Khaas Episode 20 Story Review – Saba Is Done

Opening Thoughts – Saba Has Made Up Her Mind:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas covered the moment where Saba lost her patience with Ammar for the very last time. Saba has had enough & now, there’s nothing that Ammar’d say or do that will affect her anymore because she is totally done with him & for good. This episode of Khaas also showed how Saba was getting pressurized by her family & everyone was of the opinion that Saba was in the wrong.

Saba Is Done With Ammar:

Ammar once again made it all about Saba, in front of his own parents & Saba’s parents too. Ammar is manipulative but more than that he is very smart. This one has to be given to Ammar that he knows how to deal with people the way they like to be dealt with, but that too only when he feels that the other person won’t ever question his image or judgment. With Saba, Ammar couldn’t do that because he learnt it in the initial days of their marriage that Saba was not smitten by him as much as he wanted to, plus she was not someone who’d buy the lies that Ammar told her. Saba demanded respect & Ammar could not give that to her. For Ammar, the thing that triggered him against Saba the most was the fact that Saba could see through him & not only that, she’d call him out on those things too. Anyhow, Ammar let Saba’s father Faraz know for the very last time that he was thinking of divorcing Saba, not because he wanted to, but only because this is what Saba wanted. Ammar has once again played his cards well. Ammar knows that Faraz trusts him more than he trusts his own daughter Saba, that is why for the very last time, he yet again planted a seed of doubt in Faraz’s heart against Saba & walked away scot-free!

Saba’s sister Samreen & her husband depicted the usual & typical first reaction family members have towards their sister or daughter getting divorced. They all held Saba responsible, not for her failing marriage but also for Faraz’s condition too. Saba’s sister did try to hide everything but then her husband couldn’t stop judging Saba & her character. It was like he got an excuse to blame his wife & her entire family for what was happening because he was kind of tired listening to the stories based on assumptions about the ideal couple both Saba & Ammar were, plus the picture perfect life that they were leading together.

Saba spoke to Ammar for the last time & more than that, she got to give him a piece of her mind too. Saba also got to see who was the girl Ammar was getting married to & she could totally see that this marriage between the two was going to be a disaster. Ammar could not see Saba in her eyes, as he himself knows that he is wrong but is just getting away with everything by using her as a scapegoat because Saba is not as clever or manipulative as Ammar is. Ammar thinks things will work out for him but he has no idea what he is going to get into.

On Ammar’s family side, it was nice to see Farah’s husband being the only voice of reason. At least he was honest enough to let everyone know that Saba couldn’t be this wrong & she could not do something as horrendous as cheating on her husband. Even Ammar’s father Saud was kind of trying to connect the dots that may be because Ammar wanted to get married to Salma (something that Saba was accusing him of), he created this entire scenario to get rid of Saba, but then again, no one in the family can doubt Ammar because the ladies such as Kanwal & Ammar’s pupho are fully convinced that Ammar is infallible & that he is victim in this situation because his marriage fell apart. I am keen to see the reality that Salma will show to everyone in this family. Javeria wanted to help Saba but her hands were tied & even then Saba understood her awkward position but still she hoped that Javeria would at least once speak to her parents to let them know that Saba was with her & not with Fakhir.

Closing Thoughts – Simple Story Executed Brilliantly:

I am glad that the story has moved forward & that Ammar is going to free Saba from this cage. I obviously don’t have a lot of expectations from Faraz, but for once, it would be nice to see him at least believing his own daughter & not a guy like Ammar who has only lied to him blatantly, time & again. It is interesting to see how simple story has been executed with so much complexity & that there is so much depth & dimension in every single situation. Khaas surely is a very unique & interesting drama to tune to & it is amazing to see that it is still going strong. I must say, Ali Rehman has given Ammar’s character a perfect treatment & I don’t think any other actor could’ve done justice to this twisted character the way he has. Ali Rehman has made Ammar’s character very convincing. Hira Tareen is perfect as Salma, someone who is totally selfish & self-centered. Sanam Baloch, Haroon Shahid & all the other supporting actors have done a great job too. I think the credit definitely goes to the director Danish Nawaz for extracting this kind of acting from all the actors & giving these characters & their personalities so much clarity on-screen. Job well done. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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  • Saba _ an Annoying character ! Her mother – no character! Does not go into details of why her daughter is unhappy. Dialogues – frustratingly unsaid – why can’t she give solid details and examples of her bad marriage to her parents – instead of saying “why do you guys believe Ammar?” Again and again – Initially the story developed well showing the narcissist husband and how Saba tries to make a go of a bad marriage but now its Slow moving and irritating- and to top it, the puny Fakhir needs two tight slaps!

  • Everything you said but also I was a bit disappointed in Farah’s character cuz at one point it seemed as though she was someone who understood Saba’s dillema with Ammar…the way she degraded Saba in front of her husband (who’s my new fav character) was really off-putting.

  • Wonderful review Zahra. You & Fatima give very nice reviews. Really like how they are handling this subject. At least it doesn’t have done-to-death written all over it. And we get to see a unique character like Ammar. Not that Ammar is a unique character in real life. But definitely not the kind of character I have seen in our dramas. And Ali Rehman is giving the perfect treatment to his character. Sanam Baloch is finally her great old self again (I know her voice is not the same, but I love how she emotes. I thought she had lost all her charm after ‘Teri Raza’) The only thing is, I wish Saba had at least tried to make her place in the house. As much as I hate Ammar, at least he was making an effort with his in-laws.anyway, nobody is perfect and maybe that’s what they are trying to show. Anyway Love her acting. Glad she is not being a bichari. At least she is speaking for herself. It is of course sad that no one is n her family believes her. Even if she gives examples, she can’t really explain her situation. What is she going to tell them, that Ammar has a PHD In impression management? Some things are not easy to explain even if you are a good communicator! At the risk of sounding like a sadist, I can’t wait till Ammar learns his lesson and his bad time begins. Exciting !

  • Worst parents award goes to saba’s parents!!!
    They didnt give her benefit of doubt even… :/
    Itni omar mai aa kar to banda logo k baray mai itna to samjh e jata hai k ksi ka behaviour agar ap k sath acha hai that doesnt mean k dusray k sath b acha e hoga… there is a possibility k wo waqai dusray bndy ko torture daita ho… phr opar se agar wo dusra banda apki apni aulaad hai and she is saying k wo shaks aisa hai to wo kyn aisa nai ho sakta??? They cant even trust their own child jis k sath zindagi k 20/25 saal guzaray hon?? One knows atleast k to what lengths ur own child can go….

    Saba’s parents have proved it k there are educated well off families still out there who dont support their own daughters to get them out of their abusive marriages!

  • Very old story line, all characters are acting well and truly shows how people , even your own parents can doubt their child believing the manipulation of culture , refashion ships and society. Saba is at tough spot, I want to see how this ends as in real life it all falls on the women no matter how pious she is.

  • Saba’s character is also contradictory towards social norms and it must also be highlighted.

    Is it ok to connect so deeply with an unknown person and share your personal life, as saba did?

    Especially when you yourself don’t find it ok to communicate this kind of relationship to anyone (not even your family), how this friendship of saba and fakhir be justified?

    Saba did find a narcissist husband but her ways to deal with martial problems can’t be considered right either.

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