Khaas Episode 24 Story Review – Saba Is Happy

Opening Thoughts – Faraz Got Away Easily:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas was to the point & sweet. Saba’s life has changed for the better, which is something even she is slowly getting used to. To be honest, as much as I have loved this drama, I am not too convinced with the clean chit Faraz & Sadaf got in literally 2 – 3 scenes, whereas they covered their selfishness over a lot of episodes. I so wish they had shown them falling flat & regretting their selfish behavior for a couple of weeks too. I know, they wanted to get done with this aspect to move the story forward to more important stage, which is Saba & Fakhir’s relationship & Saba’s faith being restored but still, I really feel Faraz should’ve learnt his lesson the hard way to actually wake up & realize how wrong he was. It was like the heavy lifting was done by someone else & all he had to do was just accept that yes he was wrong. I have loved Khaas for what it is but this aspect should’ve been handled with a little more elaboration & detailing!

Saba & Fakhir Are Finally Married:

Faraz realized that he was wrong & not only that, he wanted to make things right. Faraz knew that he owed an apology to Fakhir & his aunt, that is why he decided to go & see them in person to say whatever was burdening him. Faraz got a call from his colleague who let him know that the proposal he was considering for Saba was based on lies, which was convincing but the way Faraz blindly believed Anum & didn’t even think things through made him look quite unwise & immature. It was like Faraz woke up one fine day & he realized that he was being unfair. I wish they had shown Faraz speaking to Saba in detail, listening to all that he wanted to say & then apologizing to her. Yes, they did show it in the last episode but it all seemed rushed. Faraz is always in a hurry it seems, he was quick in his decision of getting Saba married to Ammar, then he was quick to judge Saba & Fakhir, he was quick to fix Saba’s marriage again & now he was quick to believe that everything that Anum said was right. Sadaf is another story, she was a negligent & emotionally absent mother who really didn’t even bother feeling the pain that Saba went through. Sadaf was too busy thinking & feeling for herself, her eldest daughter & Faraz, thinking that in this entire scenario, only these 3 people were entitled to feel a certain way & the one who was actually going through a tough time was the culprit & deserved to be treated as an outcast. It’s been a while that I have seen such emotionally absent parents in a Pakistani drama!

Ammar couldn’t believe when he heard Nida telling him that Fakhir & Saba were getting married. Salma’s absence did push Ammar to think about certain things & that is why, even though he didn’t make it obvious, he kind of vouched for Saba that she could not cheat on him, like he had this much faith in her or may be, let’s just say that he knew her but because he was blinded by his ego, he chose to declare the otherwise. Ammar just wanted to make things ugly, this is something that he feeds on. He actually didn’t care what Fakhir or Saba were going through, but he just wanted to create a scene because he also thought he was entitled to rule Saba’s life even after she was not a part of his life anymore. Faraz finally heard the truth from Ammar as well as Fakhir & it made it easier for him to further believed that all the things Fakhir have said were right & that Ammar was not someone who deserved to be trusted this much. Ammar left without saying anything to Faraz but I wish he had humiliated him further, because Faraz deserved it for being such a miserable father to Saba!

Fakhir & Saba got married & this was the start of a new chapter in Saba’s life. Fakhir was just being himself, he is nice, compassionate, gentle & most importantly, he’s in love with Saba. Saba already knew what Fakhir was like but still, she was finding it hard to accept that a marriage could be this smooth & beautiful. Yes, the comparisons did seem out of the blue but then they were very convincing & showed Saba’s state of mind perfectly. She has moved on but she obviously has been scarred for life, that is why she was scared & couldn’t take all that Ammar has said about her, out of her mind but then Fakhir came as a breath of fresh air, who not only showed her that he loved her, but also showed her why she deserved to be loved. Fakhir loves Saba & this is what matters to him. It was nice to see Fakhir being such a good husband to Saba, who was giving her all the freedom to just be herself because he knew this will bring out the best in Saba. Fakhir has started to prove that all the things he said to her were not because he wanted to impress her, rather this is what he firmly believes in. It was nice to see Fakhir sharing his thoughts about how he perceives women & their respect. Fakhir comes from a dysfunctional family but it has been nicely shown that he has learnt it the hard way & he has made a conscious effort to not repeat the mistakes that his father did because he first hand saw what it did to his mother. This is the reason why Fakhir actually understands what Saba has gone through & he doesn’t even want to hear it from her because he can totally feel her pain & relate to it. This aspect & this side of Fakhir’s personality has been beautifully conveyed as well. Saba was happy, for her all of this was unbelievable but still, she was getting to know that Fakhir only believed in seeing her happy, which was super sweet. Those dialogues about chaand were cheesy but they were conveyed in such a cute manner, where both newly weds were complimenting each other, showing how much they love & cherish what they have!

