Khaas Episode 26 Story Review – Time To Face The Consequences

Opening Thoughts – Time To Face The Consequences:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas was interesting. It is nice to see Ammar & his side of the people facing the consequences of their wrongdoings. The writer has been successful in conveying the concept of ‘what goes around comes around’. Khaas has happened to be one such drama which has remained consistently interesting & engaging. Sarwat Nazeer definitely should take a bow for bringing such a complex, never-seen-before sort of a concept & not only doing justice to it but elaborating it in such a crystal clear manner. It is nice to see Saba’s mental & emotional transition as well. Danish Nawaz has proved himself as a director, it is good to see him directing such a script with such clarity because the story & script of Khaas was all about having the emotions conveyed loud & clear & achieving that was no easy feat, but Danish Nawaz succeeded in elaborating everything. Hats off!

Getting Served, What You Deserve:

So, Salma conveyed it to Ammar that she was done with him. Ammar & his family can live with this false sense of satisfaction that Salma didn’t deserve Ammar & they got lucky that she is finally out of his life, but the truth is, everything that Salma has said & done has left an impact, it has scarred them emotionally & the best part is, Salma has forced them to think about the fact that may be all of them were actually wrong. Ammar & his family are in denial, none of them is ready to accept that yes, Ammar has been unfair & he mistreated Saba. Ammar is constantly being reminded of the things Salma said to him, this is probably the first time in his life that he has gotten a reality check. A cold hard truth served to him that he is not ‘perfect’. For the first time ever, Ammar got to know that he is the reason behind his unsuccessful marriages & that he is not infallible.

Ammar’s chapter for Salma was pretty much done & dusted but it was unfortunate that her mother didn’t hold back in ruining Nida’s proposal. Obviously, you do get served what you deserve but Salma’s mother seemed like a hypocrite talking about the manipulation of the women in Ammar’s family whereas she herself was being the manipulator in this situation. This drama has perfectly shown how egoistic a human being can be & how it is so easy for everyone to be blind to their own faults & finding it very easy to be nitpicking others for their shortcomings. Salma didn’t care much, she was done with Ammar & she didn’t bother with whatever was going to happen with Nida afterwards.

Kanwal has for the longest time stayed ignorant of Ammar & his misbehavior. She has spent her entire motherhood in this false idea that she has raised a gentleman who can do nothing wrong. Even though Kanwal was an understanding mother-in-law to Saba who never stopped her from meeting her family & believed in giving her the space that she wanted but when it comes to being a mother, she was flawed & typical to believe that her son is entitled to mistreating women. Kanwal for the first time was forced to think about the things Salma said & the guilt of misjudging Saba surfaced too. Props to Sarwat Nazeer for showing the comparison between two daughters – Kanwal thought misjudging Saba’s character was her right but now she felt helpless when she could not stop people from gossiping about Nida being involved with Ammar’s friend. I like how they have shown that slowly & steadily, everyone is being faced with such situations where they are being forced to put things into perspective.

Nida’s wedding got called off & she was down but yes, she was the first one to say it out loud that this all came back to her because she was wrong in misjudging Saba. She was unfair to Saba & that she played a part in insinuating that Saba was cheating on Ammar. I really like Sonia’s character, her character is actually like a breath of fresh air. Even though she hardly gets the coverage & that is actually enough & strategic but it is an intelligent way of the writer & the director to put the message across because it does leave an impact. In the drama filled with women like Kanwal, Pupho, Nida, Sadaf & Samreen, it is so nice to see a girl like Sonia who doesn’t believe in being judgmental, she minds her own business, tells others to do that too, speaks her mind, is the voice of reason & most importantly, does not believe in having a negative thinking or a negative mindset. Sonia has had limited scenes but the message that she conveys definitely gets heard because again, this is Sarwat Nazeer’s non-preachy way of preaching something useful & important. Well Done!

