Kashf Episode 28 Story Review – Disappointing

Ohkay so, as much as I do understand that the writer here is trying to come up with a completely different & unpredictable ending for the drama as well as the character of Kashf, I can’t help but feel disappointed after watching the second last episode. These kinds of different & unexpected endings are good for the dramas where the characters have been through the defining moments of their lives but I guess now when the drama is ending, I don’t think there was anything of that sort that happened in Kashf’s life. For me, the biggest disappointment is the fact that eventually in a drama where there was a full potential of not turning protagonist into a bechari, the writer missed an opportunity & made sure that Kashf does come across as one. I so wish the writer had shown Kashf as a strong person at least doing something for ‘herself’ for a change.

Wajdan Turned Out To Be A Disappointment

This episode turned out to be a disappointment because the two nicest characters; Wajdan & Kashf suffered the most & were traumatized by the external influences in their lives. I am definitely not going to question what is going to happen to Wajdan because he himself decided to become such a rigid husband that he wanted to extend selective support to his wife, despite knowing that her hands were tied. At this point, it seems that all the promises Wajdan made to Kashf were false claims because he chose to give up on her when she needed him the most. Wajdan actually grew out of the love he had for Kashf & felt it was important to waste his energies in the matters that he couldn’t control. At this stage, instead of looking like a concerned husband, Wajdan ended up coming across as a rigid, unsupportive & stubborn husband who wanted his wife to dance to his tunes. Wajdan would’ve been able to live up to his promises if he had supported Kashf irrespective of what she was doing or being forced to do for her family.

Wajdan kept on whining about the fact that Kashf should’ve trusted him but he needed to realize that trust alone doesn’t bring home the groceries & also does not pay the bills. Also, while watching this episode, I was wondering why was it that when Wajdan’s father Fayyaz was alive, the family was doing so well financially? After Fayyaz’s death, Wajdan took over his father’s business so why was there such a massive decline in his earnings that he couldn’t even cover the bare minimum? Yes, he did waste a lot of time on Asthana, chasing after Kashf but when he eventually got his trophy wife, shouldn’t that have been enough of a driving force for him to do well & provide enough for Kashf, as well as giving her some extra amount so that she could take care of her family’s dire needs if necessary. Wajdan was probably one of my favorite characters but it is upsetting seeing what he has become. It is like Wajdan literally took a U-turn & instead of maturing with age, he became a lot more immature, especially after he got married because instead of understanding the gravity of the situation, he thought being an escapist was the right approach!

Kashf Episode 28 Story Review - Disappointing

Kashf’s Journey Took The Turn For The Worse

Talking about Kashf’s character, I am once again disappointed because, throughout this journey, I kept on waiting for her to take a stand for herself. It is understandable that her family was not going to change & she probably couldn’t break free from these chains ever but she could’ve found a way. What I liked the most about her character at the beginning was that she never came across as a bechari. Despite the limited resources, she always believed in finding solutions. I am sure if the writer had worked on that aspect of her personality, he could’ve easily shown Kashf finding a way out for herself at least.

This was probably the only drama that absolutely had no place for the divorce but unfortunately, that had to happen & was yet another disappointing development. Also, I really don’t understand why did the writer choose this path for Kashf by showing that despite all of her niceness & all of her sacrifices, she had to be the one suffering the most. Obviously, her family is going to suffer & they deserve to for getting too comfortable with the wealth acquired through unlawful means but then why isn’t there any difference between Kashf & her family when eventually they all would be the ones suffering. I definitely feel it had to be shown that out of all the people, Kashf walked away scot-free because she made sacrifices, she never misguided people & didn’t take advantage of people’s vulnerabilities. In this case, Kashf should’ve been the one getting a clean chit but it seems she too got punished.

