Khaas Episode 13 Story Review – Superb

Opening Thoughts – Interesting:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas was again very interesting. It showed the transition of Saba in a very convincing manner where she was trying to come out of the thoughts of her loss & trying to give her marriage another chance. Sarwat Nazeer has done it once again, she has picked up a veryΒ  simple story-line & has turned it into something actually very interesting because personality clash & lack of respect are damaging factors in any relationship & people find it hard to understand them, but this is what the writer has showed that such problems do exist & they not only consume the people involved, but also affect the relationship negatively.

Saba Is Giving This Relationship Her All:

Saba has made sure to do everything to make her marriage work. She has put her mind, heart & soul into this relationship & even though people around her blame her for not giving Ammar the kind of respect he deserves, Saba is putting in a lot of effort. Saba has never once thought of putting an end to this relationship because she genuinely wants things to work between her & her husband. Yes, Saba has a lot to complain about, Ammar has given her a lot of reasons to do that but she has never once thought of walking out of this marriage or escaping the tortures Ammar put her through. Saba has kind of understood that this is how her relationship is, this is what Ammar is like & she is trying her best to at times mend his ways or at times compromise. Everyone has pretty much made us their mind about Saba that she has problems with Ammar but no one has even once thought about the fact that Ammar must be giving Saba some reasons to feel that way.

Nida has decided to take a step closer to Fakhir & start a conversation with him. It was interesting how Nida decided to use Fakhir’s skill & craft to her advantage, I like how they have kept her feelings for Fakhir very decent & innocent. Even though Nida is keen to be with Fakhir because she genuinely likes him but there hasn’t ever been such a moment where the viewers were made to feel that she was being desperate. Nida is innocent, her feelings for Fakhir & the way she expresses them is all very innocent too. Nida did pick up on a fact that Fakhir was in contact with a girl named Saba but she kind of didn’t really seem satisfied with his explanation, obviously she likes him therefore she is possessive about him too.

Saba was confiding in Fakhir, she felt that there was at least one such person who was not judging her or telling her that she had hit a jackpot by getting married to a guy like Ammar. Fakhir was just there for Saba because he knew that she needed nothing but just some support & someone who’d listen to her quietly. Saba was again seen struggling, she wanted to vent out but then she felt guilty about it too. I loved this aspect of Saba’s ordeal where she wanted to let it out of her system to find her sanity back but then she also felt bad about the fact that she was talking behind Ammar’s back. This alone shows that Saba is ready to do everything to make this marriage work & even though she knows that Ammar puts her through so much, she is still not comfortable with the idea of talking ill about him. Ammar as well as everyone around Saba has made her feel that way, they all want her to always feel guilty & indebted to Ammar.

Well, another revelation was made in this episode that Salma & Ammar were not just university friends but they were in a relationship back in the day. Salma is tired of her ex-husband & that is why she now regrets breaking up with Ammar. Salma is so consumed in her own problems that she is not even thinking for a second that these meetings could give Ammar a wrong message & that Ammar is giving her way too much time, whereas he should be with his wife. Ammar got caught but he covered his lies up in front of Saba. Ammar’s friends are also tired of his attitude & behavior but they choose not to say anything to him because they have accepted him the way he is but it is good that his female friend has started being concerned about Saba’s well-being as she knows that Ammar is not only insincere to her but is also such a difficult person to be with.

Saba decided to come out of her depression & move on. Ammar’s pupho helped put things into perspective for Saba but then all of the things she said basically revolved around the notion that Saba should do everything to please Ammar, where she should not prioritize herself but put Ammar first because then only she will prove to be a good wife. Saba decided to give it a go but she has no idea that Ammar is not worth the effort. He is not worth her trust, her loyalty, her guilt, any of the emotions she feels thinking she is wronging or betraying him. After the incident, Ammar just decided to treat Saba nicely but then he continued to be involved with Salma too. Ammar is conniving, he knows what Saba wants – his appreciation & some kind words, so he gave it to her only so that she doesn’t grow suspicious or doubts his intentions ever.

Closing Thoughts – Quality Entertainment:

Overall, this episode of Khaas was again done very nicely. I like how this entire drama is all about reading between the lines, understanding the unsaid words & unstated emotions. I like how everything has shown to be coming from a good place & how one thing is leading to another. Even though this drama does show that Saba is distressed but the way she is fighting to make things work is nicely shown too. I am really glad that Khaas has turned out to be a quality drama & I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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  • I agree. I’m starting to like this drama quite much. It is a simple story, but still it attracts.

  • The scene when Moiz comes to Ammar’s place was hilarious!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Thanks for reviewing the drama. I am happy that I tuned to it after reading your reviews. The drama conveys a strong message that “friendship” between a male and female is not a norm for our culture as well as religion, which is something promoted in every other show nowadays. The way Saba is seen regretting after talking to Fakhir and what she said on his last call, all show that she knows it’s not right. Although she has no inclination towards him, still she knows it’s not acceptable to discuss personal matters with a male friend. Whereas in every other drama we see that females have close relations with some university fellows or colleagues, who know their family affairs very well and they are just their “Friends” without any guilt. However, I am disappointed by the way how religion was used to convince or somewhat “blackmail” her to sacrifice and please Fakhir at any cost. Dars wali Baji’s statements are something to convince her or to prejudice others from “deen”. No one is answerable for any others actions in Islam. Yes, a wife must try to do her best to please her husband but “IF” he does wrong he is responsible. These incomplete statements do more harm to “deen” than any benefit. Pehlay he mera Rub waris nay acha khasa mazaaq banay hay Islam ka ab yeh bhee.

  • I started this Drama last week after a lot of recommendation from every single person around me.

    Its a nice and easy watch.

    No torture. No crying. Nothing to upset us too much. The day to day hassles between husband and wife and mother in law which most of us face at some point.

    However my only issue with the drama is that I don’t like any of the characters much.
    Usually i like to have some favourite character in a drama to root for them and hope things get better for them and the happily ever after happens eventually.

    Obviously Ammar isn’t likeable.
    Fakhr being shown as ‘the nice guy’ next door seems more like sinful temptation to me with all his unwanted/unrequired calls to his friends wife (Yes you saw her first but she is married now – so tough luck)
    and Saba – well… till the last weeks episode i did not like her. It seemed to me that she wasnt trying to make this marriage work at all. Ammar was wrong YES. but she wasnt so right herself either.
    But with last weeks episode they have shown her finally trying. which is good to see.
    Apart from that – Ammar’s mom is how most mother in laws are. Seeing their son as perfect while the daughter in law is thankless (which she was a bit earlier on though)

    Looking forward to how things move on from here now that Ammar is getting involved with his ex.
    Looks like this marriage wont be working out after all.

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