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Ways to identify and deal with toxic friendships

They say friends are the family we choose for ourselves. It’s important to choose the right friends as they become a daily part of your life. They influence our decisions, give us advice, love and care for us just like family. It’s hard to find a good friend but relatively easier to get trapped in toxic friendships. Toxic friends are the worst influence on us and only use and abuse people. Read on to find out how you can identify toxic friends.

Toxic friends try to control you

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Toxic friends try to control other relationships or friendships we might have. They tell us whom to talk to and whom not to. When such friends tell us not to do certain things or talk to certain people, we think they have our best interest at heart, and are only doing it for our betterment. Good friends empower each others choices, not dictate how you should live your life. You should be sensible enough to make your own decisions and choices in life.

Dictate you around

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Toxic friends may make you believe you are their one and only best friend and dissuade you from making other friends. They make you believe that they are the only ones who care about you. They want you to always be available for them and no one else. Friendship should be easygoing not dominating and bordering on attention seeking. Even if you do things on your own or with other friends, it should not leave you feeling guilty.

They gossip a lot

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Toxic friends gossip and trash talk almost everyone around them. If they can say one negative thing about another person, chances are they might be talking badly about you as well. Surround yourself with people you uplift you and encourage you to push yourself, not something who talks negatively about others.

They constantly put you down

toxic friendToxic friends leave no stone unturned to constantly belittle you especially in front of others. While a small amount of teasing goes around in every friendship, constantly putting someone downs shows signs of jealousy and envy. Good friends save you from social embarrassment, not make you the center of it all.

Compete with you

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Toxic friends are never happy for your success. They would always want to be one step ahead of you in everything you do whether it’s a new job, exams or any other achievements. A good friend will be happy for your success and won’t want to steal your shine.

They want to be the center of attention

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A toxic friend wants to be the center of attention of everything. They would hardly compliment you on the new dress you’re wearing or getting good marks on the exam. They won’t ask you how your day went or if you need help with anything. Every conversation starts and ends with the woes of their lives.

Friendship is a two way street and should be given equal amount of respect, love and care. So read the signs early on and cut off such people from your life!