Kathputli Last Episode Review – It’s All Well, When It Ends Well!

Ohkay so, this episode marked the ending of the drama Kathputli & now when it has ended & I look back at the entire journey, I am glad to say that I tuned to this drama which ended up giving us a quality entertainment with some good messages, heart warming moments & some really good characters.

This episode focused on subsiding the misunderstandings that made their way into the lives of Ahad & Mehru. Ahad thought that Mehru was still interested in Shiraz, that is why he gave her the right to decide her fate herself. I honestly feel that they showed us everything nicely & the ending didn’t seem rushed at all. It was actually quite generous on Ahad’s part to hand everything over to Mehru because very rarely we get to see such husbands in our dramas who give the freedom to their wives on such a level. It showed how over the period of time Ahad matured that he started understanding the intricacies better. Ahad knew that he did everything to make Mehru realize that he loves her, but when he felt & assumed that she still didn’t fall in love with him, he wasn’t hesitant in backtracking & decided to put a foot down.

Once again, in this entire scenario, I found Shiraz’s attitude & approach worst because once again, when he had the opportunity to explain things to Amna, he threatened her & hurried in speaking to his mother without even explaining things to her too. Also, when Shiraz learned that Amna must have told everything to Ahad, he should have spoken to Ahad the first thing, but anyways, I am glad that his part was done quickly & we moved onto Mehru & Ahad once again. Ahad listened to everything that Shiraz & Mehru spoke about & he then realized how wrong he was in his judgment. I respect Ahad even more for the fact that when Amna decided to badmouth Mehru in front of him, he took a stand for his wife & didn’t allow Amna to say a word as he knew that Mehru could be anything but unfaithful or disloyal. Anyways, It was good to see that Mehru got a chance to clear the misunderstandings & Ahad learned the truth easily.

Finally, Ehtashaam realized his mistakes & he not only apologized to Saira but wanted to make amends with Mehru too. I think it was a brilliant move on the writer’s part, that she gave such a transition to Ehstashaam’s character where he himself had an awakening after suffering on his own, because he was the sort of a person who would never had listened to anyone else. It was good to see Ahad & Mehru happy together but what added more charm to their relationship was Ahad’s attempt of bringing all the happiness to Mehru, due to which he decided to take her to see her family. Everyone had a closure & a good one at that, which made this journey complete in a very beautiful way.

I must say, I am really glad that the director kept the approach simple, just in line with the writer’s approach. Just like the screenplay of Kathputli was simple & beautiful, the direction of this drama was to the point too. I am so glad that things were not dragged as I was dreading them to be & this drama ended at the 19th episode, which seems like a fair & justified number. I will thank the writer for giving us beautiful characters like Mehru, Ahad & Saira, these three were my favorite characters & the actors Sanam Chaudhry, Farhan Ahmed Malhi & the actress who played the role of Saira did justice to these amazing characters. I loved seeing the transition Ahad’s father went through, it emphasized on the fact that love, care & attention can change a hard hearted person, irrespective of his age. Mehru did made a mistake by lying to her family in the beginning but that lie changed her life for the best, so her mistake seemed justified because like her brother said, it is because of men like him that girls are forced to resort to such tactics. I loved the bond that Mehru & Ahad shared, also, it would have been very easy for the writer to turn Mehru into a bechari, considering how her life turned upside down & how she came from such a background where she wasn’t even allowed to breathe without seeking permission for it, but the writer turned Mehru into a far more stronger individual who was fighting her battles alone. Even though Mehru got a safety net in the form of Ahad, she never once relied on him & maintained her stance & had a voice. I loved seeing Mehru’s journey where she became stronger after becoming a victim of circumstances & misunderstandings. We need more such to-the-point dramas, that have decent messages to their credit & end at the right time without any dragging. I will once again thank Faiza Iftikhar, Atif Rathore, Sanam Chaudhry & Farhan Ahmed Malhi for giving their best shot in their own accord & giving us such a nicely packaged drama that had everything. Please share your thoughts about the beautiful journey of the drama Kathputli.

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