Saba faced Ammar & she confidently put him into his right place. Ammar hadn’t even recovered from the bitter truth Salma said to his face & there came Saba with a completely changed personality – far more confident & fearless, someone who could not look into his eyes & show him that she was finally living her dream, with a guy Ammar looked down upon. Ammar never had imagined that he will ever get to see Saba like that. Saba was happy that she finally conquered her fears & that she didn’t hold back in giving Ammar a piece of her mind but oh well, one thing is definitely bothering me. I really don’t want them to give this story a tragic turn by killing the character of Fakhir. Let them live happily ever after. Fakhir continues to talk about him not being around Saba forever, which goes to show that Saba will be left alone? Now when I think of the OST ‘wo jo THA bohat hi Khaas’, is it about Fakhir’s character that he ‘was’ someone who came in Saba’s life to change her for better, then left & became someone from the past? Please don’t do this to us. They have shown Saba’s misery for a long long time, so they should end the drama that they both lived happily ever after. The dream that Fakhir had about meeting an accident is another dreadful hint about the fate his character might meet. Please don’t do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another thing worth mentioning about Saba & Fakhir’s relationship is how they have shown that when a couple shares the same mental wavelength & they have a lot of understanding, they don’t find it odd to defy the norms. In their relationship, Saba had always been passionate about working & doing a job, so Fakhir has helped her materialize her dream. Saba fell in love with Fakhir for the kind of person he is, that is why she has never once tried to change him or drive him to something that he is not too keen on. Fakhir is an artist, he likes being in his own shell, his own comfort zone, he paints, he creates, he is happy & that is why Saba is happy with him. I liked how they touched upon this subject slightly that Sadaf (being the unreasonable woman that she is) tried to ask Fakhir about his earning but Saba has it all figured out, she does not have any demands & she is totally fine with working. Fakhir wants Saba to work for herself & not to provide a living for him & that is why now he is thinking on those lines because he has realized that he has a responsibility as well. I like how they both are not too pushy & are just going with the flow – accepting each other & just being happy!

The best scene of this episode was Ammar & Fakhir’s confrontation. It was so amusing where Ammar was fabricating lies in front of Fakhir & both Fakhir & Saba couldn’t stop smirking because they could totally see how Ammar was making a fool of himself. I mean after so much has happened in Ammar’s life, he still hasn’t learnt his lesson. May be he needs more reality checks or something huge to change him forever. I actually want to see Ammar’s suffering as in after him realizing the fact that he is the one solely responsible for being left alone. Right now he is being forced to think about everything but he still is in denial, this showed when he said those mean things to Fakhir, yes, I want to see how he will react when he will actually realize & hold himself responsible!

I don’t really think Farah’s track should’ve evolved this way. Kamran seemed to be a very rational & wise person so I guess they could’ve shown him having a detailed conversation with Farah making her understand how Ammar has been wrong. I feel in this game of ‘karma’ Farah was unnecessarily dragged. Just because she didn’t speak up for Saba, didn’t mean that her husband should’ve left her for someone else & for the sake of children. This entire drama has been so unpredictable & non-typical that I feel this typical treatment given to Farah’s track is hard to accept & doesn’t really go well with the overall theme of the drama. They could’ve easily shown Farah & Kamran leading a normal life with Farah actually understanding her husband’s point of view & then seeing Saba in a different light. Farah on her own could totally see Ammar being wrong but she never had the courage to say that to either Ammar or Kanwal, so yes, I don’t really think she should’ve paid the price of staying quiet this way. Not a convincing turn in Farah’s track. However yes, having said that, I do get agitated with Farah’s silence. I do feel she should talk to Kanwal & tell her the truth that she failed as a mother & that she raised a narcissist who is now getting what he deserves.

Closing Thoughts – Please Let It Be a Happy Ending:

Overall, this episode of Khaas was really interesting but yes, even though I had a good laugh at Fakhir/Ammar’s scene, I am kind of feeling heavy-hearted thinking about Fakhir’s dream. Please don’t do this to the viewers of Khaas who have loved this drama & have invested so much time in it. It is absolutely FINE with give a drama a happy ending. When I saw Ammar telling lies to Fakhir, I thought may be his dream was symbolic & that may be Ammar will create a rift between Fakhir & Saba but hearing him talk about not being around Saba for all her life is ringing the alarms. Let’s see. All the actors have been beyond brilliant & totally convincing in playing their roles. This drama is still a treat, let’s hope it doesn’t turn into a sour candy. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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  • Thank you for the review. I liked the episode. Karma came into play. But yes I did not like Farah’s case. And when Farah said no girl wants a husband loving every other girl, I started to laugh.
    I am already sad that Fahkir will die. And yes I also noticed ‘tha’ in ost. I think Saba will have a son and will bring him to be a true gentle man. Ammar and lot will apologize and Saba will spent her life on her own as an independent woman.

