Mein Na Janoo Episode 1 Story Review – Clichéd & Unappealing

Writer: Nooran Makhdoom
Director: Furqan Khan
Producers: Cereal Entertainment & MD Productions
Scehdule: Every Tuesday 8pm HUM

I must say that I did not have huge expectations from this serial especially after watching the promos but even then I felt that this first episode was too plain, stereotypical, clichéd and unappealing. After watching this first episode it isn’t very difficult to predict how the story will progress in the next few weeks. I am however hoping that it will get more interesting and hopefully will have some surprises in store in the upcoming weeks. The overall execution of this episode was not impressive either and some of the scenes were repetitive.

The Characters & The Main Theme

Since this is Sanam Jung’s comeback serial therefore her character and performance mattered more than any other. Saira’s character is as typical as it gets and her overall situation even more so. This character gave me Romaissa vibes and Sanam Jung’s performance was just as plain as the character itself. There wasn’t anything new about her styling and overall look either. The fact that Saira not in a position to take a stand for herself and her step-sister Kiran (Komal Aziz) has her family’s support makes it easier to guess where the story will go from here. The only mystery element in this first episode was the background of Farah’s (Huma Nawab) story and how Zulqarnain lost his eyesight. Farah’s majbooris, her becharapan and the fact that she was completely resigned to her fate was overemphasized in this first episode. All the primary characters were introduced without any ambiguity in this first episode but none of these characters were ‘new’. Also, the scenes too had done-to-death written all over them.

Mein Na Janoo Episode 1 Story Review - Clichéd & Unappealing

Affan Waheed’s look for this drama will probably with time grow on me but for now he looks too much like a pappu bacha but not young enough to pull it off. Zahid Ahmed’s character (Zulqarnain) was relatively more interesting and intriguing. Few of his dialogues suggested that he had a strong personality and he was very sure about what he wanted from life. His strong likes and dislikes were also highlighted through different scenes. There are many characters which will be playing the role of the zalim samaj and it already felt like Farah and Saira against the world kind of a situation. A saas who belittles her bahu every chance she gets and makes her work like a slave, a husband who couldn’t care less and is too busy with his second family and a phupi who thinks Saira is not good enough for her perfect son. We will probably be watching Saira and her mother sacrificing a great deal in the upcoming weeks because they simply don’t have a choice.

Mein Na Janoo Episode 1 Story Review - Clichéd & Unappealing

Final Remarks

This wasn’t the kind of first episode which gives you a lot to say or talk about. The characters were pretty simple and the scenarios too were nothing out of the box. My guess is that this is going to be yet another complicated yet typical love triangle with family dynamics playing a major role. This first episode revolved around marriages more than anything else in some way or the other instead of relationships in general which in my opinion gave it a very typical feel. The writer and the director played it safe, a little too safe in this first episode therefore there were no flaws or glitches in it but that is the exact reason why this episode was also not appealing.

Do share your thoughts about this first episode of Mein Na Janoo.

Fatima Awan

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  • am I rating the drama or your review although I did vote for the review & Romaissa who? I only know one Romaissa Armaan’s mother in Dil Kya Kare & I don’t think Saira reminds me of her
    it looks like the usual typical story lets hope it’s changes along the way, if nothing else it worth seeing Zahid Ahmed because his character is blind so that’s something different also i watched 2 old dramas 2 years ago of Sanam Jung i liked her so this is the 1st time i will be watching her on tv weekly plus i like the direction, here is to hoping that is stays the same with the rest of the episodes
    i was hoping that Affan would grow his beard back in his next drama but i’m afraid not

    • Shameem I honestly don’t know, it’s a new feature from disqus but thanks a ton for rating the review. Romaissa was Sanam’s character from the play Mohabbat Subha Ka Sitara Hei – terribly annoying LOL!!

      I enjoyed Dil e Muztar, it was simple yet entertaining. Sanam is an okay actress, she is cute, sort of like Madiha Imam but Madiha has way way more substance than her. Also, I felt she looked older for the role, Komal Aziz looked much younger than her and definitely more like the role she is playing.

      I am glad you liked the direction, I thought it was same old. Glad you will be watching this one. Will look forward to your feedback every week.

  • Fatimaji I am following yr reviews since Zindagi Gulzar Hai times..& I really admire yr honest reviews..At this moment I am watching 2 Pak dramas Inkar & Ishqzahenaseeb & both the dramas r excellent..As I am a good fan of Zahid Ahmed so has started to watch Main na Janu but the first episode disappointed me a lot..completely agree with you that the first epi is dull & simple. I really can’t understand why do the drama writers always prefer to write abt cousin marriage it’s not only overused topic but also sounds very cliche. Why don’t they change the topic like marriage between family friends ?? Anyway except Zahid everyone’s acting is very unimpressive..Sanam Jung’ s acting & expressions r very repetitive. I hv watched her all drams ..except mere humdam mere dost she never attracts me in fact I hv to say Madiha Iman is far better than her..I hv watched. Madiha ‘s Dhani & woh mera dil tha & both the characters are cute but powerful…As an ardent fan of Pakistani dramas I really now miss striking content..Some dramas are very repetitive & some are very regressive..Off course few dramas are exceptionally good but I really miss such dramas which is entertaining but also give some social messages too…Anyway thank you for your excellent reviews of Inkar. Honestly speaking I read yr reviews before watching the episodes..keep writings & God bless you.

    Sarbani Chakraborty

  • Afwwan Waheed looks so feminine, actually transgender. Clean shaven. Too much make up. Greased back hair. What they were thinking?!!

  • Thank u so much for your review. i love to read your review about ishq Zahenaseeb,would like to know why r u not reviewing this drama Main na Janoo . i am from india and big fan of Zaahid ahmad .can you please also give ur review to this drama. Thank u so much

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