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Taboos in Pakistan which need to be addressed

Taboos are social or religious customs which are prohibited to be discussed, demonstrated or performed by the society. Some taboos in our society are just so downright demeaning that we should be abolishing them as soon as possible. Let’s go through a list of taboos in our society which need to be addressed:

Discussing mental health

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Mental health is a real and concerning illness which affects many people around the globe but sadly it is seen more as a means of attention seeking behavior. It is high time to break free of this stigma and help people around us.

Talking about rape or sexual abuse

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If you talk about being touched, raped or sexually abused; you’re the one who is easily blamed for it. Yes, it is instantly shown as to be the victims fault. On the other hand, victims are told to stay quiet about being abused so as not to bring shame to the family in the society.

Inter faith marriages

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Inter faith marriages are still considered a taboo in many countries especially Pakistan. While Shia-Sunni marriages are still allowed, it is much more harder to get married into a different sect or religion.

Getting divorced

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A divorced daughter is better than a dead one.”

It is extremely upsetting that even in this day and age, daughters are told to obey their husbands even if they treat them worthlessly. If a woman is not happy in her marriage, she should be allowed to take divorce and return home, not be shamed about it.

Girls getting highly educated

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Being a highly educated girl with plans and ambitions for careers and not thinking about marriage should be applaud worthy. But sadly, such ambitions are still thought to be looked down upon.

Girls looking for a career

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Just like being highly educated, a girl who wishes to have a career is criticized for being over ambitious. While we encourage men to build their careers, we teach women to build their households. Why can’t we switch the roles or even agree to both genders doing both roles?

Asking questions about religion

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Numerous people have questions about the religion they are born in and we need to realize that it’s not blasphemous to ask questions out of genuine curiosity. People are genuinely intrigued and asking questions while successfully getting the answers which make sense to them if the only way to gain further knowledge about religion.

Honor killings

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Many girls are killed by their own families in the name of honor just because they chose to do something which their family was against. How in the world is killing your own sister or daughter be called honorable? This practice instantly needs to end and murderers need to be shamed and ridiculed.

Importance of sex education

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Sexual assaults have been on the rise and sadly, do not show any signs of stopping as the victims are mostly shamed and perpetrators are left free to roam about. With the rise in sexual assaults especially against minors, children need to know what is right and what is wrong, and the difference between good touch and bad touch. They need to be aware of what will happen to their bodies and how to protect themselves.


  • The topic of inter-faith marriages should be for states that are secular in nature. For Pakistan, it is a clear no-no since it was formed on the basis of Islam.

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