Salma decided to come back. Ammar made it quite obvious to Salma that he didn’t care about her at all, this is the reason why all this while, Ammar was least bothered about his wife gone & on the other hand, Salma was restless. Salma’s mother was the voice of reason, I thought she would tell Salma not to mend her ways but she didn’t because she wants Salma to work on this marriage as she understands the kind of person Ammar is. I loved that particular scene where the moment Salma walked in, Ammar’s entire body language changed. This shows that despite not wanting to, Ammar has ended up giving that edge to Salma to control him emotionally. Ammar is carefree & he thinks he is perfect but Salma has shown him that he is not. It is interesting to see how just by being herself, Salma ends up putting Ammar in an awkward position, something that Ammar would’ve never imagined!

Closing Thoughts – Loving It:

Overall, this episode of Khaas was super Khaas too. Loving the direction & acting. However, I am not sure why from the last few episodes, Natasha’s scenes are merged, more like pasted in between the scenes to make it look like she was a part of the scenario whereas it is obvious that she was not. May be Natasha couldn’t be there when the actual shooting happened so they later shot her scenes & edited them in. Javeria ended up attending the wedding but she did not bother meeting Faraz before & clarifying Saba’s image. I had a giggle when Javeria clicked Fakhir & Saba’s pictures because then she obviously posted them on her social media for Ammar to see & get jealous, lol! Javeria is actually on Ammar’s case, which is nice. The preview of the next episode was quite interesting. Salma is going to ruin Ammar’s life & she will get back with Sajid, by getting married to Ammar, Salma has also realized that Sajid was a better husband than Ammar. Really looking forward to Ammar & Saba’s interaction too. I am so glad they didn’t just end the drama by showing Saba finding herself an ideal husband, in fact they are not only covering Saba & Fakhir’s relationship but also Ammar’s suffering which will eventually result in him realizing that he was wrong in mistreating Saba. So happy. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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  • Ye to mazeed interesting hota jaraha hai. Next episode seems even more promising with Saba, as aspired, found job in Ammar’s office. Let’s see how this ‘face-off’ b/w two at workplace is shown. Salma avenging Ammar by meeting her ex-husband n even considering re-marrying him will add more drama. Ammar’s mother still having same thinking about Saba looks very realistic, despite Saba’s support by people around her. Aur yehi cheezain achee hain dramay ki, bas Faraz ko jaldi mold ker diya. He can be added to list of most annoying characters of this season.

    Is dramay main copy-paste k kafi scenes dikhay gaey hain. At the time of Saba’s abortion, it clearly felt thatSadaf scene at hospital was recorded separately and later merged. Faraz ka to khair her dafa stairs k sath paste kiya jata hai😉

    Very nicely reviewed.

    • LOL @ Faraz ko staircase ke saath paste kiya jata hai, waqay hi, I have noticed that too, it seems quite funny. Chalain shuker now that Saba & Ammar are divorced, Faraz won’t get to stand next to that staircase in Ammar’s home. Thank you so much for liking the review. Yes, Faraz can easily top the list of most annoying characters of 2019.

      Waqay hi, itnay weeks ho gaye hain but the story is still moving forward & has so much to show. Well, jitna egoistic Ammar hai, I won’t be surprised that after Salma will leave him, he will persuade Saba to come back to him. Also, now that they will be working in the same office, Ammar won’t leave Saba alone just so easily. I kind of feel Saba should’ve opted for some other workplace, jahan Ammar na hota.

  • I also laughed and felt amused when Javeria clicked pictures. Expressions on her face were like a child after doing some mischievous act. Obviously she was putting them on social media to be seen by Ammar. They should cover his reactions as well.

  • I love that this drama did not end with Saba and Fakhir’s marriage! It is very satisfying to watch Saba happy now while Amaar is suffering. most dramas dont give you that satisfaction!