The Dream Predicting The End

While watching this episode, I had a feeling that maybe Kashf saw her own death, because right after her divorce, it kind of made a lot more sense that Kashf won’t survive & obviously the writer didn’t leave a way out for her because neither her family is going to change, nor Wajdan was going to be in her life anymore. Then I saw the promo & it kind of did suggest that maybe, in the end, Kashf will die & her family will be left with nothing & Imtiyaz will be begging for money. The more I think, as much as I do understand that this was probably the only realistic ending the writer could’ve thought of, I still feel Kashf didn’t deserve this because there had to be some reward in store for her for being so nice, kind, giving & selfless all the time. Another prediction that’s going to unfold is Wajdan’s mental condition. It will deteriorate & probably he will lose all his sanity.

Kashf Episode 28 Story Review - Disappointing

Not The End That I Expected

The execution of this episode seemed quite choppy & once again felt like Danish Nawaz didn’t direct or probably had no say in the editing of this episode. Some of the scenes & situations lacked flow plus the scenes with the OST were prolonged that I actually felt like skipping a few seconds because the OST was too much to handle. Kashf’s family has been the worse but Wajdan’s mother is no less. I once again will say that I really liked the original Rashida who always supported her son & understood him the most but the new Rashida was full of herself & derived sadistic pleasure by seeing her son in pain. Rashida’s suggestion of Talaq to Kashf was so random & just so disgusting. Since I’m talking about all the disappointments, I would love to talk about Ashi, it was yet another poorly tackled character who had so much of potential but then turned out to be someone who just wanted money without taking any responsibility for it.

This episode definitely didn’t feel like a second last episode right from the moment it began & I think we can already expect a rushed & choppy ending with Kashf’s death left in store for the viewers. There was so much left to be covered like the mystery of the dream related to a woman named Hajra, then Ashi returning in a bad shape. It seems all of this will be conveniently ignored or left open for the viewer’s imagination. Anyway, I will say that this drama, on the whole, was really nice with some strong & powerful performances, some very good dialogues & a unique storyline but the kind of ending it is going to get isn’t too appealing. Hira Mani & Junaid Khan were once again the stars of this episode but unfortunately, Wajdan’s character & Kashf’s journey; both have turned out to be a disappointment. Please share your thoughts about the second last episode of Kashf.

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  • Ohkay so I actually liked the episode but I do agree with you about kashf not deserving it. Two scenes of this drama made me cry: one was when wajdan waited for kashf on the bike and zoya locked her in and the second was the divorce scene bcz of the acting and the ost
    Junaid is making me feel for wajdan more than Iโ€™d like actually
    Btw Iโ€™ll be fine if kashf dies like this world doesnt deserve that pure girl. Then her family will bcm beggars and theyโ€™ll pay the price (thats good) and wajdan losing his sanity is a good saza for rashida but i wish she was still the old rashida ๐Ÿ˜ญ
    Anyways I wonder how Matiullah will end up

    • Thank you for sharing your perspective PP. I do understand that this is the only plausible ending the writer came could come up with but this is why I am disappinted for it not ending with a surprise & having such a predictable & sad ending. I mean Kashf sacrificed her entire life & now even she had to die for her family to suffer? :/ Wajdan will also lose his sanity because he didn’t do right by Kashf? :/

      • I know right?! I remember saying that I’ll need tissues if Kashf has a sad ending and now I guess I’ll be needing a whole box even if I manage to mentally prepare myself
        Ooooooh how much I want to see Zoya suffer hehe I’m excited for that. I wanna see her in rags

      • I was just watching episode 11 and Rashida kissed Kashf’s forehead and it made me cry. Before Asma Abbas came in, Rashida was really good to Kashf and I loved her I just can’t help but blame Asma Abbas even tho she probably did nothing. I just want my old Rashida back :(

  • As per the overall feel of the drama, I think the end is justified. The performances of Junaid and Hira Mani have been excellent. Overall the drama concept was too heavy for me to handle, so just been following ur reviews and scenes here and there, thats why im not feeling much sad.

    • Thank you Tiger for taking the time out to read the reviews. Honestly speaking, although Kashf was a melodrama, it was never grim or dull. In fact the storytelling was superb with some fun elements in every episode especially related to Imtiyaz. Yes, one might feel that this is the only justified ending but this is why I am disappointed that the drama that always surprised the viewers every step of the way, had to take such a typical turn? Why? :'(

  • Agree with all that you’ve written in the review Zahra! I was completely unaware that this was the second last episode, though it did seem like it was ending sometime soon. Same was with Sabaat’s second last episode, I was unaware!

