He too likes shortcuts just like Imtiaz though. I think this is the first time ever i am amazed by Junaid khan. He has done a tremendous job and the way he threatens Matiullah is brilliant. It looks filmy too. I loved the way he said, ‘Darwazy par jo dhamki dy kar aaey ho, Amal na karna us pe’…
    Each and every actor has done a tremendous job. I’m glad because of you i didn’t miss it on such a great play. You are absolutely great Zahra g…

  • My favourite character in this has got to be Wajdan, such a refreshing character for a change. We don’t often see strong and positive male characters on the screen and Junaid Khan is the best suited for this role. Unpopular opinion 😛: I like his acting better than Humayun Saeed 😆