    • Thank you so much P. Yes, Farah’s situation is unconvincing & uncalled for. I so hope they don’t give Saba another tragic ending especially after all that she has been through.

  • Loved the episode and yes the way Fakhir says raise our kid like this, hinted he won’t be around and Saba had to say we will raise the kid! Pls makers don’t kill Fakhir

  • Brilliant review as always ..
    Mujhai ek baat ki samjh nahi aaye
    1) salma ki amma ko kaisai pata chala kai nida aur fakhir ka chakkar tha ?
    2) javeria k hudband ne jo bakwas ki thi saba ko us ka matlab kya tha usai karma melai ga ? Javeria jo itni confident bandi hai still uskai sath kiyo reh rahi hai ?
    3) next epi mai sonia sab ko aayena dekha rahi hai jo kai already salma dekha chuki hai is character ko zabardasti dramai mai ghusaaya gaya hai iski koye zaroorat thi he nahi aur na he farah ki
    4) ok fakhir mar jaayega magar teek hai unho ne dekha deya kai achai husband ko kaisai hona chaheyai magar uskai marnai kai baad ammar se shadi na hojaaye kahi saba ki ..wo bus apnai bachai kai sath pur etmenaan kamyaab zindagi guzarai ..

    • Thank you so much MeL. I think Salma ne hi apni amman jaan ko bataya hoga, aisi batain kahan chuppi rehti hain, especially jabke Salma us ghar mai kuch arsa reh chuki thi. Choti si family thi to saray raaz usay pata lag gaye honge. Yes, Javeria ke husband ka to kuch bataya hi nahi, wo scene waisay tha bhi betukka sa. Mujhe personally Sonia ka character pasand hai but I agree, Farah ke character ki khamoshi dekh ke yehi lag raha hai ke wo na bhi hoti to koi masla nahi tha, waisay hi last 4 – 5 episodes se cut paste pe chal rahi hain. I don’t think so Saba will ever go back to Ammar, ye ho gaya to bas too much ho jayega!

  • Zahra, thank you for reviewing Khaas. It’s been a treat to read your reviews after watching the episodes.

    Like you I’m really dreading next week – I didn’t like the foreshadowing of Faakhir’s future. So for me this week’s episode is the ending one, where Saba is confident and happily enjoying life with Faakhir and successful in her job. I just don’t understand why Hum TV would want to leave us viewers with a bitter taste when we were just enjoying Ammar getting a taste of his own medicine. They’ve always given this drama a light touch and I don’t want anything heavy in the last episode, it’s really unnecessary as the drama has been getting good reviews without such sad events.

    I didn’t like Farah’s track either, because as you’ve said it’s completely going against Kamran’s character!

    Thank you again for your enjoyable reviews.

    • Thank you so much Z for sharing your thoughts. I know right, if something bad happens & this drama gets a happy ending, just like you I will believe this episode to be the last one. I so hope they don’t make it too tragic & actually show that two people who are in love can life happily ever after. Why put Saba through torture again & again? Farah really deserved better, I lowkey expected that they will show her having a baby after years & years of waiting, at least someone on Ammar’s side deserved happiness. Farah shouldn’t have been dragged into this. This is the only development that I am not happy about. Thank you so much for reading & appreciating the reviews, it means a lot. :)

  • Zahra, thanks for sharing your wonderful insight about this episode. The way writer has etched out detail and connected to the proceeding and forthcoming events is worth appreciation. This has been a beautiful journey till
    this episode. At the end of day, it’s just a drama and far way from reality which is even more worse. In reality, characters like ammar will not reap until later part of their age. I would say writer should not abruptly end this drama and keep it memorable to viewers. I stopped watching the episode this episode halfway through the moment I came to know about his dream.

    • Hi Shahz, thank you so much for an insightful comment. Your comment kind of put my heart to ease. :) I so agree, it is just a drama after all but woi baat hai, because we invest so much time in dramas, we want it to give us something happy to cherish as a beautiful memory. But the truth is, what the drama-makers have decided is what is going to happen, we can only anticipate but yes, it surely has been a very nice drama & like you say, a beautiful journey. :)

      • Hi Zahra! your kind comment has made my day. It was just my humble and scattered opinion nothing in front of your well structured insightful review. Honestly, I wasn’t anticipating turn around of event for Fakhir that wouldn’t justify his talent. Considering his passion for painting, Saba could support him to become a better and perhaps known artist. As per few comments, If Ammar succeed in defining the fate for Fakihr this time around then that wouldn’t fair to us, viewer and it wouldn’t be a happy ending.

