Khaas Episode 4 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Predictable Story:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas took the story forward & established the set of ordeals that Saba will have to face in this marriage & all that she will have to put up with in the name of marriage. The story of Khaas seems pretty simple & straight forward – a girl after having her self-esteem crushed will then be rescued by a guy who will rebuild her confidence & make her feel special. The story is predictable but it still qualifies as a drama that can be tuned to, however, I am not sure how long I or the viewers will be able to put up with female protagonist’s frowned & forlorn face, it just gets to you!

Saba & Ammar Are Poles Apart:

So, Saba got married to Ammar & they both started getting to know each other. Even though everyone around Ammar & he himself knows how eager he was to get married to Saba because he liked her, Ammar is making sure to conceal it as he doesn’t want Saba to feel that she meant something to him. Ammar has casually brushed it off by saying that his family wanted him to get married so he chose to settle down but the truth is, he himself got stuck on Saba & couldn’t take her out of his mind.

Ammar is a clear case of narcissistic personality. He is self-absorbed & because he has always been the centre of attention, he has now started believing that only he deserves to be heard. Ammar happens to look like a completely normal & happy-go-lucky person but he actually is quite difficult & rigid. Ammar has this idea of everything in his mind & he can not bring himself to accept if something goes against what he has perceived it to be. Sarwat Nazeer has written a complex character & the director has tried his best to make all the layers of Ammar evident but it’s just that the overall feel & vibe of the drama is a little too commercial which kind of takes away the seriousness of the script & its concept.

So, Saba & Ammar got married & Ammar was just being himself, which was good to a point that he was not keeping anything filtered but then, it came to an extent that he started hurting Saba’s feelings. All the things that he said to Saba lost their meaning the moment he started nit-picking & shaming her for her features. Saba’s reaction seemed a bit too prolonged where she couldn’t take it out of her mind, which she actually could have. May be Saba is shown to be quite a sensitive person that is why she reacted this way but generally she was taking everything to her heart, a bit too early.

Ammar not only had an issue with Saba’s hands or hair, he also had a problem with the fact that Saba was opinionated & she dared mentioning what she felt. Ammar basically wants a robot who acts or behaves the way he wants too which obviously is going to suffocate Saba to no end. Saba could have dealt with Ammar’s obsession with beauty or met his standards but Ammar made it very difficult for her when he didn’t even realize that he was being disrespectful towards her in front of everyone as well. Ammar is bratty & Saba obviously is having issues but then everyone else thinks she has hit a jackpot because she has gotten married into a wealthy family. Saba’s sister is just as annoying as Ammar – especially with her comparisons & complaining.

Faakhir left after being heartbroken because he found out that Saba got married to Ammar, his best friend. I did get a feeling that Nida must be interested in Faakhir, but I hope not since she referred to him as Faakhir Bhai. I hope she takes him as a proper bhai. I feel after Ahsan Khan, Haroon Rashid is taking the role of being a naqaam aashiq of the industry but then in this drama he does have some hope because after Saba parts ways with Ammar, she will end up with Faakhir.

Closing Thoughts – Strictly Alright So Far:

Overall this episode of Khaas was again strictly alright. Even though Khaas is a script of Sarwat Nazeer, direction of Danish Nawaz, I feel Sanam Baloch shouldn’t have played the role of Saba because all this while I kept on drawing comparisons with the role she has played in her comeback drama Teri Raza. In that drama she also got married after getting pressurized, she was emotionally unsettled & unhappy in her marriage plus not to be forgotten the forlorn face she sported the entire drama. I feel any other actress could’ve played this role & it wouldn’t have made any difference on the overall drama. However, considering the body & kind of work Sanam Baloch has done in the past, she really should pick dramas that are different & characters that are challenging & substantial. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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