Kathputli – Episode 06!

Ohkay so, surprisingly, even though I know the theme of the drama is quite depressing, I really like how so far the director has treated it & more than that, I like how the writer has made sure that the message is conveyed through. The pace of the drama has been quite good so far & even the preview of the next episode promised a lot but I am dreading that they will start taking things way too slowly once the 10th episode mark will be crossed. I hope the director ends it just as intelligently as he has tackled this script so far & more than that at a perfect time as well.

Even though Ahad’s friend didn’t want to get involved in such a complicated matter, he indirectly helped Ahad & Mehru more than they could have thought of. Zaid brought in Sonia, a lawyer & a social activist who ran an NGO & who decided to bring Ahad & Mehru out of their misery because she knew that the police was just making a mountain out of molehill. At first, when Ahad’s friend Zaid told him to lie about everything, I had my doubts about Sonia that she might be one of those who only believed in helping people in only those cases where things & the truth were tweaked according to her taste because Zaid made sure Ahad lied & also when Sonia came in contact with Mehru, she chose not to believe her side of the story because it wasn’t as colorful as she would’ve liked it to be, but as the episode progressed my doubts subsided because Sonia dealt with this entire matter logically & made it clear that she only wanted to help Ahad & Mehru.

Ehtasham & Hassam are both despicable. I would’ve liked if at least one of the brothers had a soft spot in their hearts for Mehru but both of them are the same where they just wanted to get rid of Mehru by hook or by crook. Ehtashaam knows his brother a little too well, that’s why he didn’t keep a secret & told him everything that he had actually planned for Mehru, where he just wanted to get over with the funeral rites & then wanted to kill her to turn her lie into a reality. It was actually quite disgusting how Ehtashaam thought that Mehru was is the only one who has to bear the burden of family’s dignity & didn’t even think for a second that his sister was in jail, among so many unknown men who could actually harass & violate her. (elcpinellas.org) Ehtasham’s concept of dignity & respect are quite twisted because what he says at one hand ends up contradicting what he does at the other. Ehtasham made a deal with the policeman that he will bring Mehru & Ahad out of jail to some remote area where Ehtasham will kill both of them himself, so much for dignity & pride, eh! It was actually quite sad to see that even Hassam was perfectly fine with the idea of his sister’s death like that, without even thinking for a second that she could actually be innocent & the police might’ve mistook the entire situation.

Sonia played her part really well & she knew that the police’s version of Mehru & Ahad’s story wasn’t accurate & she also knew that the police inspector might’ve made a pact with Mehru’s family as the way he was dealing with this case off the record wasn’t justified & showed exactly what he was being told to do by someone else. When Sonia saw that the police inspector didn’t want things to go to court, that is when she understood the entire game that was being played against Mehru & Ahad as then could foresee what their fate could be. It was good that Saira came to Mehru’s rescue & met the right person at a right time because she ended up saving Mehru’s life. It is actually nice to see that there’s someone at least who thinks rationally & doesn’t mind taking a step in the right direction against all the odds. Even though Mehru didn’t want to go with Sonia but when she heard Saira’s name, she knew that she was in right hands & now things might be alright.

Overall, it was a good episode because all the things that the writer wanted to show are being conveyed properly without glorifying the situation & without commercializing it too. Throughout the episode, I liked how things were kept realistic & relatively simple otherwise if it wasn’t depicted like that, we wouldn’t have felt the misery of Mehru especially. I am glad that the director chose to give such a script a right treatment because there’s a message in it that needs to be conveyed. I just hope that the drama progresses with the same pace & ends at the right time because the dragging will only compromise the purpose of this drama & might as well defeat that purpose too. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Kathputli.

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