Khaas Episode 17 Story Review – A Little Slow Now?

Opening Thoughts – A Little Slow:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas again showed the mental pressure & torture that Saba was dealing with. Even though I really appreciate the time they have taken to build things up & to show the emotions as well as the mental state of Saba in detail, I do feel that the story has not been making much progress. I feel things should move on now & take the story to the next level where Saba is finally speaking the truth & not just tolerating everything to make this dying relationship work!

Saba Is Now Thinking of Sharing Her Secret:

Fakhir has always been the voice of reason for Saba. He says everything that Saba wants & needs to hear in order to keep fighting. Fakhir is a wise person that is why he has never once trying to sway Saba’s feelings. He is just being a truthful friend to her who uplifts her & encourages her to push through. Saba was heartbroken when she got to know that Salma & Ammar were going to get married & that is when Fakhir told her to speak to her parents & let them know everything. Saba knows that this is not going to be easy. Saba is the only person who has seen a 3D angle of this relationship, she knows Ammar’s perspective, she also knows about her parents’ perspective too, that is why even though she wants to let everyone know her truth, she dreads it. Over the period of time, as much as Ammar has tortured Saba, he has formed this amazing image of his in front of Saba’s parents because he knows that this is something that will eventually benefit him. Ammar is a control freak in other words, he likes to control other’s perspective about himself, he likes to control what other people think about him too that is why despite showing his true colors to Saba, he has painted such a different picture of his in front of her parents.

Saba had made up her mind that she was going to let her parents know but before that happened, she was once again reminded of the fact that this was not going to be easy. Saba knows that convincing her parents to accept the reality would be something absolutely difficult because they were so sure of the fact that Ammar could never do something wrong. Saba once again got a lecture on how she should do everything to please Ammar & that how lucky she was to have a husband like him. Saba now tried to take the responsibility of her father, that was her subtle way of distracting him & once again reminding him that Ammar was not going to be there for him forever. Saba tried to make Faraz understand that he should rely on her, that was kind of the first step that Saba took on her own, she was keen to know whether her father still trusted her enough to be able to rely on her but she was disappointed to see how Faraz was so emotionally attached to Ammar. This makes things far more difficult for Saba yet again!

Nida spoke to Sonia & once again, Sonia tried to change her perspective, she tried to show her the other side of the picture but for Nida, it is obviously hard to accept because she knows Fakhir’s side of the story. Nida might give Saba some benefit of doubt but she is finding it hard to do that considering she knows that Fakhir is in love with her & Saba has been in contact with him. Nida feels Saba is cheating on Ammar, which obviously is something that will soon surface once the news of Ammar & Salma’s marriage will break on every one. Saba will accuse A,mar of cheating & that is when Nida will hold her accountable for something similar too.

Ammar got another ego boost when he got to know that Salma was so eager to get married to him. This is exactly what Ammar yearns for, he likes being wanted, he likes being longed for & this is exactly what he didn’t get after his marriage to Saba because as he got to know her, he learned that she was a confident, complete & emotionally stable person who was not looking for a knight in shining armour like him. Ammar only became frustrated when he saw that Saba didn’t believe in following his footsteps & instead she wanted to walk by his side. For now, Ammar does think that Salma wants to be rescued, he thinks after her divorce, she is lonely & she will cherish the favor Ammar will do on her by getting married to her but I can’t wait to see when & how his bubble will burst!

Closing Thoughts – Preview Gave Hope:

Overall, this episode of Khaas was interesting but I really wish to see the story moving forward & I am glad that the preview of the next episode gave me some hope. I do hope that Saba’s parents at least hear her out & let her complete before lecturing her about Ammar & his rights as a husband. Let’s see if that happens. Oh, another interesting scene was Saba & Nida’s confrontation. Saba couldn’t really connect the dots about what Nida was trying to say but she was shocked. Saba obviously does not even think about the things that people perceive about her that is why she ends up finding herself in a spotlight over & over again. Definitely looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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  • According to me Saba is not right as well. She is constantly telling Ammar’s friend about their marriage issues, calling him at midnight and visiting his house secretly. How can one justify all this? Just because your husband doesnt give you attention doesnt mean you start asking random people for love and attention. Being angry on ammar for visiting Salma’s house and visiting his friend’s house at the same time, woaaah. Hats off

    • This is the brutal reality of the human emotions, a person constantly seeks for love and affection and when he doesn’t get that from his partner, the sense of resentment builds up and he/she starts fetching for the other fishes in the sea for feeling emotionally secure. It happens even with the people who preach ethics and morals. I think the drama has completely done the justice with cascading the real human emotions, raw and vulnerable rather than creating a facade of a perfect wife who bears it all.

      • You might be right, but this does not always happens in reality. In our society there are a large number of females going through such situation and they don’t have any one to share not even a female friend. mere khayal main tu jub aap kay pass koi sincere friend ho especially from opposite gender, tu kafi sahara rehta hay. This is what we usually see in our dramas, every other protagonist has a friend (from opposite gender) to whom he or she shares all her problems especially due to infidelity and still they are always innocent.

    • Wat she is going through is emotional and verbal abuse and first she tries to make her parents understand..but when she didn’t find any support she took it like that …I know it’s not correctly..totally haraam but what ammar is doing with Salma why cant we focus on that ….its easy to lecture others but if u go through humiliation on daily basis and u have no one to turn to tend to go to person who at least listens to u …the writers shouldn’t have done this… they should have shown how she manages alone with her education and capabilities which ammar always insulted …but again they must be highlighting another issue that how a man can go breaking rules without any question and if the woman does the same it’s not acceptable at all….

      • I wish after episode 18 they would show she gets a job and lives alone. But they won’t. They have to drag her character over coals.

    • She has no one not even her parents who she can confide in. She only talks to Fakhir as a friend. A human being. Although they took her friend out of the picture. She does not flirt with him or plan to marry him

  • Ya to Saba ko Fakhir k sath baat kerna odd lagta tha k kuch to ghalat hai keh ker phone band kerdiya, ya to Fakhir k pair pe patti bandh rahee thee aur scene ko romantic hee bana diya, jabke lambi chorri batain apnee jaga. Drama interesting zaroor hai but this time it was on slower side. Everybody has it’s own unique personality. Ammar continues to impress with his acting and also the tactics he teaches to ‘men’ of our society.πŸ˜‹ Biwi ko daba k rakho aur susraliyon k sath bana k kal agar Biwi shikayat bhee karay to us ki baat main wazan na ho. ;)

  • Y is dis episode telecasted Only on Wednesday y not everyday can’t wait till Wednesday

  • To be honest i hate this mota saand faakhir ..
    In do bol he did the same ..
    And i think this is the weakest point in this drama .Ammar have a lot of reasons to divorce saba so as his family ..why writer chose faakhir as a reason for it ? It can malign saba character ,and audience will not fully support saba .

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