  • Thankful to the team that they didn’t just ruined the drama by fakhir saba marriage in the end scene. Like every drama protagonist suffer for 30 episodes and in last few minutes they end the drama by showing them happy. I really really enjoyed this episode. Now i hope that they end this drama on a positive note. Ammar and his family should came to know the value of saba and he should regret his behavior. I would love to see last few episodes. Amd really i waited for you review so much that i checked 4 times after watching the dramaa. Definitely this drama is KHAAS…. Love it and your reviews too.

    • Thank you sooo much Ali for appreciating & reading the reviews. :) Yes, this has to be the best part that after showing Saba’s misery, they are showing her happy life too. Ammar & his family will definitely come to realize but I want Ammar’s mother to admit that Ammar has been at fault all this while.

  • Drama kai baarai mai jo kuch hamarai mind mai aata hai wo aap sab lekh leti hai ..ab kya kahai ? Apki tareef ? :)

    Ye mai ne bhi mehsoos kiya kai faraz walai scenes jaldi se cover karleyai inho ne jo kai convencing nahi thai ..khair ab khatam kardeyai jaldi to ye bhi teek hai phir kuch episodes faraz kai dramai khatam nahi honai thai ..

    Waisai pehli baar “hansi khushi zindagi basar karnai lagai” walai end kai baad drama dhaika ham ne is dramai ka behtareen point hai ..kai ek achai husband mai kya qualities honi chaheyai .

    • Thank you so much MeL. :) Bohat bohat shukriya appka reviews ko appreciate karne ka. Yes, even though I am glad ke Faraz ki rigidity khatam kar di hai but jitna lamba uska drama khencha, utni jaldi ending nahi milni chahiye thi, thori si to izzat afzai hoti uncle ki Ammar ke hathon takay unhain pata lagta. Oh yes, I am also glad ke bas drama yahin end nahi kar diya ke Saba aur Fakhir khush hain, in fact they are showing their relationship, which is so nice. :)

  • This was a very gratifying episode- I liked how seamlessly Saba transitioned into her life with Fakhir. He has helped her realize her own worth which was something that was never front and centre with Ammar. Slowly but surely everyone in Ammar’s family think about Saba and have maybe even started questioning if she was wrong. Thanks for a lovely review, Zahra. I am having issues with the website lately- it doesn’t seem to refresh the content so I have been missing out on reading on most reviews.

    • Exactly, i m facing this problem too. I checked many times but khaas’s review wasn’t there then i searched it on google so that i got it.

      • I noticed this too! Khaas review isn’t on the websites main page but if you click drama reviews it appears then

    • Thank you so much Kanwal for sharing your thoughts. I know, it was a beautiful episode, especially so refreshing seeing that expression in Saba’s eyes where she could not believe Fakhir & his niceness most of the time, like she really was enjoying finding out how understanding & supportive Fakhir is. Oh yes, everyone can clearly see that Saba in comparison to Salma was not only a good wife but a good person overall. I am glad Salma has started to make even Ammar look bad in front of his family.

      About the issue, yes, once you open the website, you have to refresh it for the new content to show. I will however pass it on to the admin & hope it gets fixed. :)

  • thank u for the lovely review it’s nice that now Saba will see a little happiness but working in the same place as Ammar is a bit strange, u would think she would want to be a million miles away from him

    • Thank you so much Shameem. Yes, I totally agree, Saba already knows that Ammar works in that office, so it doesn’t make sense for her to do job there of all the places. Or may be she wants him to get fired or what, haha.

  • ”It was like Faraz woke up one fine day & he realized that he was being unfair”
    Exactly completely unnatural. Your thoughts twin a lot with me when it comes to critical analysis :)

    • Thank you Freeha. I am glad to hear that. :) I know right, it just didn’t make sense at all, especially when he showed what a rigid person he is by dragging his stubbornness over weeks.

  • I am enjoying the drama so far. Often dramas have tons of dead scenes and this show has none. Our time as audience is being respected and I like that. The script is fast and as complicated as human beings are, which again respects the audience as smart viewers. I like watching Pakistani dramas for their cleanliness and modesty but often I have to compromise on story, unnecessary twists, violence, lack of romance, etc…but after Daastaan, Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Gul-e-rana (until episode 7), I am finally happy to be watching this one :)

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