    Anyway, as much as I liked watching this drama, I agree that the sudden turn that it took was disappointing. Kashf and Wajdan do not deserve this kind of ending. More so because it is their own loved ones who have a say in this, I wonder why Rashida was shown suggesting divorce out of nowhere and Wajdan was so easily convinced! Irum and Shumaila are completely out of picture! Wajdan was like this wonderful and understanding fiance who suddenly turned demanding as soon as he got married, then showed his supportive side briefly only to end in a typical talaq scenario! Kashf, out of everyone else, deserves a better ending….probably the writer wanted to show that she can find peace only in death because otherwise the dreams are never going to leave her. Wajdan losing his sanity was shown quite a few times through Kashf’s dreams but it was also shown that Kashf comes running to him to save him. Though they’ve also shown that Kashf some times dreams of things to prevent them from happening, though this seems unlikely at the moment. But you never know, this drama has surprised the viewers at many instants.

    I liked how Kashf directed Ashi to her bag and made it obvious that she doesn’t want to talk. Will Kashf commit a suicide to punish everyone, that seems unlikely! May be a sudden death? When I saw Kashf fainting in the promo, I thought she might be expecting (I didn’t know it was the second last episode) but now what you’ve written makes sense with it. As much as the family needs to be punished for exploiting Kashf and her dreams, I really want to see a happy ending for Kashf. Is it possible that Wajdan gets married to Zoya and then marries Kashf again?

    • Thank you so much Sheetal for taking the time out to read the review & also for commenting. Yes, I also felt that Kashf should come to an end but when I found out that this was going to be the second last episode, I thought the story will now get wrapped up, although that did happen but everything was totally unexpected.

      Yes, as much as the writer has surprised the viewers every step of the way, I do think this drama will end on a tragic note. I feel sad for Kashf, it is like she literally sacrificed her entire life & even now she had to die for her family to understand. I never thought that Kashf won’t be able to save herself & come out of this vicious circle. You’re right that death will bring peace to her but I so expected to see Kashf becoming stronger. :/

      Also, for Kashf & Wajdan to get back after divorce, it will have to be Kashf who gets married & then divorced from her 2nd husband to be able to go back to Wajdan. In Wajdan’s case, he can now marry Zoya now that he has divorced Kashf because a man can not stay married to two biological sisters simultaneously. I agree, the dreams did suggest that Kashf will save her Wajdan but I think now all these dreams will be left open to viewer’s imagination & it is a done deal that both Wajdan & Kashf will meet a tragic ending. I also for a second thought that Kashf must be pregnant but with the drama ending next week, it probably won’t be the case.

      Wajdan will lose his sanity but will he ever realize how wrong he was & what a bad husband he was to Kashf. Also, even if Kashf dies, will her family be able to realize how they exploited her? :/

      • Thank you for the clarifications Zahra! It is very kind of you to always explain things in detail for viewers like me, who are unaware of some fine details. I must admit that I tuned into this drama only after reading your positive reviews about it.

        With all that you’ve explained, it seems that there are not going to be any surprises then and Kashf is indeed going to die, while Wajdan will be losing his sanity. The promo did show Wajdan still putting the blame on Kashf after which she faints. May be he will realize what he has lost, may be with a last word with Kashf before she dies and then realization will struck him and he will become totally insane. Also, could it be Rashida who is going to die and that Wajdan will be left alone?

        • Aw you’re most welcome Sheetal. Thank you so much for being a consistent reader & regular contributor to the discussions. I also wanted to excuse for not being regular at replying, it was because in the last couple of months I was unwell plus there was one thing or the other that just stopped me from being active here. Thank you so much for trusting my word with this drama & giving it a go.

          Yes, I do feel that Kashf will die because that is the only way her family will suffer financially. I thought Wajdan was almost not in his sense anymore but I guess the process was gradual but after he will witness her death, that is when he will lose it completely.

          • That’s alright Zahra! Hope you’re doing well now….may God bless you and your family with good health!