  • Hi,
    Great review as always. I think Fakhir will die as a few weeks back Haroon commented under Sanam’s post saying something like “bechara fakhir ke naseeb mein khushi nahi hai”.

    I have a theory that Ammar will cause Fakhirs accident out of jealousy. He will then be jailed and his family will be ruined. We have seen before how he falsely trapped Salma’s ex for drugs so causing an accident or death is in line with his character.

  • Fakhir’s musings about dying a happy man seem like a foreshadowing. I think the message that the writer is trying to get across is that a man can lift a woman and empower her to lead an independent and fulfilling life. As much as I’d like to see a happily ever after scenario, that would be too much of a cliche. Saba will be able to live on her own after Fakhir because he paved the way for her- restored her faith in herself, encouraged her to start a career and applauded her achievements.

    • Yes I agree to you to some extent. Fakhir’s love for Saba was immortal. Even he hadn’t married to her or acquired her he would still be a man of some consolation as he had the imagination of Saba who he had perceived in the memory of his late mother. Though didn’t understand why he mistook Saba in place of his mother in his childhood who was the victim of his abusive father. And then finally marrying a woman (Saba) who he always thought of or had a dream like she was his mother, a bit weird. This phenomenon of Fakhir’s was never explained in the drama.

      • I think they did explain it. All they showed was that Fakhir’s mother & Saba had a striking resemblance. That is why Fakhir fell for Saba the moment he saw her & later when she became his friend & shared details about her toxic marriage, Fakhir could relate to her because he had seen his mother’s sufferings. He was at such an age where he could see, observe & understand what was wrong in his parents’ relationship.

    • I think that’s the issue here. Why is a victim of marital abuse, having a happy ending in her second marriage cliche? The fact that it is even considered cliche is all the more reason to give it a sensible and happy ending. It’s as if saying that in real life, women who go through bad relationships, will have three outcomes: 1.) They will be scarred for life and will be mistreated by their family members and society at large/blamed for the failed marriage, and their potential suitors will be much older divorced men in need of a nanny for their child. 2.) They will become fiercely independent and cringe at the thought of marrying ever again. 3.) They will marry again, have a loving and supportive spouse, become independent/self-sufficient and strong, yet will end up widowed.

      Why should the above three be the only scenarios? Why can’t there be a 4th one where they end up happy with their second husband?

    • Ummm I think killing Fakhir’s character would be cliched. Why can’t they show that two people who finally found each other & understand each other can live a happy & sukoon wali life. :| I don’t think only using Fakhir’s character to restore Saba’s faith in herself is enough or fair. Why can’t he stay with her for years & years & see her grow & flourish. Happy ending cliche hi sahi but hamain wohi chahiye. :D Thank you Kanwal. <3

  • I don’t watch Pakistani dramas generally or haven’t in the recent past specifically until I started watching ‘Khaas’ which I had been told to watch by someone. So I started watching on You tube. I must say this specific drama had caught my eye at the very outset not because it had a different story or rather a different male chauvinistic character. Though there are some flaws in this drama that needed to be rectified or be told to keep the record straight but still the message has been conveyed to the viewers. Especially mothers who raise their sons in this cordial or relaxed manner need to learn the lessons and apply in their life. Male and female have equal rights and they both need to be treated equally and fairly. Daughters must not be discriminated against and must be given a full respect where it is due. And sons should not take it for granted for just being a gender of their opposite sex. Well written script and directed.

    • Yes, it sure is a well-written script which has handed out some amazing messages & pointers to the mothers of sons who think their sons can commit no mistake.

  • I think this foreshadowing of Faakhir dying and all the hints are just horrible. I completely agree with you Zahra, I hope the writer/director rise above this and just give it a happy ending.

    It drives me nuts to think about every other typical Pakistani TV show where an abusive husband changes and asks for forgiveness and the wife forgive hims, and even *they* have a happy ending yet a show like Khaas wouldn’t.

