Khaas Episode 21 Story Review – Realistic Portrayal

Opening Thoughts – Realistic Portrayal:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas focused on showing the contrast between how their lives shape up when a couple gets divorced. Khaas drama has turned out to be Khaas especially because of the way everything has been shown so realistically. Be it emotions or situations or reactions, every single thing in this drama depicts reality and this is why Khaas is doing so well in terms of popularity. Khaas hits the right notes and because of the realistic portrayal, this story and this drama has resonated with a huge number of audience.

Saba & Ammar Got a Different Treatment:

Ammar decided to divorce Saba and not only that, he had made up his mind to get married to Salma as soon as possible too. After the divorce, they showed how hard it was for Saba to face everything whereas how easy it was for Ammar to not only move on but get married. This entire episode was dedicated to the different treatments both Saba and Ammar were getting at the hands of their families. Saba, despite being the victim in this situation was forced to explain herself again & again. Even though Saba continued to explain & justify herself, nothing that she said was being taken seriously by her parents because they had pretty much made up their minds that it was Saba who was at fault & it was Saba who was responsible for this divorce & not Ammar. This episode of Khaas showed how a girl who gets divorced usually faces the brunt even if she is not at fault. Saba had tried everything to save her marriage but still, she has fallen short of her responsibilities as per her parents.

Ammar easily moved on & no one said a word. In fact, it was perfectly shown how Ammar was not only getting all the love & support but his demands were being facilitated by everyone around him too. Although Ammar is quite manipulative & he loves to always have a clean slate in front of others but even if he wasn’t this conniving, he still would’ve walked away scot-free because in situations like these, men are hardly blamed. Ammar made sure to not leave a loose end that will make anyone catch onto something. This is the reason why everyone still believes that Ammar was a loyal husband & it was Saba who was not only ungrateful but also cheated on her husband!

Javeria & Fakhir were worried for Saba. It was good to see that both Javeria & Fakhir despite being Ammar’s friends were not only different from him, but were also genuinely concerned for Saba too. Javeria at first didn’t hurry to help Saba over but it was good to see it weighing on her heart because she could totally feel that Saba was being put in an awkward position because of Javeria’s silence. Even though Javeria will testify in favor of Saba but I hardly doubt that her parents will believe any of that, especially after seeing Fakhir accompanying Javeria to their place. Saba does feel she is left alone but she has no idea that there are still a few people who are concerned for her & her well-being.

The reminiscent scene was done nicely, where Ammar was happily getting married, Saba was still thinking about the things he said to her right when their married life started. Saba has turned into a culprit in front of her parents & it is unfortunate that she is being reminded of it repeatedly. I actually expected better from Faraz who happens to be such an understanding & loving husband, but his attitude with Saba after all that she has been through is disgusting.

Well well well, Ammar got married to Salma & she started setting everything straight right from the beginning. Ammar shared every single detail with Salma about how unhappy he was with Saba & how undeserving she was of his love & companionship, Salma has gotten this wrong idea that by getting married to Ammar, she has done a favor to him. Salma believes that she & Saba do not have any comparison, but she isn’t wrong to feel that way because it was Ammar who fed it to her. Salma is not wrong, it is just the way she is, she is an only child, spoiled & wealthy, plus she knows she has her parents’ back always, therefore she doesn’t believe in taking any pressures. Ammar in his mind actually thought that Salma will be in awe of him & will see him as her savior who got married to her after her divorce but quite clearly, Salma let Ammar know that she wasn’t over the moon at what Ammar did for her. For Salma, she has just gotten married to the guy she liked & she believes he should be thankful that she accepted his proposal, something that Ammar always expected from Saba. It was interesting to see how Ammar was just being left speechless one instance after another because he just didn’t know how to deal with Salma. Ammar has already started feeling suffocated & as much as he wants things to stay smooth, Ammar is slowly realizing that Salma won’t allow him that luxury!

Salma left quite an impression on Ammar’s family too & they had nothing to say. Soon enough, they will also realize that Ammar made the wrong decision & they all will end up comparing Salma & Saba. I don’t blame Salma in this entire situation at all, she is a difficult & rigid person but she is just like that – unapologetically self-centered & selfish as well. Now it will be interesting to see how she will treat Ammar & how he will feel the suffocation that he put Saba through.

Closing Thoughts – Perfect:

Overall, this episode of Khaas was again perfect. I am really glad that this drama has been consistently good for the most part. Even though so many episodes have passed but it just keeps on getting better & better. I so want to see Saba having some kind of support from her parents but then, even if they will change her attitude towards her, their image won’t change. All the actors have done a brilliant job. Hira Tareen was definitely the star of this episode, it was really nice to see her giving attitude to Ammar. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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  • So far my most favorite episode of Khas. Brilliant review as well, Zahra. I enjoyed Hira Tareen so much tonight. She looked gorgeous and acted wonderfully. Ab ayega mazaa… is so much fun seeing the ma-ka-ladla, the so-called ‘most eligible bachelor’ being put in his place by Salma. Loved the ‘romance’ of the wedding night…..LOL.

    p.s. When will you review Ishq Zah e Naseeb? That is one drama I eagerly await all week.

