Khaas Episode 7 Story Review – Improvement

Opening Thoughts – Improvement:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas was definitely better than the previous episodes. I like the subtlety with which the tension between Ammar & Saba was shown – this is the kind of execution was what I have been saying a Sarwat Nazeer script deserves. I am glad things were kept subtle but still everything was getting pretty obvious which was nice to see!

Saba Spoke Up:

Saba gave Ammar a taste of his own medicine when she made fun of him in front of his cousins but Ammar being Ammar couldn’t take it. The fact is that everything with Ammar is absolutely wrong & it is Saba who has to deal with it because other than her, everyone around Ammar feels he is this perfect human being without any flaws. Ammar confronted Saba but he sounded so irrational because of his double standards. Ammar wants Saba to put up with everything that he throws at her but when it comes to him, he won’t take anything.

In this episode, I liked the fact that Saba started voicing her disagreement & she started speaking up to Ammar. It obviously led to even more rift between the two but then again, it is important for Saba to get that message across to Ammar that she won’t settle for his mistreatment to make him feel better or superior. Ammar obviously has a lot of ingrained personality issues which slowly & steadily Saba is getting to see but everyone around him thinks everything about Ammar is perfectly fine. Another aspect which I liked in this episode was that Sonia started to see the problem in Ammar & she could sense that something was definitely not right. Even though Sonia didn’t put much mind to it but she could see how Ammar belittled Saba every chance he got. I hope later it is Sonia who knocks sense into him but it will be difficult since he is the kind of person who fails to see an issue within himself!

Saba scored a good GPA & Ammar made sure to bring her right back to the ground. Even in that moment Ammar couldn’t find it in his heart to just appreciate or be simply happy for Saba. It seems he is in this constant competition with Saba where he wants to prove it to her & everyone who thinks she is capable, that he is better than her. Ammar is not someone who’d build someone up in fact he believes in tearing others down to prove that he is superior in every way. Ammar not only stripped Saba of her happiness, he immediately ordered her to go to the kitchen, it was the most degrading way he could resort to in order to crush her dreams. Ammar has now made it an issue of his ego that he has to oppress Saba & not allow her to fulfil her dreams because it would mean that Saba will get to prove herself even professionally which Ammar won’t be able to handle. The way Ammar constantly kept telling everyone about how incapable Saba was basically a way to let her know & feed it to her that she can not do anything special in her life!

It is unfortunate that Ammar’s mother Kanwal expects & wants Saba to put up with Ammar’s atrocities in the name of marriage. Kanwal knows Ammar but she is either in denial or is just failing to accept the fact that she has failed at parenting Ammar the right way. Ammar’s father does seem reasonable but then it looks like he’s not got much say in the household matters. Sonia is now turning out to be a wise & mature person who was doing the damage control as she could see what Ammar was doing wasn’t right. This episode definitely made me change my mind about Sonia, hope out of all the people in the in laws, she turns into a support system for Saba.

Closing Thoughts – Better Execution:

This episode of Khaas was definitely better than the previous episodes. It is good to see a shift in Saba’s character. The relation that Saba shares with her father continues to be the highlight of this story. Saba’s mother on the other hand is turning out to be an eyesore. Acting of everyone has been good & the direction seemed better this time around may be because everything was kept subtle & not too overly explained, which was nice. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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