            P.S. – I read that you live in Aus too. What is the best way to watch the episodes online? Does the Hum TV App work here? I watch the episodes on Youtube but the ads are too annoying!

    • Divorced couple cannot be married again unless female has another marriage and then an unplanned divorce. It has to be unplanned. Only then she can marry previous husband.

      This is why divorcing has to be a very careful in first place

  • Aoa zahra! This is my first time writing anything on this platform but since the discussion was fun i wanted to join. To be honest i am okay with the ending and i really hooe that zoya gets married to an insane wajdan, but the thing that really made me upset was that the writer didn’t do anything about the girl hajra who was shown in 2-3 episodes, made ashi into a disappointing character and did not fulfill the dream about her and i am pretty sure that nothing will happen to matiullah either. Anyways just wanted to say thankyou for all the review and keep up the amazing work๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Walaikum Asalam Maria. :) Thank you so much for contributing to the discussion, I am glad you decided to comment & hope will continue to do so in the future too. :) Yes, I am so disappointed to see the turn Ashi’s character took, whereas I so wanted her to be the voice of reason that she was initially. I think Matiullah will be spared too because he directly didn’t cause any harm to Kashf, he just wanted to make the money – unlike her parents & the rest of the family who literally exploited her. Yes, Zoya should get married to Wajdan now, they both will make a perfect couple. ;) Thank you so much for your kind words & encouragement, it means a lot. :)

  • I totally agree with all the points u addressed Zahra!! I missed a coupke of episodes bfore this one so i cant comment in wajdans behaviour. There is however a question floating in my mind ever since the beginning of the drama; how can one man ie Imtiyaz ruin the lives of everyone around him? He wudnt earn anything, and was so mean to his wife and daughters ,not to mention his brother and family all the time. And it seems to me tht he wont really be punished anymore than anyone else in the family. Also matiullah, it also seems hes gonna end up just like he began in the drama; no change .
    I was really hoping for Kashf to actually change things with her being the breadwinner. But imtiyaz still has all the power. Theres nothing wrong in reapecting ur parents, but as a lead character ,they shud have shown kashf changing things for the better with her independence as an inspiration for girls and women. Instead they r just showing the nikamma and beghairat imtiyaz getting his way all the time.

    Wajdan going insane doesnt really make sense to me, dont our writers have any other ootion besides killing the character or driving em insane?

  • Very well put. This story had very good characterizations in addition to excellent performances , but the way even strong characters went downhill is extremely disappointing. Sabaat was flawed in many characters but this drama had good potential and was going well. I feel the best mental disorder and the way it was dealt with was in the drama ishq zahe naseeb. Another great actor

  • I think it was a perfect ending, because nobody really cared for Kashf, they only cared about the money. Yes, Kashf always had to move by the action of people, but now after her divorce, I feel like she understood her purpose and what she really wanted. She wanted to live for Allah, and her purpose was fulfilled that she got to be with Allah at the end. She had the most beautiful ending, I do not think it is a bad ending for her. Wajdan made a mistake and now he gets to fix that mistake, with his sanity but also serving the mosque, the house of Allah.

  • kashf drama; what a ridiculous and unrealistic story line, on one hand kashf pretends to be pious and religious but on the other hand propagating shirk and misguiding common folk towards the sin of peeri faqiri, in islam even if your parents tell you to do something unislamic/bidat then you must not obey them and kashf like an obedient goat obeys only her father in propagating this sin and doesn’t listen to anyone else including Qari sahib not to tell her dreams to people. And then she lets her corrupt and gambling father to take all the money instead of giving it to her mother, she could have done any other job like teaching or something instead of being a peerni and forced into another sin of celebacy. Don’t know what Miss Momina Duraid was smoking when writting this drama!!

    • i totally agree, the writer is desperately trying to make us feel sorry for miss kashf but all of her problems are self created and i haven’t seen this kind of blind irrational obedience by any girl in today’s pakistan, her only talent seems to be keep crying 24/7 instead of standing up for her rights, not sure what kind of message the writer is trying to convey to girls?!

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