  • This was my favorite episode of Khaas. I was cheering for Salma throughout! I love that Ammar has basically gotten married to a female version of himself! That’s karma for you. I loved how when Ammar was complaining about Salma’s parents, she shut him down and he didn’t have the guts to say anything! And also the scene where he “joked” about her and she let him know straight up she didn’t appreciate it. All the things he did with Saba he can’t do with Salma!

    • I agree with you. Not only he can’t do all the things he did with Saba but all the things he did with Saba, now Salma is doing with him. And yes my first thought when I saw Salma’s attitude was that Karma was stepping in for our dear Ammar.

      Waiting eagerly to see what happens when Salma persists in insisting to go separate. And how mummy dear will take her laadla’s decision if it goes in Salma’s favour. We shouldn’t forget she was also a main person in criticizing Saba at every opportunity she got. Loved all their reactions when Salma said she would continue working and Ammar said how he loved independent women.

      Waiting to see what Saba does with her life. What if she again gets an opportunity to join Ammar’s company which she takes up and that too on a position senior to Ammar. That would be really lovely to watch.

      Thanks for the lovely comments

  • Was waiting for the review though I wanted more lines to be dedicated to Salma who had started humiliating Ammar and co with perfection and such ease that it looked so normal. For Sabba it’s difficult to regain confidence of her parents but she will survive this blow when things would unfold in coming episode. I literally enjoyed Ammar’s situation and after such a long time have watched the episodes of Khaas twice especially scenes of Salma. She was just phenomenal.
    Sanam showed great acting skills yet again.

  • Haee… Dil main thand parr gaee. Thanks Salma for this “attitude”.๐Ÿ˜‰ Ab aaya oonth paharr k neechay. Waisay cheezain kuch jaldi hee horaheen theen jiski enjoy bhee ziada kiya.

    Hira’s acting was wonderful and mature. I saw Hira in one morning show. Her presence of mind was great. Sanam Baloch is doing nice job to make audience feel for Saba who is going through post-divorce turmoil… though she was not at fault. Thats what happens mostly to divorced women in our society. Let’s see happens next. What will be the final decision regarding Saba’s second marriage? How long will this Ammar-Salma relation sustain? I am eagerly waiting for the words from Ammar’s mother in favor of Saba and arrogant Ammar apologizing to Saba.

    Very nicely reviewed.

    • I think Ammar’s mother has already started to see the difference as for Ammar apologizing I doubt if it will come so soon or even if it will ever come. I would like Ammar and Saba coming face to face as equals probably in the office and Saba rising above him career wise. But don’t know if the story is headed that way. Will have to wait and watch.

      • This will increase interest even more if they come face to face in office with Saba having edge over him in performance, etc.

  • This was a satisfying episode. This is literally the SOML. I have been through a similar situation its been 7 months i got divorced and the things i had been through were enough to drive me crazy , like it happened with saba. Nobody understands emotional abuse and what it can do to a person. It renders you helpless and with a low self esteem. Unfortunately this society does not realize this. Fortunately my father had my back. He supported me through out but my mother to this day tells me ‘ek larka nai sambhala gaya tumse’ .
    Your reviews are spot on Zahra.

  • What i liked was the difference shown of the two sets of parents, sabaโ€™s parents were always aagey peechey their damaad and just blaming their daughter whereas salmaโ€™s parents supporting their daughter . The confidence salma had on her parents and vice versa and the lack of it in saba and her parents was obviously shown and ammar couldnt take an advantage of it as he did with saba… he was gob smacked when salma replied to him when be complained that her parents were not there for their dinner… she said โ€œmere maa baap jo bhi kartey hain sahi kartey hainโ€. It was the confidence that ammar couldnt shake and in fact he is under pressure, where as in sabas case he was asmaan par charha diya gaya tha by sabaโ€™s parents so much that he was over confident and taking full advantage of it. Lesson learnt that girls parents should give confidence and support to their daughter and bus โ€œ apney aap ko shohar keh liye maar doโ€ wala attitude na force kiya karein.

    • Good point. Maybe the difference in attitude is because Saba’s parents are middle class, with one more daughter to marry off whereas Salma’s parents have money (which is a confidence in itself), with only one child. I agree with your point – Saba’s parents have been opposite of supportive – they have given Saba such a fully complex. They are not dealing well with their eldest damad either!

  • I like to see Saba apply for Ammar position and perform better than him ultimately become his boss and make him realize his
    Worth as a person, he will be beaten by two women at the same time.

  • You guys are doing amazing work. You can make your posts more audience appealing by maybe adding screenshots in between the paragraphs. You guys should also make a mini Review page where you can review the dramas you have watched in maybe three sentences. Just advice from a fan ๐Ÿฅบ

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