Khaas Episode 6 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Hmmmm!

Ohkay so, who would’ve thought that in a drama named Khaas, the viewers will get to see so many scenes & conversations dedicated to such Aam things like Kheer & Bracelet. Bhai, it’s a known fact that Saba is never going to be happy with Ammar so chalo, we’ll tag along & see her frowning a bit more.

Wo Jo Tha Bohat Hi Aam:

So, for Saba it was a big deal that she made Kheer for the family. I never knew that in my reviewing career, I’ll have to discuss a scene or two revolving around Kheer. So anyways, Ammar had thought of surprising Saba because he knew that this was a special moment for her after their marriage, but then what Ammar couldn’t bring himself to do was appreciate her for her efforts & all that she did. Ammar is so used to the attention that he kind of feels annoyed when someone else becomes the center of attention, that is why when Ammar is alone with Saba, he is still a bit normal but when in crowd, he makes sure to do whatever it takes to grab the attention, even if it means he has to make fun of Saba in order to get what he wants.

Saba obviously felt hurt but then Ammar was unable to realize his mistake because even when he was saying such mean things, everyone around him pacified it & brushed it off saying that he was being funny. Ammar can not even understand what the issue is & why Saba reacts the way she does because in his mind, he is faultless. So, Ammar gifted Saba this expensive bracelet & wanted her to feel obliged over the favor Ammar did on her & not only that, he wanted to make sure that her parents know too. Even though Saba does not sugarcoat & she makes it very obvious to Ammar that she doesn’t like the demeaning stuff he says about her, he still does not understand & rather make it an issue all about himself that it is Saba who is over reacting & misunderstanding because he didn’t mean it that way!

In this entire episode, the only good thing was getting to know the fact that Saba’s father will be there to support her & most importantly, he will understand her reasons. I do not expect anything good from the Facebook obsessed mother of Saba because she would force Saba to make this marriage work due to the fear of announcing it on her Facebook that her daughter got divorced. Faraz did feel that Ammar’s attitude towards Saba was insulting & demeaning but he didn’t dwell on it too much for now!

Saba’s mother in law Kanwal also instructed her that she should & she had to put up with Ammar’s attitude in order to please him. Kanwal fails to see the issues with Ammar’s attitude that is why she kind of reminded Saba about all the favors that Ammar was doing for her in order to keep her happy. Kanwal also feels that Saba is having difficulties in understanding Ammar but that is only because she herself is unable to see that the root cause of all the issues is her son Ammar himself.

Well, the new entry Sonia has come to make Saba realize even more that her husband is not too sincere with her. All those conversations that Sonia & Ammar had with each other suggested that they were kind of comfortable with the idea of getting married but then Sonia had her priorities & meanwhile Ammar fell for Saba. Well, again, it is too obvious that Sonia has not been brought into the equation for no reason, I am sure when she will see how miserable Ammar is with Saba, she will propose to get married to him only to please him since the women in this entire family are sickly obsessed with Ammar & his greatness!?!

To be honest, as much as they have tried to establish the fact that Ammar is a nightmare of a husband & that he is narcissist, egoistic, rigid, difficult & all that jazz, which they sure have made a point, I still somehow fail to see anything khaas in Saba’s character too. I don’t find her lovable or special enough to feel for her or connect to her. So far, what I know about her is that she is over-sensitive (pointed out rightly by Ammar) & has post-wedding blues but other than that, what’s so khaas about her? I think in order to show how bad Ammar is, the team forgot to take note of how they wanted to etch out Saba’s character because so far she has nothing going for her except the fact that she is a victim of self-imposed bechargi!

Closing Thoughts – Advice For Sanam Baloch:

Overall, this episode of Khaas was not so khaas again. All the actors are doing alright. I still feel that the writer really chose a subject that kind of needed attention by showing us a man who seems ideal to everyone on the surface especially his family but deep down has so many issues, like the overall idea of this script is definitely nice but the execution has not been able to do justice to it. I feel the director went into too much explaining which kind of took away the seriousness it deserved. I feel the director should have left a few things unexplained, like left it on viewers’ imagination because while doing so much of explaining, he has made everything sound & look very childish & caricaturish. Sanam Baloch definitely should find a makeup artist that does justice to her beauty. I used to love her approach towards staying natural & not giving much importance to makeup back in the day but considering how everything is now HD & she is really into glamming herself up as she is playing the role of a newly wedded girl, she really needs a good makeup artist, or at least someone who does not add so much age to her on-screen. It is also unfortunate what incessant screaming in morning shows for years has done to her vocals. She should definitely go for a therapy as she makes it a bit tough to tolerate her dialogues. I so feel that this drama would’ve been really nice since Sarwat Nazeer has that skill of picking up simple plots & giving so much meaning to them but the director failed to do justice to the essence of the story. Hope this drama gets better but I don’t see that happening. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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