    They are walking a thin line here. On one end they are trying to be woke showing that Faakhir has made Saba a confident, independent, self-sufficient woman who can handle her own business. But that being said, that definitely doesn’t mean she should end up widowed or alone. What kind of social message does that even give out? That victims of marital abuse have short-lived fairytales and cannot indeed have it all? In fact, I think women like Saba who have gone through so much hurt, pain, humiliation, etc. deserve an even more happy ending. Much much more than the typical male lead on Pakistani television who abuses his wife, cheats on her, accuses her of cheating on him, etc. yet in the last episode begs for forgiveness and has his fairy tale ending.

    • Thank you Rizwana for saying this I so so sooo agree with you. After all the horrible things Ammar has put Saba through, it will be cruel on the drama-makers part to show that she can live life on her own only on the basis of the restored faith & confidence in herself? Like why!!! Ammar of all the characters ‘could’ have met this fate but not Fakhir please.

  • I really appreciate your article!!
    very nicely written👍
    The point where you say ” wo Jo tha bht hi khaas” you think that it’s for fakhir and he’ll later meet an accident… In my opinion it’s dedicated to ammar it’s to remind ammar that the character (and piyar) of Saba was khaas and he didn’t cared for her!
    And yes I really felt sad for Farah baji! She was not a bad person she only stayed quiet.. I don’t what the writer tried to tell us by Farah’s character!

    • Thank you Anon. Yes, the title is totally open to interpretation. You’re right, it could be about Ammar or Saba or even Fakhir, we will find out when the drama ends. Ee, I so hope it is not a sad ending. & I so agree, Farah was not a bad person, she was just someone who stayed quiet but she started seeing through Ammar as well, unke saath ye nahi hona chahiye tha.

  • What is this non sense casual ohkay you do before every review?
    Try to work on new intro words I have left reading your reviews
    Work on intro

  • ثروت نذیر زیادہ خلیل قمر بننے کی کوشش نہ کرے کہ ہمارے ہیرو کو ہی مار دے۔۔۔۔

  • If someone comments in Roman Urdu, it is hard to read. Why not to learn to type in Urdu. The drama is good and shows the reward of arrogance and wrongdoing.

  • Beautiful and detailed review, I am also worried about that dream of Fakhir. Thus actually should not happen

  • Love ur reviews Zahra..:):) Zahra aap. Malal e yaar dekhti hain? If u do to uska bhi review likhiye :)

    • Thank you so much Zaini for your kind words. It means a lottt! <3
      Aw, so sorry, mai Malal e Yaar nahi follow kar rahi, warna zaroor review karti appke liye especially. :)

  • Thank you Zahra for an interesting and a detailed review. I have enjoyed watching this drama for the brilliant perfomances of Saba and others. Ammar’s obnoxious character has been played so well that he really puts me off. However, after all the trials and tribulations that Saba went thru, it would be extremely disappointing to see Faakhir die and from all the hints seems like it may happen. Can we just have a happy ending showing them live happily ever after?!

    • Thank you so much Sab for reading the review & appreciating it. Yes, Ali Rehman has actually nailed this character, he surely has made everyone hate Ammar. A very convincing performance. I so agree, why would it be so hard for them to give us a happy ending? :/

  • Thank You for the indept reviews. When I can not come across a translated version of the episode to watch, I can always read your reviews and then watch and figure out what is happening in these scenes. Thanks again from a Texas girl trying to follow.

  • I started following this drama because of your reviews and I’m so glad that I gave it a go. Your reviews always help me in finding a worth watching drama. TYSM for that. Khush rahein

  • Please don’t kill of Fakhir’s character, they should show him and Saba living happily and Ammar all alone and broken!!

    I don’t understand Ammar’s mother, her only concern is getting her son married again and again, He has been divorced 2 times in the space of I think less than a year and she is looking for wife number 3 even though he isn’t even divorced yet! The family don’t believe in taking their time.

    • Totally. Kanwal is highly unreasonable. She just wants to ruin every other girl’s life but does not focus on fixing the issues her own son has. I so hope they give us a happy ending.

  • as much as like the song meaning to go with Fakhir concept, I too would much prefer it if they don’t kill off Fakhir

  • I think Saba is carrying Ammar child and she will get back to him after appropriate apologies since Fakhir is a gentleman but
    His character is dull .

  • I didn’t understood one thing why is their Normal Sheikh’s pic in title when she was not seen in entire drama & not expected to appear in last episode as well.

  • >